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Turnigy dlux 100A SBEC Brushless Speed Controller w/Data Logging (AUS Warehouse)

Turnigy dlux 100A SBEC Brushless Speed Controller w/Data Logging (AUS Warehouse)

Turnigy® dlux SBEC ESCs have set a new bench mark in quality and performance. Each ESC uses a twin PCB design separating the motor power supply, MCU and SBEC. This design allows for optimum component layout on each PCB and provides the ideal configuration for heat dissipation and thermal efficiency. Both PCBs are enclosed in a full aluminum heat sink casing to ensure maximum heat dispersion. All Turnigy dlux ESCs can be programmed via a programing card or by transmitter. Clear and easy to understand instructions are included.

*Now featuring data logging viewable when used with Turnigy dlux programming box.

Data logging display parameters:
Max Temperature
Environment Temperature
Max Current
Min Current
Max Voltage
Min Voltage
Nominal Voltage
Off Voltage
Motor Run Time
Power on Time
Motor Pole Number
Max Motor RPM
Error Times

Max Cont. Current: 100A
Max Burst Current: 120A
Max BEC Current: 3A
BEC Voltage: 5.5v
LiPo: 2~6S
NiMH: 5~16cells
Weight: 96grams
Max RPM (2-pole): 200,000rpm
Size: 69 x 33 x 23mm
Motor Plug: Female 4mm bullet Connector
Battery Plug: Nil

Extremely low internal resistance
Very low operation temperature
Over temperature protection
APEC MoSfets (Taiwain)

Programming Options.
Battery Type: 2S~6S
Soft Start
LV Cut off Type (Ignore, Reduce Power, Stop Motor)
LV Cut off setting (2.5~3.5v in 0.1v increments)
Timing (Auto, Very Low, Low, Normal, High, Very Hgh)
Switching (8,16kHz)
Factory Restore
Active RPM Control: On/Off (Governor Mode)

Default factory settings.
Brake: off
Battery: LiPo Auto Detect
Low Voltage: 3.2v (power down motor)
Timing: Auto
Frequency: 8KHz

Note: Programming box now available, check the related items below.

**********  These ESCs are indeed 100/120A, the factory misprinted the sticker and packaging label. The next batch will have the correct labels. **********


Shipped from:
Australia Warehouse



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 Customer rated
Total of 12 discussions.
Michael  1 points - 2/25/2015
Maybe they misprinted the sticker on mine too and that's why it over heats on a recommended Motor and 4s battery?....?
Steven  2 points - 3/28/2013
I returned them to HK for testing and received a credit. I have now purchased 2 x Turnigy Plush 80 amp ESC's which work fine.
 benji723 314 points
Yeah, the Plush range are much nicer than these GOLIATH monstrosities
Steven  2 points - 2/7/2013
I purchased 2 of these ESC's but I'm having trouble with both motors stuttering badly when the throttle is advanced quickly or if the throttle is advanced slowly and nears full throttle. I have one connected to a Turnigy G60 500KV motor using a 13 x 8.5 prop and have tried both 5 & 6 cell Lipo batteries. The other I have connected to a NTM Prop Drive Series 42-58 500KV Motor using a 15 x 8 prop and have tried both 5 & 6 cell Lipo batteries. I purchased a dlux programming box and have tried just about every combination of settings. I'm fairly new to flying so could someone please tell me what I'm doing wrong or have I selected a incompatible combination of devices? Many thanks for any help.
 benji723 314 points
timing issue for sure.... THESE DO NOT HAVE LOW TIMING.... EVEN IF YOU USE A PROGRAMMING BOX. YOu are musch better off with a Plush ESC as at least they have LOW timing.
paulflies  130 points - 11/30/2012
Just received my Dlux programming Box and 100 Amp Dlux Esc and the data logging does not work the same as the video on this site.These came from the NSW Warehouse.Why doesn,t HK do something about this and not keep on sending goods that are not the same as advertised.I bought these for the Data Logging.
 Mark in Aus 1015 points
I ended up with the non data logging version. F I X I T H K
 paulflies 130 points
I have just received my second Dlux ESC and this one has Data Logging.
Brian  53 points - 10/6/2012
Just received my new Dlux Programming Box(In stock NSW) but cannot get it to access the data logging system on my 2 of these ESC's, it works fine for programming but their is no menu showing up like in their Utube clip. Has anyone work out how to access it, or do you have to connect up the box in different way to access it, as the their Data logging Utube clip doesn't show the connecting up to the box
 Brian 53 points
Thanks johnny66, well that raises Hkings AU distributors integrity as I had purchased 2x 100dlux and 1x 40dlux from them (I particularly wanted that feature for my heli’*s) which at the time of purchase stated in the heading /with Data Logging Feature, but as AU was out of stock of the Dlux programming Box I could not check to see if they didn’*t have the feature (They do not show the other side of the ESC) I would have sent them back, but by the time it did stock the Box which Stated ‘*Now with Data logging Feature’* and as it was fresh new stock I expected to be able to use the data logging feature at last, but from what you have said, and I don’*t have the labeled feature on the flip side of the ESC I have well and truly been “*done”*, so I now have 3 ESC’*s from them that are useless and are now beyond return date due to their slow restocking time of the programming box.
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Overall Rating
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So far so good, have been pulling 70 amps through this with a 6 cell lipo and hasn't batted an eyelid.

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Overall Rating
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I found this ESC works well in my super cub 80inch wing spam. I have had no problems at all have bought 2 more so i don't have to remove cows. I did how ever put the first on inside the fuse and had the brushless motor stopping and starting. Now up motor and getting air to is and no more trouble. A great ESC.

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Overall Rating
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Mine was dead on arrival. the BEC powers up, but it never sounds its 'arming' tones, never turns over the motor. frustrating that a dead controller can be sent out. lack of qc really showing will try to claim on warranty.

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Overall Rating
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Very good actually 120 amp no 100amp work fine very.

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Overall Rating
Mark in Aus
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The one I received is the non data logging version. not worth the hassle of sending back. Good one HK, thanks for stuffing up my project

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