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Turnigy XR7000 Receiver for Turnigy 4X/6X TX (AU Warehouse)

Turnigy XR7000 Receiver for Turnigy 4X/6X TX  (AU Warehouse)

Turnigy XR7000 Receiver Specs:
Channel: 7 (inc RX Battery Input)
Frequency: 2.4g ISM Frequency Range
Power: 4.5v ~ 9.6v/<30ma
Net Weight: 11.5g
Dimensions: 41mm x 28mm x 14mm

PRODUCT ID: 9255000012

Weight: 20g
Australia Warehouse
International Warehouse Out Of Stock
Price $11.00

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 Customer rated 5 crowns   
Total of 14 discussions.
Tree Magnet  2 points - 3/16/2014
Will this receiver work with the Fly Sky FS-T6?
John  1 points - 12/25/2013
Just bought the bixler 1400 ARF There are no electronics. Please suggest compatible components. Thanks. I already have a 4ch. TX
ken  72 points - 9/30/2013
I have been buying this item,I have discovered by accident why this won't bind to turnigy computer tx,,there are 2 receivers 7000 and 7000s,this will not bind to computer,radio,,finally I may be able to use radio for more than one model,hopefully!.sorted.ken
 NewToHobbyKing 14311 points
Ken great work but neither will work with the Turnigy9XV2. Else you are all good.
keithAU  168 points - 9/23/2013
Another HK item / product OUT OF STOCK **OUT OF STOCK just buy a million of them i aim sure they would all sell-How annoying OUT OF STOCK **OUT OF STOCK????
 NewToHobbyKing 14311 points
Keith stop. Hobby King have thousands of items. Mostly they try to stock but they are not GOD. Good news this is in stock today 27Nov2013 and has been for a while.
 keithAU 168 points
Ok thanks NewToHobbyKing yes they are in stock now like you said 27Nov2013 but they where out of stock 23Sep2013 cheers.
 keithAU 168 points
Wow Karana Downs hay its just up the road from me
 NewToHobbyKing 14311 points
Keith nice to know do you fly, or boat or drive. I FLY!
 keithAU 168 points
Just started flying-Not in a club iam just learning as i go-cheers
 NewToHobbyKing 14311 points
Keith the clubs in Brisbane / Ipswich area are few and far between.
ken  72 points - 8/23/2013
I have this receiver and the turnigy 6x computer radio,I can't bind this nor the 4ch receiver,I have tried a youtube method having the radio on connect battery to get flashing red then press the button,then red light goes solid.Connecting a servo nothing happens it is not bound.I need binding process other wise the radio cant be used,I have gone back to reliable spectrum.easy to bind and use. I have tried having the light flashing then turn the radio on still nothing and a bind plug in 1st battery in second port pressed button still nothing?
 ken 72 points
don't worry ive got it sorted
 eggman 4 points
how did you sort it out, because i am having the same problem
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Works an absolute treat with the two specified receivers. Not to be used with the Turnigy 9X.

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