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Hobby King 30A ESC 3A UBEC (UK Warehouse)

Hobby King 30A ESC 3A UBEC (UK Warehouse)

Constant Current: 30A
Burst Current: 40A
Battery: 2-4S Lipoly / 5-12s NiXX
BEC: 5v / 3A
Motor Type: Sensorless Brushless
Size: 54 x 26 11mm
Weight: 32g

Programming Functions:
Battery Type: Lipo /NiXX
Brake: On / Off
Voltage Protection: Low / Mid / High
Protection mode: Reduce power / Cut off power
Timing: Auto / High / Low
Startup: Fast / Normal / Soft
PWM Frequency: 8k / 16k
Helicopter mode: Off / 5sec / 15sec (Start up delay)

User manual can be downloaded from the files Tab.


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Weight: 47g
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Price  $10.50

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Total of 33 discussions.
daniel  1 points - 1/29/2015
Hi can these be used on a multi rotor
michael  1 points - 1/14/2015
anyone got a phone number for the "UK warehouse"
Greg_H  9 points - 12/16/2014
In stock now. Buddy Code in UK B/C Forum.
ts999777  17 points - 12/4/2014
still 'in transit' ... surprise. WTF
Paul  1 points - 11/20/2014
the item appaers to be in transit from the european warehouse to the uk. But calculating a rough speed of transit, given the time taken, puts it travelling than far, far less than 1mph. maybe a few metres an hour (average).
 ts999777 17 points
has been marked as in transit for uk warehouse for a good month now I have a couple backordered from 18th Oct i think (long before in transit to euro warehouse appeared). Maybe one day they will be in stock again but who knows when that will be
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Why does it say....

Note: User manual can be downloaded from the files Tab

When it can't???
All I get is "upload your file" !!
So how do you program it?

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Great little ESC nice smooth throttle and a 3 amp BEC which is needed to run 4x 9gram servos comfortably 34 max amps drawn and come down warm to the touch. used on a axn with 3s

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Overall Rating
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Sweet good quality for the price, nice and smooth spool up, originally used the esc from my belt cp in a hk450 and replaced it with this one, all ican say it what an amazing differance, very good vaslue and even better price

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Overall Rating
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Great little ESC and does what it says on the tin so to speak,it is just as good as the Turnigy Plush ESC in my book,i have both this one and a few plush ESC's in a few of my warbirds and this one seems to work just as well as them,so no complaints this end and if your going to try and run this little baby at it's max amps make sure you have good air flow as you would any other ESC,to be honest no one should really be pushing any ESC to it's max as you really should be going higher,so if you motor is calling for a 20amp ESC go at least another 10 amps more to be on the safe side,that way you shouldn't have any problems and you won't have to worry about your ESC if your pushing the motor at WOT most of the time.
For the price we can't go wrong and i'll be buying a lot more of these when i need too as i'm always using a lot of 30amp ESC's these days.

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Perfect for my quadcopter, and cheap

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