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HXT 10kg Servo (metal gear) 10kg / 0.16sec / 55g

HXT 10kg Servo (metal gear) 10kg / 0.16sec / 55g

Torque Rate: 10KG
Speed: .16sec/60deg
Input: 5~7v
Type: Digital
Gearing: Metal
Weight: 55g
Size: 40.7 x 19.7 x 42.9mm


Weight (g) 55
Torque (kg) 10
Speed(Sec/60deg) 0.16
A(mm) 43
B(mm) 42
C(mm) 39
D(mm) 20
E(mm) 54
F(mm) 27
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Total of 172 discussions.
aberg  17 points - 5/17/2016
Please restock!
Kiwifyer  45 points - 3/17/2016
These servos are fantastic value for money and they are everything that HK claim they are. I have trusted these servos to handle the elevators on some of my really expensive giant scale planes, they work perfectly and are just as good as the Futaba equivalent.
Zooker  1 points - 3/8/2016
Hi I have the Hx12K servo, I wanted to use different servo horns, possible metal , do you know what other brands, Futaba, HiTec, etc , would work with the Hex Tronik, servo? Thanks for the help.
 JymSct2wd 449 points
It is a 25T futaba.
blehy  106 points - 2/4/2016
Has anyone used them at 7 volts? i.e 2 cell LiFe at 6.6v??
 Kiwifyer 45 points
You risk burning out your receiver and having a massive crash, if you use 7 volts, unless you have an RX that is listed as being OK with 7 volts. I use these servos with Nimh 6 volt packs and they come off the charger at around 7.03 volts, but quickly drop to 6 volts as soon as I turn them on.
 Ron123 11 points
Yep, i use it in 2 planes, 14 units in total and no problem, using turnigy 9x receiverd and Frsly dr8II receiver, take care with the receiver, the servos can handle a LIFE 2s perfectly. PD: HK PLEASE RE STOCK!
pejay  667 points - 1/1/2016
Servo has dual ball bearings - strange it is not mentioned. And the top plastic part has bronze bearing inlays for the two gear shafts. A very niice feature. And servo is indeed excellent and very low priced - also OK for 1/4 scale planes
 JymSct2wd 449 points
Don't believe hobbyking spec. they are often wrong or missing informations. Yes this servo is good for his price, i just buy an other one for a 1/8 Rattler.
Customer Reviews
Overall Rating
336 thumbs up!
Bought 6 of these servos.. These are JUST GREAT !!! A bit noisy though, but they do serve my purpose. Will have them on my new 120 size seagull extra 260. Great performance. Do not come in proper covers as they are cheap but they come with all the accessories well packed in plastic.

Highly recommended. !!!

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Overall Rating
Paloma Ocio Lamas
103 thumbs up!
Compre 8 servos por su gran relación calidad precio, pero tras probarlos he reemplazado los hitec digitales que aún con la progaramación más fina del centro, no lo terminaban de encontrar, y no comparemos el precio de los Hitec 85€ (y sin centro)com los 7,55$ y con un centro intachable.
Gracias UNITED por su labor en acercar el aeromodelismo a todos los bolsillos.

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Overall Rating
bressy philippe
91 thumbs up!
Electrical measurements done :
Idle current below 20 mA
Average current 650 mA
Stall Current 1300 mA

Idle current below 20 mA
Average current 1000 mA
Stall Current 2000 mA

Those are measurement data and cannot be considered as specification.

These servo are requesting high current. So please use correct power supply to power them. A 3A BEC cannot power more than 2/3 of these servo without danger.
Use 8A BEC instead, see Assan BIG BOSS 1 UBEC 8-12A.

Really a nice servo.

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Overall Rating
Vasily Yayliyan
61 thumbs up!
For it's price - 5 stars definitely!
It's very strong and fast enough. We have used a lot of this servos in our club for RC-cars from 10 to 6-th scale - it's good! I have it on my truggy and monster - its great for steering, and hard brakes. Several tips to use it on the cars with satisfaction -
1) If you think, that it's slow or not as precise as it must be - check your onboard battery and switch. This servo requires big peak currents. But average current - not so big, usual for digital servos.
2) Because of (1) - never use use cartridges for onboard accus, which usually comes with RTR cars, cells should be welded or soldered. Use high current NiCd or NiMh.
3) If your switch is OK, plug it's lead not in the "Power" connector of the receiver, but in free 3-d channel, or through good Y-cable to any channel of the receiver. "Power" input very often contain some BEC circuit - it reduce current from batteries very much, it makes this servo work slower, even cause some "glitches". Of course, this only valid for cars receivers.
4) If you going to use it for hard off-road racing in wet or snow weather - you must protect it from water. Servo contain powerfull FETs inside. You need to protect the cirquit board or whole servo from water. It's easy to do by clear paint, which is usually used for protection after painting of the cars lexan bodies. Or you may use other varnish for. Also put some silicone grease below the top bearing of the output shaft.
I hope, this tips could hel

4 comments. Reply..

Overall Rating
Gabriel Raya Pérez
41 thumbs up!
Estoy utilizando estos servos en un Ultimate (aprox 5kg) con muy buen resultado desde hace seis meses.
Excelente relación calidad/precio.

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