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TowerPro Brushless Outrunner w/ Mount 2908-10

TowerPro Brushless Outrunner w/ Mount 2908-10
TowerPro Brushless Outrunner w/ Mount 2908-10

DIMENSION: 36.4*51.7
KV: 1100
CURRENT: 1.7-25A
VOLTAGE: 7.2-12.6


Kv(rpm/v) 1100
Weight (g) 106
Max Current(A) 34
Resistance(mh) 0
Max Voltage(V) 10
Power(W) 320
Shaft A (mm) 5
Length B (mm) 35
Diameter C (mm) 36
Can Length (mm) 15
Total Length E (mm) 50
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Weight: 162g
International Warehouse
Price  $20.65

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mike  5 points -
What esc could be recomended for this motor? my 25a esc just caught fire on my Multiplex Parkmaster with a 11.4v 1200mah battery - any ideas?
 doublebuck 20 points
Mike, Do you have a Watt meter? You definitely need one if you don't. Thats how I find out what ESC to use. Try to use 1.5 times the indicated amperage when you measure the motor amps at full throttle. Check to see if the ESC has cooling air when it is working too. HK has a good Watt meter at a fair price-check it out!
 franck70 246 points
Hi, I find always successfully to read the Customer Reviews. By franx
 ken 73 points
this motor is recomended as similar to the cessna 182 plane in scale ,the esc is stated there if your stuck.a 3s 1300 battery is ideal.11.1 volts
Customer Reviews
Overall Rating
Alex Greve
8 thumbs up!
This is a great motor for powering large models (up to 5lbs) on a budget. Comparable performance to the Eflite park 480 for size and power. I pull 325 Watts with a 10X5 prop and 3S lipo. It will 3D a brick! I use two in a 3lb P-38 and can hover it at just above half throttle.

The downside is that it uses a lot of power and the KV varies from the rated 1100 (I had to use advanced timing one one motor and slow timing on the other to get my P-38 to fly straight). It is best to use a good, stiff prop (Gas props are perfect) as flimsy ones will not take the stress. I recommend using a 9X6 (280 Watts), 10X5 (325 Watts), 11X5.5 (360 Watts) or somewhere in that range. I wouldn't recommend anything more than a 13X5 or the motor may overheat.

(My actual rating would be 4.5 stars, but that's not an option)

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Overall Rating
Steve Simkin
1 thumbs up!
I fitted this motor to an e-flight Mini Ultra Stick using 11 x 5.5 APC-E and Hobby City 2100 3S Lipo. Performance is rapid vertical climb that just doesn't stop. In this configuration it peaks a 402W and 40A, with sustained 388W at full throttle, pulling 38A.
Very smooth running and quiet motor, if just a little heavy on current draw. Nonetheless, a cracking motor for a cracking price.

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Overall Rating
joseph Morel
1 thumbs up!
i just flew my 6lb 50 tiger moth on this motor i had just thrown it in will waiting on a 3520 but i am amazed agian by the tp motors i used a 4000 11.1 15 c on a 10 5 apce flight time flying scale 20 minutes wot at 35 amps not enough power to hover but wow for a small motor this is wonderful i also have one in my combat corsair 42in and it sceams with a 9 8 apce at a little over 3lb it has great verticle i am ordering more i only need the 2915 to complete the whole set of tp motors my axis rimfires and eflites are now stored under stupid thing i wasted my money on if you want to buy them ill sell them cheap naaa i cant do that to someone

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Overall Rating
shai hirsch
Like it?
the engine is quite powerful, although i expected even more- with a 11*5 prop my fliton extra260 couldn't go vertical.
but the main issue is huge current waste- my 1800mAh 3s1p battery lasted only 3 minutes at 2/3 throttle- a poor comparison with over 10 minutes on a slightly less powerful 450 like motor.

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Overall Rating
Mark Shofner
Like it?
Although the motor uses a lot of power, it cost almost 1/3 of a similar popular motor. It delivers similar performance of a Park 480. I used a 2200 mAh lipo and was pleased with the value, jetting my Sea Gull 300 Extra straight up with authority. If you are on a budget, it is a great choice.

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