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ZIPPY Compact 4000mAh 10S 25C Lipo Pack

ZIPPY Compact 4000mAh 10S 25C Lipo Pack

Zippy Compact, the latest addition to our Zippy battery series offers excellent performance and high quality in a "Compact" size. These packs provide the same capacity and discharge rate as our Flightmax line, but give you alternative sizes for applications that require a specific shape.

Great for models with limited battery compartment space!

Zippy batteries deliver full capacity & discharge as well as being the best value batteries in the hobby market today!

Voltage: 10S1P / 10 Cell / 37V
Discharge: 25C Constant / 35C Burst
Weight: 905g (including wire, plug & case)
Dimensions: 150x44x66mm
Balance Plug: JST-XH
Discharge Plug: HXT 4mm

PRODUCT ID: ZC.4000.10S.2

Capacity(mAh) 4000
Config (s) 10
Discharge (c) 25
Weight (g) 908
Max Charge Rate (C) 5
Length-A(mm) 150
Height-B(mm) 44
Width-C(mm) 66
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Marcos Angelo  3 points - 4/6/2016
Dear I put a request in a few days and made the payment by Pay Pal. The purchase was of 4 Lipo batteries of 5000 mHa 5S. On April 10 the my credit card has already been charged the value of this payment via Pay Pal. When I go into my requests fieitos the Hobby King, I can't find any recent request. What's happening? The Pay Pal payment does the Hobby King, and the request doesn't exist? I await your guidance. Grateful Marcos Angelo Malloy Resende Brazil
Torc55  4 points - 2/12/2016
Torc55  4 points - 2/12/2016
target=_blank> Many thanks for the explanation SERIJA I made the mistake too but it burned "only" one leg in the middle section and I can settle for a leg as the two in the middle are together in PCB.
 Torc55 4 points
 Torc55 4 points
Serij  23 points - 1/9/2013
i have purchased 3 of these batteries. everything is wired correctly. CORRECTION: in the description it says the discharge plug: 5.5mm bullet. IT IS a 4mm Bullet!!!! Contacted costumer service (lol), made them aware of the mistake. no one is yet to fix it. so i hope people read this before purchasing. I can sort of figure out Robert's and Everette's frustration. The balance plugs on the three batteries that i have purchased are all wired correctly and i have no problem charging them with my 12s balance charger from thunder. What everyone who purchases these needs to do (because hobbyking wasn't kind enough to do it for us) is find which plug has the 0-5th cell connected to it and which has the 6th-10th cell. This can be done with multimeter (radioshack) has them for very cheap. The meter will most likely come with small alligator clips on the negative and the positive. Take two needles (i don't even know if non metal needles exist, but the needles must be made of metal). Clamp each needle in each of the leads. One to positive one to negative. Select the appropriate DC Voltage scale on the meter. Now very carefully (if you have a buddy who can hold the balance plugs for you then this step will be a little easier) hold the (black) negative lead of the meter to one of the connectors coming from the BLACK wire. Keep that needle touching the connector. Now with the positive lead (Red) from the meter, you will touch the connector connected to the Red wire of the other plug. If the reading is some Negative number or anything that makes no sense. ANYTHING AROUND 37V IS THE ONLY SENSIBLE NUMBER YOU ARE LOOKING FOR. All you need to do in this case, is take your Black lead from the meter and connect it to the black of the other plug and the Red lead to the other plug's Red. Then you should get a sensible reading. When you have found your main positive and negative, the cell count goes from the negative to positive. So the plug to which your negative (black) meter lead is connected to is your 0-5th cell plug, and the other plug is your 6-10th cell plug. All balance board will indicate their positives and negatives. I really hope people will read this before they start plugging those poor balance plugs into their boards randomly simply because the plug fits and shorting things out.
 Torc55 4 points
target=_blank> Many thanks for the explanation SERIJA I made the mistake too but it burned "only" one leg in the middle section and I can settle for a leg as the two in the middle are together in PCB.
Robert  17 points - 11/14/2012
I'm with Everette (below), as a result of poor wiring i have now burnt out my balance board of my charger and wreaked 2 batteries.
not happy.
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