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Hobbyking SS Series 18-20A ESC (card programmable) (US Warehouse)

Hobbyking SS Series 18-20A ESC (card programmable) (US Warehouse)

The Hobbyking SS series comes with a limited range of programming functions and are designed to be plug & play.
A perfect ESC for those looking for something simple to use and economic..

This unit can be programmed with the following programming cards;
Turnigy, Thunderpower, HobbyWing + others

Weight: 19g
Size: 45x25x4mm
Cells: 2-3S (Auto Detect)
Max Current: 18A
Burst: 20A


This product is no-longer available. CLICK HERE TO SEE A WIDE RANGE OF SIMILAR ITEMS

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Reelvue  18 points - 11/26/2013
Here's that>HK_18A_esc
 Reelvue 18 points
Lance  2 points - 11/1/2013
I tried to calibrate the throttle because it does not kick in until about 1/3 throttle up. But I must be doing it wrong. Any tips? Is there any documentation for this ESC anywhere? Thanks.
 Lance 2 points
OK, I figured that part out. But I would still like to know where to go to download documentation for my items I purchase from HobbyKing. Thanks.
 Reelvue 18 points
Normally under the "Files" tab above(or for any other product here). If you can't find it at the USA Warehouse go to the International Warehouse. If not there, look under any other "SS-Series" ESC, disregard the numbers/values and use the methods. I'll put one here(under the "Files" tab) that should work for you.
Zac  10 points - 9/6/2013
How do I reprogram without a card, when I plugged it in I accidently reversed the throttle on my motor. My transmitter DOES NOT have channel reverse function please help!
 animan 53 points
The ESC might need to be throttle calibrated. Un-power everything first (ESC, radio). Turn on xmitter first. Put full throttle on xmitter. Power on ESC next. Wait for a series of beeps, when they stop... Put xmitter back to low throttle. Wait for a quick series of acknowledging beeps. Those steps should calibrate your radios throttle to the ESC.
balsa butcher  1 points - 8/16/2013
What is the battery connector on this ESC? I plan to use it with a battery that appear to have an XT60 connector based on the pic. The battery is the Zippy ZC1800.35.25 on this site..
 CubMan 1 points
you need to supply connector of your choice It does not come with any connector
greasmnky  812 points - 8/6/2013
Does anyone know which programming card works with these?
 greasmnky 812 points
Nevermind, I see it now.
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greatesc programs with or without card. i have loaded them to 20 amps easily just get warm never burnt one or had a dud love them and you cant beat the price

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Great ESC. Just plug in and go. I have 4 of them and they all work really well.

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