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Mig 15 35mm EDF Micro Jet EPO (ARF)

Mig 15 35mm EDF Micro Jet EPO (ARF)
Mig 15 35mm EDF Micro Jet EPO (ARF)

This tiny Mig 15 is amazing, EPO foam combined with it's featherweight stats means it will be very forgiving of the odd less than 100% landing. The 35mm Fan Unit is included and the model comes in 1 piece so all you have to do when it arrives is fit your own servo's & ESC, connect the control rods and horns, hook up the RC equipment to a Reciever that uses Micro JST conectors and you are ready to go......

Not only transporting the model to prevent hanger rash but the spare pockets in the packing foam are ideal for carrying spare Lipoly's and you will have so much fun with this, I would carry a few! This Mig is so cute, even your Wife will like it!

Wing Span: 390mm
Length: 390mm
Flying Weight: 95g
EDF: 35mm with 9000kv Brushless Outrunner Motor
ESC: 6A w/BEC (Required)
Servo: 3 x 2g (Required)

Optional Drop Tanks
Magnetic Canopy & Fan Hatch
Pre-Installed Control Horns

Instruction Book
Control Rods

4 Channel TX with 4 Channel Micro RX (Micro JST Connector Compatible)
7.4v 350mAh 2s Lipoly Battery
3 x 2g Servos


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International Warehouse



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Total of 14 discussions.
KeaneTwins  1 points - 4/4/2016
I have the sabre and i agree it was under powered with a 2s so i use a 350mah 3s 65-130c battery much better flies beautifully did have to upgrade to a 3s capable esc though.
philippe  19 points - 12/18/2015
I got one of these RTF when I was starting out a couple of years back. It ran on 2S with a 5? amp ESC. Severely under-powered, big disappointment, couldn't go fast enough to bank. I'd recommend more Amps or Volts. The bits have enough thrust to make a micro-biplane project work though.
登永  1 points - 12/3/2015
i have a question. Does this plane have a motor,with the ARF? thank you.
Felipe  30 points - 6/30/2015
my micro sabre :)
Arjen  49 points - 9/9/2013
Would a 5A ESC work on this EDF?
 LasseK 1763 points
If you look above you see that HK recommends a 6A ESC with 2S, and they are not known for over-specifying their equipment. So I wouldn't use a 5A, there is a risk that it will overheat even with 2S. It seems most people use a 10A ESC with 3S to get better thrust and speed, so that's probably best (I have this plane with a 10A ESC (HK product ID: TR_P10A), haven't put it together yet though so no operation experiences yet). HTH
 Arjen 49 points
Thanks. I was considering using a 5A UMX receiver/ESC/gyro combo but I guess you're right.. Maybe some additional soldering will do the trick (removing the built-in ESC and adding a 10A ESC).
 LasseK 1763 points
Yeah, and people that use 2S don't seem too happy about performance, so this is another reason for upgrading (and move to 3S). Would be very interesting to hear about the effects of stabilization on a model this small, please get back with some reports here if you get it working! Cheers
 Arjen 49 points
Received the kit last friday. Compared to the UMX MIG the body is a lot fatter but the nett weight is the same. Just did some test work* The DeltaV180 EDF of the UMX pulls 3.1 A max. at 50 gram thrust (at 2S, 8.4 V no load). This Skyangel EDF pulls 4.1 A at 65 gram thrust max. Constant current is about 3.6 A at 55 gram. My conclusion is that I can and will use all the UMX electronics, except for the EDF I will use the Skyangel for it has a bit better performance and perfect fit. Will keep you updated on this UMX MIG-Skyangel conversion!
 LasseK 1763 points
OK great, I'm really curious to hear the results! Have gotten my micro-MIG together now. With a freshly charged 3S 460mAh Turnigy nano-tech it takes 9.2A and gives 117gr static thrust (so that 10A ESC is really needed for 3S, but that's no news). It weighs 77gr without battery, 124gr AUW. So I don't quite have 1 to 1 thrust, but it's not far from it! :-) With a cheater hole I could probably up the thrust a bit but, will try like this to begin with. Now waiting for nicer weather for the maiden, it's raining today :-( . Cheers!
 LasseK 1763 points
So today was the big maiden... And it was a complete fiasco! It rolled right on take-off and nose first into grovel, sucked it up and destroyed all blades on the impeller except one!! :-b Now what, what spare 35mm impellers are there here?! Haven't found any except an eight-blade that seems incorrect for this plane. Note to self: Never ever ever fly EDF:s where there is grovel on the ground! There is a three-blade impeller with the kit, guess I will try that but fear that thrust will be greatly reduced. This is what we in Swedish call a "vä*stgö*taklimax" (google then google translate :-).
 Arjen 49 points
 LasseK 1763 points
Sorry didn't catch that. You need to obfuscate names if you mention other sites or brands.
 Arjen 49 points
Yeah my whole comment with technical details is censored, even though I was subtile. I give up here.
 LasseK 1763 points
I actually found impeller spares here on HK: F18-35-EDF. But it seems the three blade is intended for 3S so will test that to begin with (and find a nice grass field without any grovel).
 LasseK 1763 points
Measured thrust with freshly charged 3S 460mAh Turnigy nano-tech and the 3-blade impeller. Got only 105gr static thrust, but at sligtly lower current, 7.9A. Will try to fly it like this but have a hard time believing that it can do unlimited vertical.
 Arjen 49 points
Try 4S, I heard that would give good results with this motor as well... *-)
 LasseK 1763 points
I maidened it with the 5 blade and a cheater hole and 3S 460mAh. Quite easy to launch, flies pretty fast, but the combination of small size and high speed was a bit too much for me. Lost orientation and slammed it nose first into a frozen field... Totally mashed up nose and fuse cracked. Will not repair it, prefer the Mini MIG-15 due to its bigger size and less hysteric in response. So that's the end of this adventure! The micro-size RX, servos, EDF and battery all survived the crash, so I'm all set if I get the urge to try something small and light again :-)
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Just maidened mine this morning. Awesome fun. Kit went together quite well tail feather arrived a little bent. My setup is plush 10a esc 2 1.5g servos for the ailerons 1 s0361 servo for the elevator orange 6ch rx and nanotech 370mah battery total weight is 112g cg is 5mm behind wires in wing make sure you set up your controls with a lot of throw plane happily cruises at 75pcnt throttle next mod is to change the size of the exit hole as it's the same diameter as the edf should get better top speed and give it a go on 3s can't wait for more of these to come out twin mig 29 would be nice or a twin a10 thanks hobbyking another winner !!!!!

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Arrived well packed and built easily with 5min epoxy. Setup is HobbyKing Super Simple 8A ESC, DSM2-compatible 6ch Rx, NanoTech 370mAh 2-cell lipo and HobbyKing 'MiniMan' 4.3g servos. This weighs 109g ready to fly. Its a great little thing to fly around the local park but needs 3-cell lipos for better speed and thrust. They also give a better CG. I'm using Rhino 3s 360's which seem fine. I would suggest a drop of superglue on the fan shaft to stop it from loosening, a small precaution for an otherwise great kit.

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cont...... first toss. It stalled on me and went in (video coming soon). A nice firm dart like push straight out is the best method for this and will see the model take to the skies immediately. I was impressed with the way it flew and only needed a minor trim. The best way to describe it is "a pocket rocket"! Remember, this is not a big jet. It is tiny. Fast for this might be considered slow to some who have high power larger jets. I could keep up with a 50mm Hawk that was flying at the time for a speed reference. Conclusion: Skyangel models have done well and I commend them for introducing a cheap micro jet to the market. It's a fun model, you get what you pay for and it can handle a nose in without breaking. What more could you ask for? :-)

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Model is definately for advance modelers. One should be able to solder precisely and be very accurate.

3S 450 mAh Nano LiPo
10A Turnigy Plus ESC
2.5 g servos HC
4ch Frsky rx
0.8mm connectors from HC

RTF: 112 g
CG: Where aileron servowires enter the fuselage.

Added 2 mm triangle balsa on all the trailing edges
Repaired elevator hinge with UHU Por glue
Used ultra thin servo wires from HC (black and red)

My EDF was running very smooth on 3S, so no balancing was needed.

I throw underhand with 3/4 throttle, no problems at all if you have flown EDFs previously. Recommended!

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The kit arrived very well packed-no damage, well done HK. I am waiting for the Rx that HK is promising, hoping not too long.
The 2g. servos recomended fit the openings well and seem to have the same plugs as the Futaba micro rx, but this rx is too big for the model.
The servo leads are too short, need to be about 25-50 mm longer to reach the rx from the wings. HK should fix this!

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