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Turnigy™ TGY-9018MG MG Servo 2.5kg / 13g / 0.10

Turnigy™ TGY-9018MG MG Servo 2.5kg / 13g / 0.10
Turnigy™ TGY-9018MG MG Servo 2.5kg / 13g / 0.10

Turnigy TGY-9018MG Metal Gear Servo 2.5kg/ 13g/ 0.10sec

Model: TGY-9018MG
Operating Voltage: 4.8V / 6.0V
Operating Current: 200mA / 250mA
Operating Speed: 0.12sec.60º/ 0.10sec.60º
Stall Torque: /
Size: 23X12.1X25.8mm
Weight: 13g
Dead Band: ≤7uSec
Operating Travel: 60º +/- 10º
Potentiometer: indirect Drive
Ball bearing: Top Ball Bearing
Gear: Metal
Connector wire: 180mm 26AWG
Plug: JR/Universal
Operating Temperature Range: -20c+60c


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Weight (g) 13
Torque (kg) 2.5
Speed(Sec/60deg) 0.1
A(mm) 32
B(mm) 23
C(mm) 29
D(mm) 12
E(mm) 32
F(mm) 19
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Weight: 31g
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Price  $5.35

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 Customer rated
Total of 61 discussions.
micman  62 points - 8/25/2015
is this digital or analog?
Brian  1 points - 7/13/2015
Not a good product. I had the same issue as others. One of the gears is plastic and stripped after 4-5 flights (used in the Quanum Trifecta).
Frank  3 points - 6/11/2015
Don't like it. Came with my quanum trifecta and did not fit very well. HK recomends this servo for the trifecta but the gears from trifecta yaw mechanism do not fit properly on this servo. There was a lot of play. I am wating for it to break and replace it with something better. But after some modifications with ducttape around the gears I was able to reduce play between the gears of servo and yaw mechanism to a minimum. And suprisingly after - 40 Lipos flown and crashing with Trifecta the servo still lives.
 Charles 6 points
I had a similar problem with my Trifecta: When I installed the servo, the servo lead didn't fit in the tail boom and the servo chamber wouldn't close completely, causing the gears to slip in crashes. I used a hobby knife to remove some material from the frame where the lead comes out of the servo, and now it closes completely and the gears never slip anymore. 10 flights and a few crashes later, the servo is going strong with no further problems.
 Charles 6 points
Update: Finally managed to strip the plastic gear on a very aggressive backward crash. Had another 9018MG on hand, swapped them out and the Trifecta is back in the air. Given the circumstances of the failure, I'm inclined to think that the plastic gear serves as a fuse, an engineered point of failure to protect other components in horrific instances of pilot error in which one or more beers may have been involved. If I could buy a ten-pack of that gear, I think this servo would last forever.
Durukan  1 points - 5/30/2015
do SH-0257 SAVÖ*X and tgy-9018 has the same gear ? can i use the same arms ?
Heath  2 points - 5/29/2015
This servo is ****. Bought two with the Trifecta frame. Didn't even make it through one battery before the plastic gear in these "metal gear" servos stripped. Opened an RMA case with HK. Almost 3 weeks later my case is still "waiting initial evaluation." I uploaded pictures and video of the stripped gears. In the meantime, I replaced with a Corona 929MG servo. Perfect fit, works great, and seems to be quite durable based on the aggressive flying and crashing.
 noyog 32 points
I have the same problem. Ordered a Corona too.. worthless servo!
 Frank 3 points
Thanks for the hint. Waiting for my Servo to die (trifecta) and replace it with something better.
 noyog 32 points
mine arrived in the mail today. can't wait to play with the Trifecta again!
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very good servos for my edge 540

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RC Lancelot
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Free item for xmas purchase!! :) I don't know where I'm going to use it. But looks twice beautiful since it's free and metal gear! yeah. Thanks HK!

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Simply an amazing servo. Nice alternative for hs-81 type. Great for planes up to 1.30m. I will order more once at stock. For t His price you can have them on the selve!

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Got these as a Christmas freebie but they are great, strong and quite fast. Put them in a foamie and they perform great.

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They work, center well, quiet, no jitter.

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