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1/18 Brushless 4WD Stadium Truck w/ 18Amp System (AUS Warehouse)

1/18 Brushless 4WD Stadium Truck w/ 18Amp System (AUS Warehouse)
1/18 Brushless 4WD Stadium Truck w/ 18Amp System (AUS Warehouse)

Equipped with an 18A brushless power system, this little 1/18 truck is very quick on carpet and roads.
It's small size means you can zip around your house on as little as a 2S LiPo pack.
The 1/18 truck has a brushless inrunner motor and esc pre-installed along with a high-torque steering servo. All you need to do is include your own Receiver and LiPo battery!
This is not a high-performance monster truck, but it is a huge amount of fun indoors and out!

Motor: Brushless Inrunner(2030)
ESC: 18A Brushless (with Reverse)
Battery: 2S LiPo (93x30x13mm MAX SIZE) w/ XT-60 connector [Required]
Servo: 15g Micro
Traction: Full Time 4WD, Twin Diff
Length: 250mm
Width: 185mm
Height: 110mm
Groung Clearance: 20~26mm Adjustable
Top Speed: 32km/h on standard system

NEW! This truck now includes a full metal outdrive set.

2S 800mAh LiPo (or larger)
Radio System (Rx/Tx)

PRODUCT ID: 118B-Truck

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Price $56.41

  • Turnigy 1300mAh 2S 20C Lipo Pack (Suit 1/18th Truck) (AU Warehouse)

    Combo Price: $7.91   IN STOCK

  • Turnigy Accucel-6 50W 6A Balancer/Charger w/ Accessories (AU Warehouse)

    Combo Price: $27.41   IN STOCK

  • HobbyKing® ™ GT-2 2.4Ghz 2Ch Tx & Rx (AU Warehouse)

    Combo Price: $21.16   IN STOCK

  • Mini-Pin Racing Tyre (4 pcs) - 118B, A2006

    Combo Price: $3.60   BACKORDER

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Total of 28 discussions.
void*  7 points - 2/26/2014
What does a full metal outdrive set mean? I just got one of these and everything is plastic except the drive shaft
rcflyr8632  35 points - 11/3/2013
hi rcerni, i just thought that the mah increased, and the discharge rate didnt increase. thanks for the info. now i wont burn out my esc's.
 neiliewheeliebin 33 points
Ignore rcerni you had the right idea the discharge rate doesn't increase you could run it all day long with a big enough battery provided it doesn't overheat,his simple formula is bollocks.
 Scott 14 points
Neiliewheeliebin is correct. rcerni is wrong. Mah is only battery capacity. The c rating is the discharge rating. A 1000mah 20c has exactly the same discharge/output as a 6200mah 20c.
rcflyr8632  35 points - 10/31/2013
hi ccalebhall, yes it can handle 2200mah. the mah is the battery capacity not the voltage. if you want you could put a 5000 into it. it would last a lot longer that's all.
 rcerni 2 points
Hi guys, it may not be the voltage but the mah is still important. You can't just add a 5000mah battery and expect to get longer life without changing the esc. You will most likely burn out the esc. SImple formulae. mah = 5000, so that's 5 x 20C (if this is the discharge rate of the lipo) already equals 100A. That's well over the 18A esc that comes with this kit. You can go a little over but not that much.
 98cbr900rr 11 points
The fact that the battery is capable of delivering 100A is irrelevant, assuming that you don't try to suck 100A out of it. As long as your motor draws less than 18A your ESC will be fine regardless of the batteries capacity in mah. If your motor does draw more than 18A your ESC will probably be in trouble and if you have a smaller pack (maybe less than 1000mah) you will probably destroy it as well.
 Scott 14 points
I conquer with 98cbr900rr. rcerni is wrong. Mah is only battery capacity. The c rating is the discharge rating. A 1000mah 20c has exactly the same discharge/output as a 6200mah 20c.
ccalebhall  131 points - 10/25/2013
will this handle a 2200mAH iv modded it to fit.
 Scott 14 points
It should be fine.
ccalebhall  131 points - 10/24/2013
dylan t iv got on and iv moded it a bit so it fits but will it handle a 2200mAH
 f1 hornet 6 points
it will work just check ESC often make sure it dosnt get hot
Customer Reviews
Overall Rating
Like it?
Love this little Truck!
Bought it so I could use it around the house/yard (because the 1/8th monster I have is to fast it use in small areas). And I am very impressed.
For the price you couldnt beat this little fella.
I was tossing up between this and the 1/16 bug, and got this based on the other review.
Running on 2s Lipos it goes really well and prob wouldnt need anything higher, as it'd be impossible to control. Still able to do drifting and donuts on concrete/bitumin. I also ordered the wrong size batteries (1600mA 2s) but was able to get them to fit with little alteration (velcro).
Will be ordering a couple more in the future to race with friends.

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Overall Rating
Like it?
This little truck is amazing. After a long wait it returned to aus warehouse stock and took my 4 yr old down to the local park yesterday to break it in. WOW! Its an absolute hoot. Running the HK GT RX and TX as per package option, 2s Turnigy 1300mah battery. It runs for id estimate 20-25 mins easy. So much grunt on a sealed surface it spins and drifts when the throttle is pegged. It would have to be near 30 plus km as advertised. Originally thought it be ok indoors but it does accellerate so quickly we took the fun outdoors...Played around a little with the turnbuckles to get steering straight as possible pre- using. My 4 yr old loves it, he is easily able to drive it confidently despite the ballistic speed (much more stable over grass re speed for child) I think i should have ordered more than 2 batteries!!
Good one HK. Recommend, for the price its sensational. Go buy one definitely.

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Overall Rating
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awesome fun! more than fast enough on 2s 1300mah, ran sweet straight out of the box! intend on doing heat shrink mod on dogbones as mentioned in other reviews just as a precaution but I havn't had any trouble so far, highly recommend this little truck for beginners like myself!

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Overall Rating
Like it?
Top little car .
Best money I ever spent on RC
Description claims can be used indoors , I'd caution against that , unless you like repairing more than driving or live in a four car garage , very fast .
One recomendation , if you can only afford or are allowed one car , spend the 20 extra and get the Beatle , faster , superior technology .

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Overall Rating
Like it?
First impressions of the truck was very good. With the 1300mha lipo it is ballistic. The only Problem I have had is the dogbones kept falling out, because of the diff out drives spreading. My simPle fix to this was cut the top off a car tyre valve cap. Slide it over the outdrives, then heat shrink them on. I also screwed in my top camber arms in all the way. Haven't had a problem since them. Maybe hobbywing. Could maybe invest in some brass tubing to go over the outdrives like other manufactures. Still extremely happy with my purchase

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