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Harrier 70mm EDF Jet - 780mm (PNF)

Harrier 70mm EDF Jet - 780mm (PNF)
Harrier 70mm EDF Jet - 780mm (PNF)

The Hawker Harrier was for many years, the worlds only VTOL jet fighter/strike aircraft and was designed to operate from make shift airstrips that were not vulnerable from air attack. The Sea Harrier variant found world fame during the Falklands conflict where it silenced critics with it's impressive combat performance. Recently retired after 40+ years of service, now is your chance to fly this military aviation legend.

This is a large model that looks so very impressive in the air, it comes with optional fixed under-carriage but is so easy to hand launch due to it's light weight and light wing loading, it can be flown almost anywhere. If you are looking for a rocket ship, this is not it, despite the impressive power from the pre-fitted EDF unit, the ducting is obviously compromised for a scale look. Being Plug N Fly, there is little work to do to get this model into the air and as it uses fairly standard for EDF, 2200mAh 4s Packs, it sure isn't going to break the bank for such an impressively large model, especially one with pre-fitted servo's, EDF & ESC.

This Sea Harrier fly's so very well and is very easy to live with, we are talking from experience having had many, many flights with this one, an unusual subject and an impressive size that will turn heads at any flying field.

Wingspan: 780mm
Length: 1250mm
Weight: 650g
Motor: 2826-2800kv Brushless Outrunner (Included)
EDF Unit: 70mm (Included)
ESC: 40A (Included)
Servos: 3x9g (Included)

4S1P 14.8v 2200~2650 Lipoly


2 1:IC/2:Elec 4 Channel 780mm (30.71in) 1250mm (49.21in) 650g (1.43lb)

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Total of 25 discussions.
Paul  1 points - 6/24/2013
I have bought pnp Harrier it is nice but when I full throttle the engine it sounnds like the engine is pulsing. The batteries are fully charged. One guy at the flying club was saying there might be a programing issue. Any suggestions? I want to get this flying but need to make sure that this getting full thrust
 athos 96 points
Paul hello he(it) and the truths that some people esc have to be program in you balance pale of your EDF, an ESC of 50A shall owe landing to more power, difficult without seeing the plane lesaccé*lé*ration of the engine Paul bonjour il et vrais que certains esc doivent ê*tre programme à* tu é*quilibres les pal de ton EDF, un ESC de 50A devrai palier à* plus de puissance, difficile sans voir l'avion les accé*lé*ration du moteur
 jsrock3 554 points
Paul, look at this plane in the USA warehouse and under the files tab you will see the before and after of my harrier. The factory EDF is soooo weak and just terrible. It is amazing how the "words from the boys" at hobbyking say this is a well flying machine!!! Just ridiculous.
Sanjeev  3 points - 6/17/2013
The lander 70mm 10 blade is a standard size for this jet. It will work. Concerning the battery, anything over 5S will over balance the plane because of the small wing area.
 athos 96 points
Sanjeev attention les voltages 4s ou 5s ne pas les mê*me il faux que le moteur soi pré*vu à* cet et fait le moteur peux brû*le amitié* raymond Sanjeev attention to the 4s or 5s voltages not even fake it so that the engine is designed for this and the engine can burn friendship raymond
edfbuzzer  5 points - 4/14/2013
very interested in this one. I've got a Lander 70mm 10 blade. will that fit? how big is battery compartment. thinking of 5S or 6S with bigger esc.Or is there not much room for bigger batteries ans esc? TIA
 athos 96 points
Sanjeev attention les voltages 4s ou 5s ne pas les mê**me il faux que le moteur soi pré**vu à** cet et fait le moteur peux brû**le amitié** raymond Sanjeev attention to the 4s or 5s voltages not even fake it so that the engine is designed for this and the engine can burn friendship raymond
 jsrock3 554 points
I have probably complained enough about this plane in other forums but I would stay far away unless you have a VERY powerful EDF to move this thing
Allen1  3 points - 4/9/2013
Is this airplane EPO foam?
 ChrilleCrull 19 points
No its EPS, if you look right under description text you can see some specs with wingspan, transmitter etc. There it says EPS. And also the finnish of the plane looks like EPS Regards ChrilleCrull
alastair  1 points - 12/5/2012
is the 40A ESC good enough for a 4cell battery?
 athos 96 points
bonjour prend 4S1P 14.8 tipo 2650 c'et plus adapte et tu volera plus longtemps hello takes 4S1P 14.8 tipo 2650 and it fits and you will fly longer
 jsrock3 554 points
Yes, the ESC that is included works great
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Stunning plane would reccomend to everyone, but remember to buy a charger for you battery and a usb cable for your transmitter as neither are included

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We love this EDF Jet, very nice to fly, so easy to hand-launch and land and so impressive in the air, a keeper for sure!
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