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Turnigy Aerodrive SK3 - 2826-1130kv Brushless Outrunner Motor (US Warehouse)

Turnigy Aerodrive SK3 - 2826-1130kv Brushless Outrunner Motor (US Warehouse)
Turnigy Aerodrive SK3 - 2826-1130kv Brushless Outrunner Motor (US Warehouse)

Turnigy SK3 Motors are the next leap forward in motor quality and design. We instructed the engineers to source the best quality magnets, bearings and materials available to them and develop a motor that would not only rival, but surpass the quality of many leading motor manufactures on the market today.

The result is an efficient, high caliber motor using quality double shielded bearings, sintered Neodymium magnets and a string wound stator ensuring an accurate and consistent winding each and every time.

The Turnigy SK3 motors are suited to modelers who are seeking a quality brushless motor without compromise.

Turns: 26T
Voltage: 2~3S Lipoly
RPM/V: 1130kv
Internal resistance: 0.120 Ohm
Max Loading: 13A
Max Power: 125W
Shaft Dia: 3.0mm
Bolt holes: 16mm & 19mm
Bolt thread: M3
Weight: 44g
Motor Plug: 3.5mm Bullet Connector


PRODUCT ID: SK3-2826-1130

Kv(rpm/v) 1130
Weight (g) 44
Max Current(A) 13
Resistance(mh) 120
Max Voltage(V) 11
Power(W) 125
Shaft A (mm) -
Length B (mm) 26
Diameter C (mm) 28
Can Length (mm) 12
Total Length E (mm) 40
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Total of 10 discussions.
Philip  1 points - 8/28/2016
What is the thread size on the prop adapter for these motors?
Skywalker72  1 points - 4/24/2014
What type and size of prop adapter do I need for these? Planning to use these on a F330 or F450 quad frame. Also, for props- what will work? 8" gemfans 8x4.7 x3 props 9x4.7 All of the above? Thanks in advance,
pablo  6 points - 4/14/2014
Testting the motor. I am a total newbie at this and I may have just burnt two of these motors and a multiWii board up. :/... I think the problem is that two of the ESC's are bad. I'd like to know if it's possible to power only one ESC/ motor at a time and test if it's working with only the power distribution/battery, transmitter&receiver and the motor. If so do i need to program the ESC?
 Cheezey 22 points
Disconnect all your ESCs. Then plug one of your ESCs directly into the throttle channel of your RX (normally ch3) and gradually bring up the throttle. You should probably tie it down first. This lets you eliminate the board from the equation and test each motor/esc individually. If you have a servo tester, you could also use that. Hope this helps!
Gordon  373 points - 1/16/2014
Wiring Question: OK, forgive my ignorance - these motors just arrived with the ESCs. The motors have 3 black wires, all unmarked. The ESC has 3 output wires marked A, B, and C. WTF?? Does it not matter which ESC wire connects to which motor wire? Of course, there is not a single instruction with either product, and nothing on this here. Thanks for all help. -G
 Sergio 18 points
no it does not matter at all. unless you motor is rotating the wrong way. if that is the case just switch any of 2 of the 3 wires to allow it to rotate the opposite direction. Plus Make sure that the the side of the prop is always facing the direction the airplane is going to travel if not you are going to rob yourself of power and efficacy plus the amperage use goes up.
Grant  2 points - 3/13/2013
I have a quadcopter with product ID 11879 motors on it (A28M), and one of the shafts came unpressed. I'd like to upgrade to higher quality motors without decreasing performance. Would these be good replacements? Or is there something better? Also, do these mount the same as my old ones, where you screw them onto the frame at the bottom, away from the end with the shaft sticking out? Thank you.
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I have 8 of these motors on two quads. A couple of them seemed like the bearings were a bit rough at first and they were noisy when running. After a few hours flying time they seem to have smoothed out. Plenty of power using 8x4.7x3 props. I have tried running 10x4.7 two blade and they fly great, but seem a bit warm after an 8 min flight. Quad is more responsive with the 8x4.7 three blade. Hovers at half throttle with both size props. I have some 9x4.7 two blade on the way and will update as to how these work. So far so good. I am running the HK SS Series 18-20 amp ESC and they work fine with this motor. I like the bolt on prop adapter that come with the motors. I have crashed several times with no motor or shaft damage, even though I broke all the blades off the props. I will buy these motors again for my next project. It's going to be real hard to beat these for the price.

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These are nice motors. I bought 3 of them a year ago, and have been happy with all of them. My favourite prop for these has been a BlueBird 9x6E, basically equivalent to the APC 9x6E. (Note that this is NOT the SlowFly prop, although the 9x4.7SF is also decent.) With 2200 mAh, 25C, 3S LiPo and 15A to 18A ESC, one of these will haul 25 oz (700 g) around the sky with authority. Search YouTube for "flying over Rouge Beach" for one example.

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