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P2632 Brushless Outrunner 3800kv (US Warehouse)

P2632 Brushless Outrunner 3800kv  (US Warehouse)

Battery: 2~3 Cell /7.4~11.1V
RPM: 3800kv
Max current: 32A
No load current: 11.1V/3.2A
Internal resistance: 0.036 ohm
Weight: 51g 
Diameter of shaft: 2.3mm
Dimensions: 26mmx32mm

PRODUCT ID: 9031000009

Kv(rpm/v) 3800
Weight (g) 51
Max Current(A) 32
Resistance(mh) 0
Max Voltage(V) 11
Power(W) 330
Shaft A (mm) 2.3
Length B (mm) 27
Diameter C (mm) 26
Can Length (mm) 18
Total Length E (mm) 45
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Carbonite  3 points - 5/9/2014
awesome thank you, maybe I should save it for a water prop. I did save this and your other info on it for when I use it. I need to buy a couple more escs. Thank so very much again.
Carbonite  3 points - 5/6/2014
just won one on ebay (overpaid due to my ignorance) ya'll think I can run a 5.5x6sf on this direct drive with like a 30a esc???? use a 11.1 - sorry I am new to this.
 BUDDY Z28 82 points
Hey carbonite, I use this alot. Recently installed in my axn. Not for slowfly props,even on 2 cell. For 2cell setup, you're ok with the 30 amp esc, and 5x5 apc or 6x4 apc prop. Now if you're goung 3cell 5x5 apc prop, but will need 45 amp or higher esc. On 3cell 5x5 it pulls 850 grams thrust. I abuse this motor, and is still holding on. Good motor for the price, and very light with a good punch. Hope this helps
kik35  2 points - 5/5/2014
great motor in 300x , will get hot though
Chris  25 points - 1/25/2014
Will this work with the blade 300x? And can I use the stock ESC with it? Thanks
 Chris 25 points
Come to find out this is a drop in mod with the 300X. This motor will add about 15% more power and doesn't vibration like the stock motor does. Use a 11 tooth pinion and the stock ESC. . Hard to beat for $8..
BUDDY Z28  82 points - 8/31/2013
Hey guys, I bought an APC 5.5x4.5 prop. On my 2 cell lipo and my 55 amp trust ESC, I got 640 grams thrust.motor was normal/warm, not hot at all. On 3 cell it pulled 730 grams thrust. Got quit warm, but not scorching hot. I love this motor! Hope this helps.
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I've had this motor without testing it for a while. I finished my project cub, and tried motor on the table. Gets very jerky on start up, to 1/16 throttle.after that point it lights up to life. not very good quality. Not worth the hazzle to return for warranty. So I'll oil up bearings and run it until it Dies !! Or it straightens out. Tried my 10 × 6 prop, too big gets hot. 6 × 5.5 prop runs cool . So I think I'll get a 7 × 5 or 7×6 should be good. I'll write a review when I maiden the plane, and keep you posted. And it's a 2.3 mm shaft diameter.

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Its been a while and I can safely say I must retract my old review .the reason the motor didnt act right was my Fault, weak solder. I resoldered my connections and the motor is Awesome! !!!!!! My combination is turnigy 55 amp trust ESC , 2 cell turnigy nanotech lipo 1600 mah 25 -50 C. and 7X5.5 pusher prop. My plane is an Airhogs Titan converted to rc. With this motor combo, It is great, the motor pushes it straight up, like a rocket.the key to this motor is the battery C rating, this motor ispowerfull, and 20 C lipo holds it back. Highly recommend. Great job HK.

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I purchased this motor to go in a 1/14th scale short course truck and it is great! Lots of power in a very small and light package. Runs very smooth and cool with the HK 45A ESC that I am using. Way more power than I really need and that is on 2S LiPo. This motor and ESC can handle 3S but my driving skills probably can't!

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