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Sky 500 Ultra Micro Glider 500mm (Bind and Fly) (US Warehouse)

Sky 500 Ultra Micro Glider 500mm (Bind and Fly)  (US Warehouse)
Sky 500 Ultra Micro Glider 500mm (Bind and Fly)  (US Warehouse)

*Note: This is the Bind and Fly version which will require your own compatible Nine Eagles transmitter (such as the Nine Eagles J6 PRO - see related items) and a 3.7V 150mAh Lipoly.

The Sky 500 Ultra Micro Glider is compact in size and a blast to fly. Perfect for large indoor flying spaces, or outside in low wind conditions. Built from crash-resistant EPO, and offering full 3ch control, this ultra micro is a great platform for both beginners and experienced pilots alike. Featuring a high efficiency motor and folding prop, you can achieve long flight times of 10 minutes or more on just a 3.7V 150mAh lipoly!

The Sky 500 is small and portable enough to take with you anywhere. It features a removable wing that attaches with high strength magnets. The box it comes in also doubles as transport for the airplane. The airplane packs neatly in the box along with all of the accessories for easy carrying.

Wingspan: 500mm
Overall Length: 355mm
Flying Weight: 40g
Motor: Micro Coreless Motor
ESC: All in one ESC/RX/Linear Servos
Battery: 3.7V 150mAh Lipoly (required)
Radio: Compatible Nine Eagles 2.4Ghz (required) (such as Nine Eagles J6 PRO - see related items)

Sky 500 Ultra Micro Glider
User Manual

Required Items:
Compatible Nine Eagles Transmitter (such as Nine Eagles J6 PRO - see related items)
3.7V 150mAh Lipoly

PRODUCT ID: NE3017872404

2 1:IC/2:Elec 3 Channel 500mm (19.69in) 355mm (13.98in) 40g (0.088lb)

This product is no-longer available. CLICK HERE TO SEE A WIDE RANGE OF SIMILAR ITEMS

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Total of 27 discussions.
Rod  1 points - 3/26/2015
Will this work with my turnigy 9rx
ttsquirrel  15 points - 3/8/2015
Looks like this plane would compete with the horizon hobby ultra micro radian. Please provide more detailed info about available transmitters or how to bind or use other transmitters. Thanks
ttsquirrel  15 points - 3/8/2015
Ok so where can I get a transmitter for this plane? Or what transmitter will work with this plane? Why is hobbyking offering this plnae if it doesn't offer transmitter
plc_error  1 points - 7/9/2014
Hi! Can i bind this plane to the tx that comes with nine eagles solo pro II ? I'm not sure
David  2 points - 6/23/2014
Hey ** Couple of questions... 1)Hoping someone might be able to confirm that the Nine Eagles NE-T002 Tx will bind with these ** it appears to be what's used with the NE Yak (per other comment)? 2) Also wondering if anyone knows what the battery connector type is ** likely just a balance plug?
Customer Reviews
Overall Rating
1 thumbs up!
I picked up this aircraft in the RTF version due to its great price. I am fairly new to RC aircraft and I wanted something inexpensive to test the waters with. The Sky 500 is perfect for this. Due to its 3 channel configuration, it is a breeze to learn and to enjoy. It is powerful enough to do your basics including loops! I would strongly recommend flying in no wind. It can handle a little bit (like a light breeze), but it can be a little dodgy in it. Overall, this is a great little plane thats loads of fun! I plan to get a Nine Eagles BNF plane next!

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Overall Rating
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After the first test flight, in turbulent conditions, the motor and gearbox make a horrendous screeching noise. Two decent landings with one battery pack and no noticeable damage. The "Flash Sale" price is fair enough to warrant purchasing another BNF model, and keep the lemon for spare parts. The receiver brick binds to the NE Yak transmitter with no problems. Rudder is on the right stick, for mode 2 pilots. The airframe is the more forgiving EPO foam, as opposed to the EPS on the NE Yak and warbirds. I don't recommend the Sky 500 for absolute beginners, because the folding/tractor configuration requires maintaining airspeed on the approach.

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Overall Rating
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After flying the replacement model at my sanctioned airfield, I have two cons to report. The major problem with this model is that the speed control does not have a brake programmed into the throttle. So, the "folding" propellor doesn't really fold at all, until the landing is executed. Like other NE airplanes, the rudder is also not effective enough, even on high-rates. I will try to break the glue joints, on the factory control horns, and add more rudder deflection. Overall, the NE Sky 500 is a good value and I would recommend it to anyone with a NE airplane transmitter and batteries from another NE plane or heli.

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