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Birdie 60A Brushless ESC (Opto)

Birdie 60A Brushless ESC (Opto)
Birdie 60A Brushless ESC (Opto)

The Birdie range of ESC's are.. well.. CHEEP! CHEEP!

No frills (or feathers) here, just great value for money! Each and every Birdie ESC is QC checked by Hobbyking and placed under a 2 minute load test ensuring your Birdie will be ready to fly!

If your looking for an ESC with basic features and reliability at a bargain price you better bag a Birdie before they all fly the coop!

Weight: 73g
Size: 70x40x15mm
Cells: 2-6S
Max Current: 60A
Burst Current: 70A
BEC: Nil
Timing: 1º/7º/15º/30º programmable
PWM: 8/16K

Programming Options
Cell Type: NiMH/NiCD/Lipoly
Cell Count: 2s~6S
Throttle Setting: Auto/Hard/Soft
Brake: No Brake/Soft/Medium/Hard
Direction: Clockwise/Counter Clockwise
Cut off: Soft/Hard
Timing: 1º/7º/15º/30º
PWM: 8Khz/16khz

A Manual can be downloaded under the files tab for stick input programming.


Weight: 94g Quantity: 

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Total of 6 discussions.
Adriaan  1 points - 10/24/2013
The first time i powered it up smoke came out of it, and its dead! a waste of money.....
h3rry007  11 points - 5/29/2012
I tried to birdie 70A opto esc, and I have tried esc by using ubec or external battery connected to the motor as well as the rx, but the results did not beep at all when connected 3s lipo. is there any solution for me. thanks
 computerdag 49 points
You have to plug the ESC into a battery, motor and RX. Plug it into the "Throttle" port of your RX and then use a separate battery to power your RX through a UBEC.
Lueber  1 points - 5/18/2012
Hi I tried to connect this esc with an orange 6 channel rx, but rx seems not to get power when connecting esc with a 3s 1800 lipo (rx control light not on). instead esc has a three beep tone repeating 10 times. Rx works fine with other esc (20A). Any ideas how I get this to work? Thanks
 NHPILOT 106 points
This ESC does NOT have a built in BEC (opto) so it will not power the reciever. You need a seperate BEC to power the reciever.
lhb009  12 points - 5/16/2012
So I got two of these, and I cant get them to even power up and give me a beep. Ive tried the motors out with other ESC's and they work perfectly, and also the RX and TX. I get nothing. Here is how I have been doing it, I plug in the ESC to the RX, then connect the 4.8v Battery to RX, then power up the ESC, no beep, nothing. any ideas??
 computerdag 49 points
If you're using a separate BEC for the RX, make sure that it is switched on. Try hooking up a servo or two to the RX as well and see if they get power. Not sure if the ESC needs at least 5V to run or not. If you're using just a battery instead of a BEC to power the RX that could be the issue. Don't forget to give credit if my suggestions fix your problem.
 lhb009 12 points
Well, sure enough, 4.8V is not enough for the ESC to power up. I put a freshly charged RX battery(5.5v) and it works great. Thanks for your help. Also, It is required to start the ESC with the throttle all the way up, or it doesnt start beeping, but now it works great!
jbc1234567  506 points - 8/5/2011
I don't understand why this version with NO built in BEC is actually more expensive than their version WITH a BEC???
 gouldie 444 points
its not, this one is $14.77 and the same one with bec is $17.76
 Kellyann 16702 points
jbc1234567, gouldie is correct but his price a better than mine I get $16** for one with out bec and $19** for the one with bec. Are you surh you compared the same AMP.
 jbc1234567 506 points
Back when I posted this question the prices were different, looks like HK have updated them since.
 Kellyann 16702 points
jbc1234567 wow so they have gone up that much. Not good. But they fix the error thanks to you.
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exelent controleur pour moteur brusless

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Overall Rating
Bonified Wingnu
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Running 6 cell 3300 at 53 amps on a Tacon Bigfoot 32 with a 10"x10" APCE. The plane has lots of cooling and the Birdie 60 comes down barely warm at 1200 watts. Manually set the voltage cutoff and brake. Would buy another without a second thought.

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Nelle specifiche è scritto da 2 a 6 celle quello che è arrivato a me con tre celle non funziona e non c'è la possibilità di scegliere le due celle.

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