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Turnigy Trailblazer 1/8 4WD Brushless Monster Truck ARR (AUS Warehouse)

Turnigy Trailblazer 1/8 4WD Brushless Monster Truck ARR (AUS Warehouse)
Turnigy Trailblazer 1/8 4WD Brushless Monster Truck ARR (AUS Warehouse)

The Turnigy Trailblazer is a high powered 1/8 4WD monster truck that's ready to crush the competition! With its powerful 14.8V 80A brushless system pre-installed, this truck has plenty of power to take on just about anything.

Large oil filled shocks, aluminum alloy drive shafts, 3mm 6061 T6 aluminum chassis, and sealed ball bearings all the way around shows that this truck means business!

It comes fully pre-assembled, and just requires your own 2CH radio system and batteries to get this truck running.

- 4 Wheel Drive System
- Almost Ready to Run (just install your own radio system)
- High Performance 2230 540KV Brushless Motor
- 80A EZRUN Brushless ESC
- 3mm 6061 T6 Aluminum Chassis
- Waterproof and Dustproof Sealed Gearbox
- Quality Differential with Four Bevel Gears
- Sealed Ball Bearings for Entire Model
- Aluminum Alloy Drive Shafts
- High Torque Metal Gear Servo Pre-installed

Length: 504mm
Width: 385mm
Height: 188mm
Wheelbase: 335mm
Tire Size: 145x70mm
Ground Clearance: 46mm
Motor: 2230 540KV Brushless Inrunner

2ch Radio System
14.8V (2 x 7.4V in series) 3000~3300mAh Lipo


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Total of 51 discussions.
Herubeto  52 points - 9/25/2013
Andrew  18 points - 9/1/2013
all parts available at global warehouse
tony  1 points - 7/15/2013
i need parts for this truck .. I need a center dif gear spline the truck went to hard and striped the gear cog . I want a steel cog can you help ??
Parminder  1 points - 6/22/2013
very fast but never go straight shok r very stiff front wheel come off while playing every single time
 Andrew 18 points
- trim the steering on your transmitter - tighten the nut properly using a nylock nut or a drop of low-strength threadlocker
Malcolm & Pauline  7 points - 5/9/2013
When will this be available in international wear house
 Leo72 121 points
International warehouse?
Customer Reviews
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Recieved the buggy yesterday try it on the back yard put 2x 2s turnigy 3000mah 30c this car is a beast , It got lots of power motor is just barely warm. The motor is 2230kv almost the same dia. of 540 motor. When pushing the throttle lightly it jerks a bit I think its programming issue but medium to full throttle no problem at all.My son play it on our street it really fast ..... it flips the landed back on wheels then roll back again , just found couple of issue on the tyre , make sure you check the glue on the tyre inside , more of a quality issue , just put extra glue on it , other than that I was very happy with my purchase THANKS HOBBY KING . Waiting for some metal upgrades...

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Overall Rating
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Nice car , big and fast ,good value .
Has some issues . At maximum accel mine tends to pull to one side . I found some serious slop in servo saver not sure if this is cause or diff or some setup problem.
Also recomended 3000 battery doesn't fit well . Wire comes out side making it messy and it's loose in holder . 4000 hardcase pack fits like a glove , snug . Wiring comes out face of battery making easier less strained connection

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Overall Rating
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Very cool little car, a little disappointed with the wheel alignment but for the price is a great deal. just make sure you spend a bit of time going over screws and checking alignments.

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Overall Rating
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I was able to take this out to the oval for a test run today, but I am waiting for Plugs and a charging lead. The car was really, really fast! Programming the ESC is not something that I have done before, but I changed the following settings: Start Mode (punch) to 1 (softest setting), Max brake force to 100pcnt, Neutral Range to Wide (cause I am n00bie :P) and LiPo Cells to 4S instead of auto detect. The Hobbywing Xerun 80A ESC performed well, it jerks around at very low throttle even on softest setting, but the acceleration from the ESC and Motor was absolutely breath-taking! I used 2x2S4000mAh LiPo 30-40C and it provides so much power, enough to do huge wheelies on grass! In my backyard I put the 4WD to the test in some really long grass. 2WD would not survive, but the 4WD system combined with the HUGE tyres meant that it absolutely breezed through the grass. The only drawback to the huge tyres and ground clearance is the High Center of Gravity, which means that this truck rolls easy under hard cornering and braking (or was it my n00biness??) but it does not matter much as the body was only scratched on the concrete at high speed. No doubt in my mind that the car is very well made.

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Overall Rating
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NEED SPARE PARTS. Hope HK stock them soon. Car is a beast. Large wheels mean that is goes over grass with ease. Speed is enough for me. Sturdy construction that withstood a few jumps. Highly recommended. Car is also known as the RedCat Earthquake 8e and on viewing on YouTube I was concerned that it would be difficult to control due to the wheelies and backflips. However, whilst you can do wheelies, I found it easy to drive and you can still easily accelerate without doing wheelies if you wish. My reverse didn't work until I recalibrated the throttle on the ESC. The ESC instructions do recommend to do this though so not a negative. Couple of negatives: the wheels rubbed on the body cover when turning and had to cut the body cover back significantly. Still looks good but don't know why they wouldn't make the body fit in the first place. I lost two wheels (both from the left side) as the nuts weren't tight enough. Tighten before use and apply Locktight. As another reviewer mentioned the inside of the tires aren't glued well and I had to reglue them. No spare parts available from HK but can get them from Redcat racing. But minor gripes and great car.

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