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10 Blade High-Performance 70mm EDF Ducted Fan Unit

10 Blade High-Performance 70mm EDF Ducted Fan Unit
10 Blade High-Performance 70mm EDF Ducted Fan Unit

A high thrust and well designed Electric Ducted Fan unit for high power applications, the 10 blade arrangement makes for a quiet fan unit with an amazing sound, this is the closest you will ever get to the sound of a Turbine!

Made with 30% FRP and dynamically balanced, for use with high performance 28mm EDF motors, either 3.17m or 4mm shaft. For the best results from this fan, we reccomend the Turnigy 2855 EDF motors.

Outside Diameter: 72mm
Rotor Diameter: 68mm  blade
Meterial: carbon fiber reinforced Nylon rotor 
Shaft adaptor to motor: 3.17mm or 4mm
Max RPM: 45000 RPM

PRODUCT ID: 444000001-0

Weight: 134g
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Price  $15.69

  • Turnigy L2855-2300 EDF Outrunner (450w)

    Combo Price: $12.91   IN STOCK

  • Turnigy L2855-2800 EDF Outrunner (630w)

    Combo Price: $12.91   IN STOCK

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heliflyer69  15 points - 12/6/2014
These fans are V2. They have 4 stators as shown in the product pics. V3 has more stators and at this time not available from Hobbyking. The Turnigy 2855 fits in this unit nicely. Mine had a bad case of the shakes until I balanced the 2855 bell. The fan needed no balancing to be near perfect.
Ahmad  1 points - 10/3/2014
I'm not able to insert the motor into this EDF unit.. any help with the assembly would be appreciated (Video or Images is better).. I'm new to the EDF Units.. Thanks
 tony 12 points
are you folding the wires to the motor back and then trying to put the motor in?? that mite be your issue, . if you look into where your motor screws go , you will notice that in the gaps between the screw holes , the triangle holes have two larger holes and two smaller holes opposite eachother, feed your wires in first so they go through one of the larger holes, your motor should slide straight in, once your motor is screwed in place, feed your wires back through the fan so they come out the rear of the unit, now you should be ready to mount the unit
 Ahmad 1 points
Thanks for the detailed description.. Now it's mounted and working greatly, but at around 40% throttle only there's a low sound like that the motor is shaking inside the unit, but only around 40% of throttle, is it normal??
 tony 12 points
are you running the fan without the ring on the front? make sure you put it on and run some tape around to hold it on, otherwise the housing will distort as you throttle on, and the blades will be rubbing the housing, can you spin the blades freely by hand?
 Ahmad 1 points
Thanks alot Tony.. Actually I glued the ring with hot glue.. I found what the problem was, but after I lost my fan* I was testing the fan without properly tightening the screws in thier places, I didn't have the screw driver for the screw that came with the fan, so I've tightened it only with my hands, and while testing, suddenly the blades flew off and one blade was broken, then I chrcked and found that the screws where loose.. I thought it would be helpful for some others to mention what happened with me.. Thanks again Tony.. I'll order this fan again, it's a great one..
tony  12 points - 9/27/2014
I have bought one of these for my f-18 hornet, turns out these have change sun printed on them, its a great fan for the f-18 with plenty of go for my little hornet
John  1 points - 9/8/2014
just received my 70mm 10 blade from china and am having problems with dismantling the old one , i cannot seem to get the nut of the shaft from the old one .. does anybody no how to get this bloody nut off , every time i turn the nut the whole shaft spins ,iv tried holding the shaft and turn the nut but shaft keeps spinning , driving me mad
 UL 32 52 points
Hi John Sometimes it is very tricky to get the nut loose or the cone off. On a 90mm DF the treaded part in front of the nut was too short for two slim nuts. I tried the M3 inside hole with a screw and a nut. I came always loose. I put some instant glue to it. This time the nut holding the rotor came loose. Put all the alumiunum parts in aceton. That cleaned off the instant glue. Good luck Charlie
 tony 12 points
rattle gun mate , off in .2 of a sec
zishan  1 points - 8/8/2014
IS the 10 blade high performance edf unit thrust sufficient for take off, if yes then how much mAh battery would be ideal along with charger please suggest soon!!
 Straight Up 927 points
You didn't give us much to go on. What plane are you trying to take off? What does it weigh? How long would you like to fly? Are you flying from grass or a smooth surface?
 tony 12 points
im running my fan in an f-18 hornet , I use a warhead motor 2839 - 2800kv motor to power it , im running it on 4000ma 4s , this combo will lift just about anything off the ground, as long as I hold the throttle wide open, my f-18 will climb solid vertical until I drop the throttle, an awesome unit, power it right and its even more awesome
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VERY VERY Nice sounding fan, here are the thrust numbers using HKs L2855-2100kv motor..........6S 4500 25C \ Vm: 21.63 \ Ap: 68.36 \ Wp: 1538.74 \ Thrust (Kg) 2.2 AND 4S 3300 25C \ Vm: 14.18 Ap: 35.32 \ Wp: 534.5 \ Thrust (kg): 1.3 AND 5S 4400 65C \ Vm: 18.82 Ap: 54.70 \ Wp: 1067.10 \ Thrust (kg): 1.8. That is great thrust and great sounding here's a video ( watch?v=coa9aMKyp0s ), no that is not a turbine that is this fan spooled up slow before take off.

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Great sounding fan, what the 70mm EDF jets have been missing. I'm using this with a Turnigy L2855-2800kv EDF on 4S 35C 2650 Nanotech in a foamie F-16 (also here on HK). I'm getting around 750watts at 55amps. Some things to watch for are 1/ Housing is flimsy so becareful how much power you intend to run 2/ sounds much better when properly balanced although its not too bad as it is 3/ make sure you tighten the fan properly to the adapter or it might slip 4/ don't use the spinner or it will throw out the balance. Definitely worth the money for the sound although it won't break any land speed records....

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The most radical change in 70mm EDFs for a while. Amazingly quiet and respectable thrust. No other EDF of similar price is so refined and effective.

Run it with an L2855-2300kv on 4S and get 1.3 Kg of thrust or go to 5S and get 2.0Kg of thrust. I uploaded a video of this unit in a Durafly Vampire. It will not sound the same in every plane since the airframe ducts and exhaust play the major role in the sound being generated.

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Well. after testing this fan i was amaised to find out that its not so good as afew ppl wrote in these revews. at 22 volts 30c 5000mah battery the fan gave onley 1200 grams of thrust that was without the intake rim but with open air intake and took 1000 watts. with the same motor that the reveweres used L2855 2100kv. i think that what afew ppl wrote here in the revew is wrong. it just can not be and its also not logycal. the regular 70mm 6$ 6 blde fan gave me 870 grams at 650 watts. and its not so diferent than that fan just afew more blades. by the way the saund is more plesant with the 10 blade

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The Changesun is the revolution of the edf! Finally the only solved the problem of electrical configuration that remains the least expensive and most efficient ... ie, the noise! with this you get the feeling of having an aircraft jet airliner. Greetings and kisses you crazy spending by € 3,000 to € 5,000 per turbine kerosene! If it progresses technology obtaining lipo lighter and more resistant to high amperage will be a pleasure. Anyway, I'm going to 6s with Turnigy kv2100 54a with 1.4 and I get thrust. Using a 65c 2250mAh lipo with Atencion. Thanks HK!

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