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Hobbyking Katana .46 EP 1400mm (ARF) (AU Warehouse)

Hobbyking Katana .46 EP 1400mm (ARF) (AU Warehouse)
Hobbyking Katana .46 EP 1400mm (ARF) (AU Warehouse)

This high quality Katana has been built to satisfy both 3D pilots and precision aerobatic flyers. It features huge control surfaces and a light wing loading, the perfect recipe for some extreme aerobatics!

The build quality is quite superb and is both strong and light, the covering is expertly applied and the attractive colour scheme is ideal for orientation. The glass fiber cowl is nicely painted and lightweight to keep the flying weight down. The supplied hardware is excellent and this model offers an easy and quick build due to large amount of pre-fabrication. This kit includes the hardware to go with either a glow or electric build, making it very versatile. Wings are plug in as you would expect to make transportation easy and the large canopy is of course removable for easy Lipoly changing.

This very attractive Katana offers superb performance on the reccomended set up for both the 3D pilot and the sport flyer, the .46 class models are popular as they fly like a large scale plane but are relatively inexpensive to build and are very practical. This Katana is the perfect all round model for the intermediate to experienced pilot. It looks good, flys great, is practical and doesnt break the bank!

Wingspan: 1400mm
Length: 1310mm
Flying Weight: 2250g~2400g (with .46 engine)
Wing Area: 36g/dm2
Suggested Prop: 12x8~14x10

Your Own 6 Channel TX/RX
.46 Glow Engine or equivilent brushless motor
50~60A ESC (for brushless option)
4~5 Servos
4~5S Lipoly


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1 1:IC/2:Elec 4 Channel 1400mm (55.12in) 1310mm (51.57in) 2400g (5.28lb)

Weight: 4125g
Australia Warehouse
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Price  $136.58

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Total of 5 discussions.
ferenczikSF  10 points - 7/8/2013
Flight video:
iam_BlackDragon  38 points - 9/25/2012
Does any one have a manual I can look at. What is the CofG on this plane. Am looking at putting an OS55AX that I have. Thanks
 Boater_K 6 points
CofG is 110mm from wing leading edge.
Barrionuevo  7 points - 5/21/2012
hola quiero saber si lo despachan a argentina y el costo del envió* ... gracias
 Hugo 1 points
Simplemente añ*adir el producto a tu cesta y ver si se puede entregar en la Argentina.
Josh  3 points - 3/24/2012
will this motor run okay in this model?

ASP S52A Two Stroke Glow Engine w/Remote HS Needle Valve
 T6Texanaus 343 points
Should fly well on that, just wtach your balance
 Kellyann 16826 points
Josh a bit more than you need. if you already have one then OK but if not use the 46. OK. If you use the 52 please adjust the torque angle and C of G.
 Kirkles 125 points
kellyann i dont think you understand, the 52 is designed for planes that require a 46, it just offers a bit more power which is good for a 3d plane like this
DelSt  117 points - 2/1/2012
So can I use a electric motor in this and what size?
 Kellyann 16826 points
Delst there are may different thought on this. But if you are new and do not like trying things, you will be very safe going with Turnigy G46 Brushless Outrunner 550kv (.46 Glow). Turnigy make it very easy. I hope this helps
 BrianB192 1580 points
yes i would use the Prop drive 5050 on this ,, its looking nice ,,i might get Motor IN advance , i have a few Motor Dimensions at 63mm x 66mm Weight: 650g it might be to much for this . but it might fit with a 10 s set.not that Power is the issue with this ,.id rather the economy Motor 5050 for this for a thought.
 John 8 points
g46 550kv powers this thing fine, 4cell 3300 and a 15/8 and it pulls out of a hover with authority. It's not a animal, but very capable. just maidened mine today. Came out 5.3 pounds rtf. This thing does fly very smooth. Pretty straight too, 2 clicks up ele and it was trimmed. I moved the cg back to 120 mm after the first flight.
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pat kilroy
1 thumbs up!
I have had three flights with my Katana, on the first flight on the second turn.
Half the tailplane & elevator broke off. I managed to land it ok.
On the second flight same thing repaired it again.
This time with epoxy and extra gussets.
Third flight boke in flight again not happy.
I have it ready for the fourth flight I rebuilt the tailplane and strengthened the elevator. Hope it holds together this time.

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Hi, I love this little plane. My setup is using an OS 55 nitro with a 13x4.5 Turnigy wooden slow fly prop. COG is as per manual. Has heaps of pull and flies nice and straight without any bad tendencies. I fly IMAC and came 3rd in my class with this plane! There are a few things to fix, first I swapped all the plastic clevises, I broke a few just looking at them. Next the tank is too small for a nitro engine and needed to be replaced with a larger tank (no issue for electric setup) The elevator joining section is too weak and needs to be reinforced. The landing gear mounting is a bit weak too (pulled that out on a bad landing because of the small tank) Overall a nice looking little plane, a few things to fix but at this price you won't find any better. Good job HobbyKing!

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