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Turnigy Typhoon 500H Heli Motor 1800kv (500 Class) (US Warehouse)

Turnigy Typhoon 500H Heli Motor 1800kv (500 Class)  (US Warehouse)

The Turnigy Typhoon is a very serious upgrade for any 500 size heli. Tight copper wire turns with high pressure pressed laminations make this motor very efficient and powerful.
Users will notice the instant power increase and higher idle speed when using this motor & we suggest you adjust your throttle accordingly.

Dimension: 37mm x 50mm, 71mm(with shaft)
Weight: 170g 
Kv: 1800rpm/V
Voltage: 3-6S
Max current: 55A
Diameter of shaft: 5mm
Length of front shaft: 20mm
ESC: 65A
A serious upgrade for any 500 size heli.


Kv(rpm/v) 1800
Weight (g) 170
Max Current(A) 55
Resistance(mh) 0
Max Voltage(V) 22
Power(W) 0
Shaft A (mm) 5
Length B (mm) 50
Diameter C (mm) 38
Can Length (mm) 31
Total Length E (mm) 71
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Total of 19 discussions.
Lee  10 points - 7/13/2016
I wonder if I got a funny one. Mine doesn't have any markings on the motor casing. No Typhoon no 500 no Turnigy zilch.
David  1 points - 3/28/2016
Has anyone else had the bearings in the motor blow out after 15 mins of run time??
Rommel  1 points - 6/1/2015
Would this motor fit my Blade 500X and can i used the same pinion gear that i'm using on this motor??
Powerdyne  15 points - 9/26/2014
The Kv rating for this motor is incorrect. Description states 1800. It is closer to 1950 actual Kv. Be very careful running this motor on a 500 class heli unless you can find an 11T mod .06 pinion.
JeffBr  457 points - 3/25/2014
Anyone, I am building up my HK-500 GT and built in this Typhoon-500 motor. Besides it being powerful I also choose this motor as it had a built in cooling 'fan'. But when I turn the motor in the direction as that it should, the fan is not scooping the air in but out. Meaning if you look at the motor from the bottom, it turns CW. If you look at the scoops of the fan, they are made to scoop the air inside the motor turning CCW... Any thought about this.? Cheers, JeffBr.
 Dennis 43 points
I have 3 of these motors and they run in the direction you are saying and I have no problem with over heating with mine, It draws the air through the motor just fine. Great motor!
 JeffBr 457 points
Ok Thx Dennis.
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WOW !!! This Motor has some Punch !! Flawless so far !! But also very New, so if this Power House holds up I will be thrilled !! Very nice Job HK for a Great Transaction and from what seems to be a Great little Motor for my HK500GT !! also tried it in my Align and had a heck of a Punch compared to an Original (you know what i'm talking about?) Motor for the Align 500 ! Just my thoughts at an early (NEW) Stage of running it, but seems to be built good ! I would recomend to anyone looking for some more Power for their 500 or even the 550 size Heli's !! For the Price you can't go wrong !! Nice for someone on a budget in the Heli World and not a full 3D Pilot, Sport Flying this Motor performs very nice as well !! ....BTW, I changed to a 12 Tooth Pinion on my 500GT and was a nice match, also 11 Tooth and had less strain on Electronics, kept nice and Cool !! Try One, can't beat this Price for what you get !! One more thing, this was part of an order from 8/12/11 and went across Country and on my Door-Step Early 8/17/11 3000 Miles Away !!, "5" Days !!! That's It !! Heli Motor and All !!!

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I put this power house in a funjet.I had to hog out the fuse a little bit to give it clearance.I ran it on 6cell 45c lipo w/apc 4.75 x 5.25 man o man crazy fast.Right now its more motor than the plane can handle,I put CF rods the length of the wing top & bottom that helped alot but I need to make some alierons (stiffer)& upgrade my servos.Right now it will not turn if I give it full throttle for more than 1 sec. I had a ultrafly 6cell EDF motor in it before ,it screamed but this motor has way more power.I am using a 100amp esc nothing gets hot at all but I havent been able to fly WOT YET!

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This motor simply cannot be beat-PERIOD!!! HK-500 11 t pinion-AWESOME power. Two summers of beating it upSTILL BAD ASS!!! I have also use this motor on a 45 in foam f-22 pusher jet (3 1/2 lbs ) Unlimited vertical!!!! You CANNOT buy a better motor-ANYWHERE!

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Overall Rating
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I received this motor in pristine condition. After soldering on bullet connectors I tested on my HW PLatinum Pro ESC. Wow this motor is a screamer and it feel like it has a lot of torque. I'm using extra soft start and spool up is nice and smooth. Throttle response it great. I might have to get a lower tooth count pinion. I'm running a 13 now and I estimated my head speed to be just over 3200 which is kind of high. I think an 11 tooth pinion would work optimally with this motor and being a novice I will not be doing any 3D, but when I'm ready the power will be there. Great motor HK, I love all the products I bought so far.

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I am using this motor in both of my Trex 500 helicopters. I LOVE IT. I've had NO PROBLEM with them. Configuration: Main Gear: 162 Teeth Pinon Gear: 12 Teeth Motor Poles: 6 ESC: Castle Edge 80 HV Battery: Zippy 3000 20c Flying Style: Heavy Sport flying

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