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Fox EPO Glider 2320mm (PNF) (USA Warehouse)

Fox EPO Glider 2320mm (PNF) (USA Warehouse)
Fox EPO Glider 2320mm (PNF) (USA Warehouse)

The new Fox EPO is as big as it is beautiful!
You will instantly notice the large cabin size for a huge variety of batteries, radio gear and possibly FPV system. Made from EPO foam and including 2 Carbon Fiber rods (inserted at mould time) and an alloy joiner just on the main wing alone, this 2.32m wingspan model is rigid in flight and forgiving in crashes. Cleverly designed with simplicity in mind, the Fox Glider includes such features as a snap lock canopy, internal horn system providing zero drag and a neater appearance, plus a carefully designed foam manufacturing mould keeps the skin of the plane smooth and mostly free from ugly steam gun spots found on other models. Building the fox is a 15 minute process that requires only a phillips head screw driver. Simply screw in the tail piece, connect your Rx, plug in a battery and you are ready!

Wing Span: 2320mm
Length: 1290mm
Flying Weight : 1150g
Power system : 750kv Brushless motor
ESC: 30A (with brake)
Radio: 4 channel, 4 servos.
Fox Glider
All servos pre-installed
Motor pre-installed
ESC Pre-installed
No additional fabrication or building required.
Receiver/Transmitter 4Ch
2200mAh 3S Lipoly. (larger batteries will work, but may affect CG)


This is a large model and not the same as the ST Model version sold elswhere. This is much larger.
* V2 version features improved aileron servo locations.


Weight: 2902g Quantity: 
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Total of 16 discussions.
MichaelRD  2 points - 10/2/2013
Can anyone tell me the best way to get this model in Canada ? I'm unable to order due to the size .. also, has anyone tried for FPV ?
thomas  1 points - 9/6/2013
same here, It said US warehouse and then I had to pay 50.00 for ship from hongkong. never paid more than 25.00 from hob-lob for my other gliders. HHmm.
shaggybirdman  40 points - 4/13/2013
has anyone installed flaps yet?
 DarkSyd3D 21 points
william is correct about the plane being underpowerd with the stock motor. i upgraded to an aerodrive 3-4s motor and now it has unlimited climb-outs! as far as flasp you dont really meed them because the plane floats so nicely. If you want to just for looks theres plenty of real estate on the ailerons for it
 foxauthor 9 points
This plane lives to go up, but coming down within a short space can be a problem. I did add flaps and mixed in flaperons which seem to slow it down a bit, but it will still float the length of the landing area...and then roll that same distance again. Be sure to cut off the foam hinges and use pin hinges or something equal. After a few flights the control surfaces start to fall apart due to the pressure against them if you soar for a long time. I used balsa for the control surfaces which gives it more stability.
William  231 points - 4/7/2013
Hi guys, I just wanted to let you know this plane is way under-powered, for a 750kv motor on 3s with a 12x6 folding prop is not good. I've impressed a lot of guys at the flying field…*…*Took an ax and chopped of the whole nose. installed the aerodrive sk3 800kv with folding 12x6 on 4s/5s/6s. On 6s though, I use a 11x5 folding prop. Use a 2200 4s, 1800 5s, and 1800 6s. The reason why these batteries are so big is because the plane is so tail-heavy. On these setups the plane has unbelievable vertical climb and 20min flight time! In fact, there was a cessna above the field (roughly 600ft.) and went as high as the limit of the regulations (500ft.) On full throttle, I could easily catch up with it. I highly recommend this!!!! I hope this helps guys. Cheers
DimNull  6 points - 1/3/2013
I am confused about postage. Once, I was going to be billed somewhere around $50.00 on a 3 lb. package. I live in the US, you are suppose to have a warehouse in the US, so is this a typo?
 happyflyer66 3 points
Probably because it's oversize. But that still seems like alot. I'm not sure about this USwarehouse they need a phone no.
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The wing attachment is a one way deal. They appear to lock on fairly nicely first time around. If you remove them you're in trouble. Now I'm looking for a way to secure the wings without gluing them. The plane flies great and I will resolve the problem or will glue the wings on and deal with the associated storage problems. HK is going to have to improve on this wing mount design before I would recommend this plane to a friend.

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The rudder arrangement does not work. I had at least 10mm of play, and my rudder would not return to center, I ended up installing a servo in the tail. The motor mount is weird and there was/is no down thrust. I added some washers and that fixed it nicely. This plane is large, and very pretty in the air. It floats for a long time, and generally flies without any nasty habits. If you address the few issues this model has, this plane is quite nice to fly.

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This plane looked really cool and after watching the video I got one. It never flew right and there was lot of play in the rudder. Got about 4 flight be for it crashed. I wouldnt recommend this one.

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I've had this V2 Fox for a couple months and have been flying many similar sailplanes for about 5 years. This Fox is really beautiful in the air, but I have mixed feelings. With its flat straight wing design, it is not really a slow floater like some other sailplanes. It is really fast and you must keep your eye on it all the time. The ruddder mechanism is not I hardly ever use the rudder if possible. The aeileron servos are better in the V2 version, but a bit small so it rolls only with care. You must increase the elevator surface for adequate pitch control. The brushless motor is adequate but not a powerhouse. It is good value for the money...but be careful or it won't last long. Dave kansas City

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I like it very much , caught some thermals today and stayed up 20 minutes without using the motor once I climbed up to 300feet, rudder is a bit sloppy but I don't use it !. Motor could be more powerful but It can do the job , Overall I am happy with this glider for the price I paid !.

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