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HobbyKing Donkey ST4010-820kv Brushless Motor (UK Warehouse)

HobbyKing Donkey ST4010-820kv Brushless Motor (UK Warehouse)
HobbyKing Donkey ST4010-820kv Brushless Motor (UK Warehouse)

When pulling power matters and looks.. well.. just don't, then the HobbyKing Donkey ST4010 is the work horse for you. This tough-as-rawhide motor features a heavy duty mount, a huge 6mm shaft and self oiling bushings that just wont give up like some of the bearings in those little "Show Pony" motors.

RPM/v: 820kv
Dimensions: 51 x 23mm
Shaft: 6.0mm
Voltage: 11.1~14.8V
Weight: 194g
No-load current: 2.8a @ 11.1v
Max Current: 60A
Max Watts: 680W
Mounting Holes: 65mm

Prop Data:
12x8 - 11.1v - 39a - 1750g Thrust
11x5 - 14.8v - 44a - 2250g Thrust
10x5 - 14.8v - 30a - 1850g Thrust

PRODUCT ID: ST4010-820

Kv(rpm/v) 820
Weight (g) 194
Max Current(A) 60
Resistance(mh) 0
Max Voltage(V) 15
Power(W) 680
Shaft A (mm) 6
Length B (mm) 30
Diameter C (mm) 51
Can Length (mm) 24
Total Length E (mm) 66
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Total of 15 discussions.
emmanuel  1 points - 10/29/2015
Hello, Do you have prop mount for this motor's 6 mm shaft?? Best Regards
foster  405 points - 3/9/2014
easy to build multi-roto frame that looks pretty cool and works great with these motor's
islam  3 points - 4/16/2013
what is the best pwm freq for red brick 60a and this motor?
islam  3 points - 4/14/2013
Prop Data: 12x8 - 11.1v - 39a - 1750g Thrust 11x5 - 14.8v - 44a - 2250g Thrust 10x5 - 14.8v - 30a - 1850g Thrust for this propeller what the number of blades for every propeller? and can i change it to another one that can be suitabe than it?
Josh  11 points - 4/7/2013
Ran 4 of these on a quad powered by a 2 cell lipo. Worked well with big props.
 justincredibleg 132 points
Nice. What weight is your quad and how long was your flight time?
 Josh 11 points
I don't think we actually weighed it; It was two aluminum bars put together for an X quad with an APM flight controller. I was surprised to see such large motors do a nice job of driving a quad. target=_blank>quad_mtdew
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Well impressed with this motor - my daughter had a Century Riot - Rubbish kit no guts at all I put this motor in having made a change to the cowling added a hobby king controller and it goes brilliantly - it is a perfect 40 size motor with grunt and at this price a bargain. I use 4 cells with this and it is a perfect match - 3000 or 3300 lipo's. the great thing about this motor is the 5mm shaft - no chance of bending this in a hurry.

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800 watts on 4s no problem, but bushings wear fairly quickly, still usable but slight vibrations due to wear.

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Heres the thing, i am running these on a 4s with a 11" slow fly prop on an octo, these motors heat up big time, hot enough that some of high heat glue from my hot glue gun melted. And i was at 50pcnt throttle most of the time, not goot at all. Thos cheap bell type brushless outrunners that are blue and say 3s max, i rand those on a 4s with 12" props, they get slightly warm, are half the weight, half the size and cheaper, they also give the same thrust pretty much, this donkey motors are just rubbish

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Excellent motor I am now running two, both drive 13x6.5 APC props using a 60A SS Esc. One is pulling a scratch 4.7lb, 1/4 scale Vans RV-9 around with great authority, and 12 min flight times. Quiet, pwerfull and robust. Perfect HK !

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