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Discovery (Blue) Balsa Hi-Wing Trainer Glow/EP 1620mm (ARF)

Discovery (Blue) Balsa Hi-Wing Trainer Glow/EP 1620mm (ARF)
Discovery (Blue) Balsa Hi-Wing Trainer Glow/EP 1620mm (ARF)

Size matters no matter what they say.....and that also applies to trainers! The Discovery fits very nicely into the "club" trainer catagory and ticks all the right boxes in terms of good looks, practicality & durability.
Construction is traditional semi sheeted light-ply/balsa which offers a combination of low weight and high strength. The expertly applied, glossy & easy to wipe-down covering is printed in an attractive colour scheme that is ideal for orientation. The Discovery is supplied with a very comprehensive, good quality hardware kit that includes a fuel tank & engine mount for those wishing to go for glow power and also a ply motor mount for those wishing to go electric, the hardware kit also includes an alloy spinner, heavy duty & anodised clevis and pushrods, etc. The Discovery is very practical & features a 2pc wing for easy transportation and field assembly as well as a bolt on tail assembly, the model also features a quick release battery hatch with cooling vents, tricycle under-carriage for excellent ground handling, hard wearing rubber tires and of course a steerable nose wheel.
Any experienced pilot will tell you that the bigger they are, the better they fly, this is why this is the perfect club trainer size, the Discovery is managable both in terms of transport and at the airfield, can handle some wind, flies slowly and predictably enough to inspire confidence, is cheap to assemble and being a quick build balsa ARF, the Hornet gives the new pilot a feeling of satisfaction & confidence that can only come from "building" and setting up a new model of this size and type. There is much to be said for starting the hobby of aeromodelling from a more traditional path and the good looking Discovery is a model any RC pilot would be proud to own!
• Excellent "club" size Trainer
• Lightweight Construction
• Attractive Printed Covering That is Excellent for Orientation and is Easy to Clean
• Fast Field Assembly
• Picture Manual Included
• Comprehensive Hardware Kit Included
• Glow or Electric Power
• Fast, Simple & Cheap Build
• 2pc Wing for easy transportation

Wingspan: 1620mm
Length: 1250mm
Wing Area: 45dm2
Weight: 2200g ~ 2500G
Your Own 4~6 Channel TX/RX
5 x Std Servo (4 x for EP version)
0.46 ~ 0.52 Two Stroke Glow Engine
42mm Motor 650kv (EP Version)
3300mAh ~ 4000mAh 4s Lipo Battery (EP Version)
60A~70A OPTO ESC (EP Version)
RX Battery
RX On/Off Switch
UBEC/Regulator if applicable (Lipo RX Battery)

PRODUCT ID: 437000001

This is an archived page. This product is no longer available and has been replaced by a newer product.

1 1:IC/2:Elec 4 Channel 1620mm (63.78in) 1250mm (49.21in) 2500g (5.5lb)

Weight: 4460g
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Price  $73.64

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Total of 12 discussions.
Denis  1 points - 7/11/2014
Can somebody tell me when this plane will be available?
sloky  4 points - 7/6/2014
just about to set up the cog on mine I have noticed the old intructions have a different cog than the new ones the new ones say 75-85mm and the old ones say 85-108mm with 95 is optimal . what has everyone else used
James  58 points - 6/14/2014
Received mine. Gonna start building it. Saito 56 Golden Knight with onboard glow criver will likely power this plane.
D Balachandran  3 points - 4/21/2014
Hi May I use the following option for this model **-(1). OS 40 SF glow engine (or) (2). 4006 out runner motor 900KVA with 30A ESC. Please any of you advice me immediately.
jb1801  276 points - 11/22/2013
i would use a HK 4240 motor with a 11/5 or a 12/4-5 prop what do you folks think?
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Awesome product again Hobbyking! Took me just under 4 hours to finish building, and it flies just beautiful. This models comes pretty much pre-assembled, and only leaves you to do a small bit of work to finish it. Hardware kit is very good, everything is more than what I expected for a low cost aircraft, even better then other High cost aircrafts I have bought. This model also came with the aileron, elev and rudder parts pre-assembled to the main parts, and it is CRUCIAL to check if they aren't loose, as my rudder was, sobuy new "quality" hinges! Pros: Excellent beginner plane. high maneuverability to be a trainer. strong material, good quality build. Hardware accessories parts are quality, very good! Light weight, 2450 grams NITRO setup. Light weight, 2350 Grams Electric setup. Excellent manual! Cons: Hinges are most likely badly glued, and must be changed. No FLAPS. The SPINNER is horrible (it bends and breaks during use of engine), also it doesn't fit to the shafts of recommended nitro engines, as the bolt is to long, and must be cut.

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Overall Rating
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After searching the internet this was the only plane that really caught my attention, I didn't mind paying the extra in shipping and duties. When it arrived I was impressed in the looks. However there are a few quality issues. The nuts that hold the tail plane in are glued locking type, one of them came out without too much effort! Also one of the wheels had been put together poorly and runs out of true, fortunately I had spares. Overall it is a good looking plane, I've not flown it yet, but hope to as soon as the weather permits. One thing I will ask, why isn't this aircraft available at all warehouses? If it was I'm sure it would sell.

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