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Turnigy 610mm Fiberglass Racing Yacht Sailboat ARTR (UK Warehouse)

Turnigy 610mm Fiberglass Racing Yacht Sailboat ARTR (UK Warehouse)
Turnigy 610mm Fiberglass Racing Yacht Sailboat ARTR (UK Warehouse)

Turnigy  610mm Fiberglass Racing Yacht
A beautifully crafted R/C sailboat, highy pre-assembled and Almost Ready To Run.
All required items are installed, including mainsail winch, steering servo, all rigging and hardware. All you need to do is spend a few minutes assembly time on the bench, add your own receiver/battery and your ready to go!

Boat hull is based on an ocean going racing yacht and moulded in fibreglass with a perfect gelcoat and enamel painted finish.

Dont be mistaken in thinking these boats are slow and boaring. In a stiff breeze they can be extremely quick and perform turns rapidly, proving to be very exciting.

Length : 610mm
Beam: 175mm
Mast Height: 860mm
Overall Height : 1185mm
ARTR Total Weight: 1590g
Sail Area (Main): 10.8 dm²
Sail Area (Jib): 6.4 dm²
Sail Area (Overall): 17.2 dm²
Hull Material: Hand Laid Fiberglass

Radio System (2ch)
Receiver Battery


Weight: 3365g
UK Warehouse
Price HKD876.80

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Anthony  2 points - 3/12/2014
Is there anyone who stocks the hull cover as a spare part?
Mine got washed off and ended up at the bottom of the lake...
shimsham  31 points - 10/5/2013
Silverfox 55 Read your review with great interest,where did you get the idea of filling the hull with polystyrene,i must admit I have never heard of that before and I don't know of any of our members at the club use,but never the less I do find it interesting
Steve  1 points - 1/13/2013
I am considering buying this boat but I do not have a clue about radio systems and recievers.Could you advise which system to use with this boat and where to find it on your site.
 Jon 2 points
Hi Steve,welcome to the RC world! To sail this boat you need a 2 channel transmitter and receiver. One channel is used to control the sail servo and the second channel controls the rudder servo. For this model I would recommend the Hobby King 2.4Ghz 4Ch Tx & Rx V2 (Mode 2). You will only need to utilise 2 of the 4 channels provided and at £*14.25 for the Tx and Rx combined I doubt you will find a better deal. Just remember to place the Rx in a rubber balloon when installed to keep it watertight!
 Sergio 192 points
Very good idea, Jon. I´*ve never tought about put receiver into a rubber balloon or latex glove.
 silverfox55 1 points
Hello Steve. I am also quite new to RC sailing and recently built the slightly larger Monsoon. I am very pleased with the quality. I also endorse Jon's suggestion re the radio gear. The HobbyKing is hard to beat on price/performance. If you are ordering an RC setup I would suggest ordering a second receiver just in case you get water problems. It is so cheap it is really a no-brainer. Also make sure you pack lots of styrofoam into the hull to provide buoyancy. Just cut it into strips/blocks to fit as best you can. Does not need to be pretty. Finally check out an independent website called shipshaperc. It has lots of advice on building and improving these Chinese boats.
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