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HobbyKing® ™ DH-82 Tiger Moth 1250mm Balsa (ARF)

HobbyKing® ™ DH-82 Tiger Moth 1250mm Balsa (ARF)
HobbyKing® ™ DH-82 Tiger Moth 1250mm Balsa (ARF)

The Tiger Moth can be best described as Iconic, it was developed from the very succesful Gipsy Moth and designed by Geoffrey De Havilland in the 1930s to meet Air Ministry specifications for a new preliminary Trainer for the RAF. The most noticable feature that distinguishes the Tiger Moth from similar DH bi-planes is the distinctive swept upper wing, which allowed better access for a pilot while wearing a parachute. Tiger Moths are still popular to this day with many examples still being flown for pleasure the world over, truly a classic aircraft from the Golden Age of Aviation.

This nice size Tiger Moth has the look of a traditional scratch built kit, however, make no mistake, this is a nice quality and thoroughly modern ARF that has been designed for Electric Power. Easy to construct, the Tiggie features traditional pull/pull tailfeathers and a simple but effective wing rigging system that still allows for wing removal when required. The Tiger Moth also features a very large battery tray and hatch located on the under-side for easy and fast battery changing. The quality of the included & comprehensive hardware is excellent as is the quality of the pre-applied covering and painted glass-fiber cowl.

The Tiger Moth is one of those models that every pilot needs to own at least once, there is nothing quite like a relaxing afternoons flying with this classic aircraft, it looks great on the ground and magnificent in the air, so grab your flying helmet, goggles and Irvine jacket and re-live the golden age of aviation!

Specifically designed for EP
Traditional balsa construction
Superbly pre-covered
Large battery tray and access hatch
Pull/pull elevator/rudder arrangement
Sturdy under-carriage
Removable wing
Comprehensive, quality hardware included

Wingspan: 1250mm
Length: 1030mm
Flying Weight: 1700g~1800g
Wing Area: 45dm2
Wing Loading: 38/40dm2

Your own 4 Channel RX/TX
35mm Brushless Outrunner Motor
50A~60A ESC w/BEC
2 x Std Servo & 2 x Micro 9g~12g Servo
2650mAh~3300mAh 3s Lipoly Battery

PRODUCT ID: 9108000001

2 1:IC/2:Elec 4 Channel 1250mm (49.21in) 1030mm (40.55in) 1800g (3.96lb)

Weight: 2796g Quantity: 
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Price $156.65

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Total of 31 discussions.
baumflieger  6 points - 7/31/2014
Yes with the OS 5ccm fourstroke flys the Tiggy very good. There is enough power for Loops, Turns. For Scale Fly-quarter throttle ranges.
baumflieger  6 points - 7/19/2014
In my Tiggy comes a OS 30Fs 5ccm fourstroke nitro. Really good kit. The quality is excellent. And only 139 €* in eu warehouse.
guido  25 points - 5/24/2014
is this a good trainer?
 BillE 78 points
No it won't be a good trainer, the 2 wings make the flying a bit twitchy and the construction won't survive the beginner landings. Maybe a good 3rd plane. You really need a good high wing above 1.0m span and a foamy would handle the ***ps a bit better. It is a nice plane though.
guido  25 points - 5/24/2014
assembly required?
guido  25 points - 5/8/2014
can i put a .25 glow engine in this plane?
 Rodrigo_ld 100 points
Yes, but need motor mount and skills for it.
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Overall Rating
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today I received My Moth,after waiting under 8 days from Ordering ,from International ware house ,to Australia.amazing speed considering im still waiting for Some orders taken 4 weeks or more and still waiting .But This Has Bean Very Fast ,And The Quality is Far exceeding my expectations. This Is Far worth More than we Have payed. Now Standards Have Risen in this area i want More ,and Lookforward to The Next As Addictive as they Are we Can Not ask For Better in this Build ,, and Foe its size i will defiantly use 35 48 ,with 5o amp esc .11x5 prop as standard In this size ,its Very Light and Realy well Made ,,But i will be defanatly reinforcing the Fire wall with Home Made glass fiber sheet ,as i do with all My Models. Now I have started assembly and found The Tail Very good,And The Elevator Cables Are amazing idear .Along with the Whole Quality Build well diagrammed instructions .>>A1<< Thanks to the King Again .

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Just building mine. generally good quality.

Did anyone else find it was not supplied with enough 2mm rigging couplers?

It needs a total of 12 (Two for Elevatoe servo, 2 to act as spacers for the Rudder cable and 8 for the Flying Wires) but was only supplied with 10. The instructions only indicate two are needed for the steps on page 4, when actually you need 4, so I think that's the problem.

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Overall Rating
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What a cute little model. However.. don't trust the cable tubes used to fasten the cables. You'll need to solder them or they'll let go. Very trickey to hook up the cables anyway. cant fit the thru fuselage cable guides they wont fit. You'll need a 35X48 motor althought I haven't finished the build yet. the clevises supplied small ones are almost useless so to get some others. Can't wait to fly !! maybe more later.

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Overall Rating
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Beautiful model. I had to do some minor mods like reinforcing the structure where the landing gear goes screwed, especially the frontal part. It was need so much weight to balance that I decided to use a 5000mA 4s lipo placed under the motor structure at a very unconfortable to change location. I'm thinking about splitting the cowling in two parts to easy the battery access. The recommended motor is too short, I had to use a Turnigy C3548-900 to get my 12x8 propeller at the right position. The heavier motor also helped to get it balanced. The best fit spinner was the 45mm (HK B45spinner-2). As I'm always disassembling the wings to carry it, I replaced the nylon clevis for steel ones, they are stronger and easier to set the wing wires in place.

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Overall Rating
Red Shuhart
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