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9 Mode Multi Colour/Multi Function LED strip with Control Unit

9 Mode Multi Colour/Multi Function LED strip with Control Unit
9 Mode Multi Colour/Multi Function LED strip with Control Unit

Multi Colour/Multi Function LED strip with Control Unit - This super bright LED strip comes with a simple to connect control unit that allows you to switch the strip through 9 different LED modes.

Simply hook up the control unit to an AUX channel on your reciever (gear switch would be ideal for instance) & connect to a battery and you can cycle through the 9 modes at the flick of a switch! There are multi-colour and single colour modes, constant and flashing modes and various other combinations!

Length: 2000mm (LED Strip only - can be cut to size)
Weight: 44g (Total)
Input Voltage: 7v~12.6v

PRODUCT ID: 9171000061

Weight: 55g
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progettoaladino  175 points - 9/23/2015
for my mistake, I burned the card, but the LEDs work, how I can repair the damage, you can only buy the card, I'll have to buy back all over again?
Matthew  2 points - 8/17/2015
Could you cut it and then rejoin it for another project?
 Joseph 18 points
yes every 3 inches or so it has copper pads that can be cut in the middle and then wires soldered to, but those are the only places you can cut so you are limited by 3 inch intervals
Ken  6 points - 7/31/2015
Is the led strip really 6.5 feet?
 Maxxheadroom 36 points
It is pretty darn close to that yes.
Wilson  6 points - 6/17/2015
Super bright LED. Perfect for night fly. I have to re-wire the led for my Tarot 680 Pro. Very easy to connect to available AUX channel. Run on 1800mah 3s battery without any problem.
 Wilson 6 points
video available here:
Jan  7 points - 6/16/2015
*HOBBYKING: Please provide somthing similar - BUT IT SHOUD BE RC CONTRLLED, i. e. by toggel switch of the radio. Even better a GUI programmable "switch" PLUS RC toggeling would be nice !
 Maxxheadroom 36 points
This unit is RC controlled, with 9 different modes. Every time you cycle the switch it goes into a different light mode.
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Overall Rating
Mauricio Moura
Like it?
Ai sim.
Led multi color.
So nao dizem se precisa de controle e como é o real funcionamento dele.
Mais o o fato dele ser multi color ja vai dar uma alegrada nos meus aeros.
Agora monto o meu disco voador.
Falta um pouco de detalhes e derrepente um video de alguns itens da hobby.
Sei que muitos ja tem, mais ainda faltam alguns. Nos merecemos.

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Overall Rating
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Olha gostei da apresentação do produto e posso falar de cadeira compro muitos produtos aqui na hobbyking e são de primeira podem confiar como tudo que vendem aqui deve ser simples de ligar gostei !

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Overall Rating
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Mine arrived today. They're reasonably bright running off a 3 cell lipo. 60 LEDs in a 2m strip. Each LED has a red/green/blue component. Cycling through each mode produces the following sequence: 1) Slow cycle (Red,Blue,Green) 2) Constant Blue 3) Rapid Cycle (Red,Blue,Green) 4) Constant White (has a purplish tinge) 5) Constant Cyan 6) White flashing (1 sec frequency) 7 Slow Colour Drift 8) Constant Green. That's 8 different modes I can get, not 9. Can't seem to get a constant red mode which is a bit odd. Good value though. If you don't use it on your planes, you can always put it on your Christmas tree at the end of the year

8 comments. Reply..

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Overall Rating
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trop génial pas encore essayer la nuit

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Overall Rating
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Richtig Super Beleuchtung. 9 Funktionen über ein Kanalschalter.Als Ringbeleuchtung Quadrocopter

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