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TURNIGY BESC Programming Card

TURNIGY BESC Programming Card

TURNIGY Programming Card

For use with Turnigy Plush ESCs

This device plugs inbetween the Rx and the speed controller. It allows the user to program the BESC according to a series of LED indicators.
it has buttons at the bottom so you can navigate through the menu and select the feature you want, then change it. Its very simple and is much easier than listening to jingles or a series of beeps.

This item is an excellent addition to your flight kit, especially with the new hard plastic case and lets you quickly change the BESCs settings in the field in a much shorter time and with greater assurance that what you have changed is correct and saved into the BESC.

No more black magic throttle stick programming!
Throw away the manual, you wont need it anymore!

Compatible with Turnigy Plush speed controllers.


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Weight: 50g
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Price  $6.95

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Bluhair  3 points - 1/15/2015
Is the BESC Programming Card REQIED when using the Q Brain 4 x 25A ? Thank you
 BuBu1 285 points
No, as with most of the ESCs, the Q Brain can be programmed by the radio sticks directly. The BESC card simply makes it more convenient.
 Bluhair 3 points
Thank you for the quick reply.
 BuBu1 285 points
Thanks for the best answer credit. I'd like to add one more thing: with the Q Brain, be aware that there are actually 4 ESCs inside, and they may be programmed separately (with different parameters) if you're not careful. That's the reason they provide a splitter, that you can use to programm the 4 ESCs all together.
Victsonn  2 points - 1/12/2015
Anyone know how to test if the card is good without an ESC???... Thanks
 cale 58 points
you could add power to the programmer, but you would get no response. so the answer is no.
hooch_mc  25 points - 12/7/2014
it is also a hobby King 60A ESC 4A UBEC? thx
 |TAB| 86 points
It can't program them if that's what you're asking Remember to award best answer credit if I helped! Much appreciated
 Kriswithak 80 points
You got a Plush series ESC, you gotta programmer. No Plush, no good.
 Kriswithak 80 points
And remember, spread the love............ all these answers and no love..........................tsk.tsk.
 WTWUK 3681 points
TAB - stop credit begging - it is ungentlemanly! Or next time you need help I will not telly you! Heh heh!!! But I shall give you a 'thumbs up' point!
Toni  1 points - 11/29/2014
Is this programmer for suitable for HW 30A ESC?
 |TAB| 86 points
HW meaning hobbywing I assume, I'm 90% sure it won't work. I use it with turning plush 25A esc's fine.
 |TAB| 86 points
Remember to award best answer credit. Don't leave me hanging if I helped!
 WTWUK 3681 points
And this card DOES work with HobbyWing Pentium, FlyFuns and Fentiums, Titans, certain Mystery and a lot of others (I have 8 different brand ESC's this card will program perfectly, and two where brake off setting turns the brake in) ESC's so don't answer unless you are sure ...
max  3 points - 11/19/2014
Does it work with other turnigy sec's except plush? I am looking at Turnigy AE-30A Brushless ESC. Will it work?
 Kriswithak 80 points
No it doesn't work except on plush series. But for them it's awesome.
 jesusvillaa 70 points
No. the turnigy may be Plush. You can read the description. Only Plush can be program
 Kriswithak 80 points
Hey Max, you can credit the best answer, it helps spread the joy you know.
 |TAB| 86 points
Haha ya "joy" or $?
 Kriswithak 80 points
oh you know, 10 cents = smile, smile, smile. .
Customer Reviews
Review Blogs for this item
Don't work with Turnigy AE-25A ESC
Overall Rating
Lawrie Henrickson
132 thumbs up!
I used this card to program my new H-Wing Pentium 60 ESC. I've never had such a user-friendly programming card, EVER! No messing around trying to interface with a PC, and no ridiculous and time consuming tone-based programming. This approach is FAST and you can see exactly what you've set-up.

The instructions tell you clearly how to connect it all up - no guess-work. All the LEDs light-up in their CURRENT config, then you press the "up/down" button to scroll through each program item. Once you are at an item you want to change, you select the "left/right" button to change the config, then move on to the next item. Once complete, you press the "OK" button and your ESC is programmed! Absolutely brilliant!

This is what these support items should be like. Cost-effective, compact, easy to use, and totally effective. FAULTESS!

You might also get a real laugh at hearing your hot new outrunner playing tunes - the menu offers 16 different tunes, such as "Auld Lang Syne".

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Overall Rating
Travis Wheelock
104 thumbs up!
Lovin' it! Can't believe how easy this card makes programming my Turnigy Plush 6A ESC. Bonus!! Works on my Volcano ESCs also! None of that BS of moving the throttle stick up, down, midways, counting beeps, what a hassle. Simple programming using the card, ESC, a battery hooked to the ESC, or a 4.8-6V receiver battery connected directly to the card for OPTO ESCs. Plays 15 different start-up tunes, or you can turn the music off all-together, which will save battery juice. You've read it in the reviews above, if you have an ESC that is compatible, do yourself a favor and get this card. $6.95. What a deal!
Travis Wheelock 05/23/08

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Overall Rating
julian suarez
50 thumbs up!
es una maravilla, lo conectas al variador y programas lo que quieras en un momento, sin tener que estar con la emisora. es una buena compra y economica

2 comments. Reply..

Overall Rating
BILLAUDEL Jean-Philippe
42 thumbs up!
NEVER PLUG A BATTERY MORE THAN 6V direct on the card.
Or your program card will be destroyed.

It's a easy to use card but alwais use the BEC include in the ESC.
There is a plug to put an receiver external battery (4,8V only)

This card is low price and easy to use.
It can program Supersimple ESC
You cand found them

8 comments. Reply..

Overall Rating
39 thumbs up!
Muy facil y rapido de usar. Sin leer ni las instrucciones. Por lo que vale no hay que complicarse la vida. No ocupa espacio y funciona con la bateria del modelo.

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