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B-Grade 2200mAh 3S 40C Lipoly Battery

B-Grade 2200mAh 3S 40C Lipoly Battery

B-Grade Lithium Polymer packs are great for those not-so-important models or testing. They have a high internal resistance (thats bad), normally wont last past 60 full high-discharge cycles and may become puffy over time.

B-Grade packs are structurally sound, but lack the performance of our A-Grade packs such as Flightmax, Rhino and TURNIGY.

hexTronik usually sells B-grade batteries to smaller vendors who in turn sell online at a discount. However were now offering them to you at discounted prices, for those not-so-serious applications.

Minimum Capacity: 2200mAh
Configuration: 3S1P /11.1v/ 3Cell
Constant Discharge: 40C
Pack Weight: 203g
Pack Size: 105 x 34 x 26mm
Charge Plug: JST-XH
Discharge Plug: XT-60

B-grade packs are sold as is and no warranty is implied or given


PRODUCT ID: B2200.3S.40C

Capacity(mAh) 2200
Config (s) 3
Discharge (c) 40
Weight (g) 203
Max Charge Rate (C) 5
Length-A(mm) 105
Height-B(mm) 34
Width-C(mm) 26
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Weight: 266g Quantity: 

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 Customer rated
Total of 7 discussions.
menandro  3 points - 6/16/2014
Qual sera o valor deste produto com tachas imposto e frete
Remko  727 points - 11/16/2013
I took the "Alula-Eva" for a little bit of slope soaring.... And the 3s 2200mah lipo kept it running for more than 6 hours that day...!!! :) The "Alula-Eva"whas still a little bit to light with these wind conditions, so i had to add about 40 more grams to make it more stable.. so a bigger lipo would not be a problem at all... I got a lot of questions about the "Alula-Eva", So... if anyone likes more info on the "Alula-Eva", Please read the description of this video on YouTube..!!!.......>> Thank You <<......
Carter  8 points - 7/9/2013
How long is the charging/fly time??
Damon  1 points - 6/11/2013
You say that with the Durafly Mk24 Spitfire to use the 2200mAh 3s Lipoly Battery, B grade. Yes the battery appears cheap, but may I ask why not use an A grade battery? Thank you
 Onur 26 points
so u answered ur question. They are cheap and it doent matter how much u gana pay lipo. Finnaly they will puff or going week. So why use a-grade. b-grade have some performance. Just only there is a chance to they may come foulty. I didnt see anyone complain this lipos if they didnt come already with issue.
Renato  13 points - 2/13/2013
can use in t-rex 450?
 Gary49 3775 points
Would most probably be ok but personally would pay a bit more and get a decent A grade battery.
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genel olarak 3s olduğu için idare eder.çalışması sırasında aşırı yüklenilmezse sorun yok.ancak kv değeri yüksek motorlarda kullanıldığında ısınıyor buda performans kaybına neden oluyor bu nedenle pek tercih edeceğim pil değil.ama eğitim modellerinde sf tarzında modellerde kullanılır...

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Overall Rating

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good B-Grade 2200mAh 3S 40C Lipoly Battery

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Overall Rating
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Bought 4 of these for my beater Trex 450. They were all well balanced when arrived. Charged them up and already have two cycles on each. They are ok.

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Overall Rating
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Otimo produto! Recomendo a compra!!!

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Overall Rating
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Excelente bateria, utilizo em meu hk 450gt pro e voos 3d por 5 min plus ou - ela nem se quer fica quente, fiz uns 20 ciclos de carga e descarga nela e todas as células continuam perfeitamente balanceadas.
Eu recomendo que não abusem a amperagem ao carregar, cerca de 1,5A no máximo, assim a bateria mantem uma vida útil muito prolongada e guardar baterias no refrigerador também mantem elas em um estado de reação menor, com isso sua vida util também é prolongada.

Ótimo produto, custo x benefício excelentes.

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