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FatShark PredatorV2 RTF FPV Headset System w/Camera and 5.8G TX

FatShark PredatorV2 RTF FPV Headset System w/Camera and 5.8G TX
FatShark PredatorV2 RTF FPV Headset System w/Camera and 5.8G TX

Hobbyking and Fat Shark are proud to introduce the easiest and best value RTF FPV system available, the Predator V2. The Predator V2 delivers a rewarding FPV experience for everyone at an affordable price. We have included a new high power 250mW 5.8 GHz A/V transmitter and a wide angle CMOS camera for simple fixed camera video piloting. The Predator V2 addresses the needs of the first time FPV pilot by pre-wiring and testing the camera, transmitter and power supply adapter as a complete system giving you a true RTF out of the box and plug/play with your RC vehicle. As a result of our diligent testing and years of continuous product improvement, the Predator V2 has incorporated Fat Sharks latest technology giving you the security of a solid video link and an amazing 1+ kilometer range right out of the box!


*Fat Shark is not compatible with Chinese brand transmitters. Fat Shark can only guarantee compatibility with Fat Shark and ImmersionRC transmitters

Predator V2 RTF FPV kit includes:

Predator VGA headset with integrated 5G8 receiver (no head tracking).
• Zipper carry case, lens cleaning cloth, Fat Shark stickers
• NTSC CMOS camera with 2.5mm wide angle (100 degree FOV) lens
• 250mW, 7ch 5G8 transmitter• Filtered balance lead TX power supply
• AV cable (for connected to external AV devices viewing/recording)
• 2X 5G8 3dBi dipole antenna (transmitter and headset)
• 1000mAh 7V4 battery pack with RC discharge adapter (charged via standard RC chargers)
• Manual


• FOV 25 degree diagonal, full color VGA resolution LCD display
• Interpupillary distance: 63.5mm (fixed)
• NTSC/PAL auto select (interlaced)
• <90dBm 5G8 7 channel receiver
• Headset power consumption@ 7.4V: 140mA/290mA (wire/wireless)
• NTSC CMOS camera with 2.5mm (100 degree FOV) lens
• 250mW 7ch 5G8 transmitter (Fat Shark/IRC channels)
• Combined onboard weight (cam, TX, antenna, adapter): 42g
• Combined onboard power consumption (cam/TX): 400mA @ 7.4V nominal

Recommended accessories:
ImmersionRC 600mW 5G8 transmitter
Diopter lens sets (for near sighted users, 6p set with -2, -4, -6 dpt lens).
SpiroNet CP antenna set (dramatic improvement over stock dipole antenna)

PRODUCT ID: 253000014

Weight: 653g
International Warehouse
Price $279.99

  • Fat Shark 110/240V Universal Battery Charger with EU US and UK Socket Adapters

    Combo Price: $12.96   IN STOCK

  • Turnigy 9X 9Ch Transmitter w/ Module & 8ch Receiver (Mode 2) (v2 Firmware)

    Combo Price: $59.95   IN STOCK

  • Fatshark FPV - Headset Battery 7.4v 1000mah

    Combo Price: $13.96   BACKORDER

  • ImmersionRC EzUHF Transmitter 600mW

    Combo Price: $208.96   IN STOCK

  • Fatshark FPV - Replacement Eye Foam (top and bottom)

    Combo Price: $1.55   IN STOCK

  • AV / Power Cables for FPV

    Combo Price: $2.41   IN STOCK

  • Turnigy 9X 9Ch Transmitter w/ Module & 8ch Receiver (Mode 1) (v2 Firmware)

    Combo Price: $59.95   IN STOCK

  • ImmersionRC 5.8GHz Circular Polarized spiroNet Antenna

    Combo Price: $29.95   IN STOCK

  • Fatshark FPV - Headset Battery 7.4V 1000mah w/Banana Charge Lead

    Combo Price: $19.94   IN STOCK

  • 5.8GHz Circular Polarized Antenna with Cover for Transmitter and Receiver (SMA) (RHCP)

    Combo Price: $17.95   IN STOCK

  • 5.8GHz Circular Polarized Antenna with Cover for Receiver (SMA) (RHCP)

    Combo Price: $8.95   IN STOCK

  • 5.8GHz Circular Polarized Antenna with Cover for Transmitter (SMA) (RHCP)

    Combo Price: $8.95   IN STOCK

  • FatShark DC to 4mm Banana Plug Battery Adapter

    Combo Price: $4.95   IN STOCK

  • 5.8 GHz Circular Polarized Antenna SMA (Transmitter and Receiver)

    Combo Price: $11.66   IN STOCK

  • SMA Plug <-> SMA Plug Adaptor

    Combo Price: $2.20   IN STOCK

  • SMA Plug <-> SMA Jack Extension

    Combo Price: $2.20   IN STOCK

  • SMA Plug <-> SMA Jack 120mm RG316 Extension

    Combo Price: $3.00   BACKORDER

  • X-Gyro 500 Single Axis Head Tracking system.

    Combo Price: $35.88   IN STOCK

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Thomas  20 points - 10/21/2014
First of all, what is head tracking? Second, can you put this strait on the bixler 2 and fly, or do you need anything else?
 Michael 35 points
Hi Thomas, Head Tracking is a feature that lets you move the camera that is mounted on your plane by moving your head (while wearing the goggles). The image transmitted back simulates you being in the cockpit of the plane and looking out from one side to the other. These version of the Fat Shark Google DO NOT come with head tracking, For more details on Head Tracking I can recommend checking the Flite Test Channel on YouTube byt searching for 'Flite Test - GoPro Head Tracker FPV - PROJECT'. You can definitely get this set-up and mount it to your Bixler 2, no more needed. You can use your flight battery to power the camera and transmitter, by connecting the video transmitter to the balance lead. I would definitely recommend that you have a friend with you to keep an eye on the plane! Just in case you lose the picture. For better range on this set-up you should get better antenna. I use 5.8 GHz Circular Polarized Antenna SMA (Transmitter and Receiver) PRODUCT ID: 435000015 and have been out to a 1klm with a nice picture. Good Luck Michael
Liron  12 points - 10/17/2014
Is it possible to add tracking head?
 Dlca88 131 points
Could someone confirm if its possible to add headtracking to these goggles?
 Michael 35 points
Hi Guys, There is no head tracking for these goggles, but you might want to try the X-Gyro 500 Single Axis Head Tracking system (just search fro x-gyro 500). Depending on the transmitter you have, you can attached to the Fat Sharks with some velco or double sided tape and plug straight into your transmitter.
 Dlca88 131 points
Good idea, but single axis.... hummmmmmm
jasper  3 points - 10/17/2014
mike, if you buy this kit its ready to go - just stick it on your copter and give it power from the battery. no need to connect to the transmitter. If you already have AV out on your transmitter then there is an AV in on the goggles, just get the correct cable (its a simple jack plug) to connect to the AV out of your TX, then you dont need all the other kit here, just buy the goggles.
jasper  3 points - 10/9/2014
where can i get another cable that plugs into the camera, mine stopped working after less than a year, its seems as if the cable is faulty right where it joins the connector. it is a strange connector into the back of the camera.
 Chrisjon 123 points
Try the cable section here or on ready made rc. They may vary slightly so make sure the camera plug is the same as urs
 jasper 3 points
thanks chris, i went onto ***********, but there are a few cables there, like you say its hard to tell from the photos which one is going to work.
 MikeFJR 10 points
I have a Walkera Tali H500 Hexcopter with a Devo F12E Transmitter. Is it possible to connect these goggles directly to the transmitter through the video input?
 Chrisjon 123 points
I'm not 100% sure about these goggles working with ur Devo. I don't know much about those transmitters. However the goggles have a 3.5mm jack which external sources can be plugged in. So if the Devo also has a jack u can get a male to male 3.5mm lead and connect the 2. That "should " work but don't quote me on it
 Michael 35 points
Jasper, the cable for this Fat Shark camera to the transmitter is Fatshark Camera A/V Cable (360mm) PRODUCT ID: 253000032-0. I had to replace mine too because the wire broke at the connector. For the new one, I put on some hot glue from the connector to the heat shrink to give it some extra strength. Cheers Michael.
Kalev  20 points - 10/3/2014
what is the resolution?
 Raymond 7 points
is is a VGA head set so i would say it is 640x480 resolution
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I just recieved this,everything was in perfect working order,it works great!,I have'nt fully tested the range,but the video quality is good.This unit does not have the head tracking feature,I fly spektrum and it was to my understanding that it will only work with the turnigy or futaba systems,I'm not going to buy another radio to use this feature,my custom built FPV airplane is going to be simple 3 channel operation,and I plan on using the left stick for panning the camera and the gear swith to tilt the camera. If you can live with out the head tracking,or don't want to buy another radio like me,this is the system to get.

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Just got these and got to compare them with my Predator V1 back to back. To cut a long story short, These Predators have Better Optics, Better Camera, Wider Angle lens on Camera, Higher powered Video TX 250mw. If head tracking isn't a big deal, these are GREAT Value and Quality!! Highly recommend these. I'm uploading a back to back comparison with the predator v1 on my youtube channel bmsweb

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Cracking bit of kit, goggles feel just as good but lighter than V1. No issues with it at all in terms of functionality. however this camera is worse than the V1. for me it had real trouble keeping colour and kept going black and white. If you get this get another cam =]. With SpiroNets I got 300m high and 500m out with no problems.

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If recently received this great set. Well, at least, I thought it would be a great set. I've connected it once at home testing is. It started out great. However, I've tried it the other day, and all I get is static. I've tried every button, I've tried charging the LIPO/changing the LIPO, nothing. I seems 'dead'. Suggestions? It warranty available through HK or Fat Shark? Now I have nothing without even mounting it to my quad.....

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Overall Rating
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Great value for what you get but the viewing angle is a little narrow and camera is not of the best quality picture (Get GoPro if you want the best possible and have money to spend) so I give it 4 stars.

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