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F86 Sabre 35mm EDF Micro Jet EPO (PNF)

F86 Sabre 35mm EDF Micro Jet EPO (PNF)
F86 Sabre 35mm EDF Micro Jet EPO (PNF)

This tiny Sabre is amazing, EPO foam combined with it's featherweight stats means it will be very forgiving of the odd less than 100% landing. The 35mm Fan Unit & ESC are pre-installed as are the aileron and elevator servo's, the model comes in 1 piece so all you have to do when it arrives is connect the control rods, hook up the RC equipment to a Reciever that uses Micro Molex conectors and you are ready to go...... Ah yes, Dogfighting with the new Micro F-86 Sabre in the local park, basketball court, in fact pretty well anywhere, these models are an absolute hoot when flown with friends!

The box the model arrives in is really handy for not only transporting the model to prevent hanger rash but the spare pockets in the packing foam are ideal for carrying spare Lipoly's and you will have so much fun with this, I would carry a few! This Sabre is so cute, even your Wife will like it!

Wing Span: 386mm
Length: 380mm
Flying Weight: 100g
EDF: 35mm with 9000kv Brushless Outrunner Motor
Servo: 2 x 2g

Optional Drop Tanks
Magnetic Canopy & Fan Hatch
Pre-Installed Control Horns

Instruction Book
Control Rods

OrangeRx 4 Ch Micro RX (Or compatible RX with 1.25mm Molex 3 Pin Connectors)
7.4v 350mAh 2s Lipoly Battery


2 1:IC/2:Elec 3 Channel 386mm (15.20in) 380mm (14.96in) 100g (0.22lb)

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Total of 45 discussions.
Alejandro  4 points - 8/7/2014
When you will have stock?? is in backorder long time ago , and I like to buy!
symowallo  241 points - 6/14/2014
Is this model suitable for indoor flying ? Say, on a double basketball court ?
 Harald 106 points
Symowallo, yes, see on Youtube.
Neil  4 points - 7/19/2013
i had real trouble launching this plane on the first few attempts. It kept stalling and seemed very under powered. I removed the drop tanks. No problems, flew great after that. i think the drop tanks caused too much drag. Great plane without the tanks
Mikey IL  29 points - 3/3/2013
is the Rx compatible with with Spectrum 2.4ghz Tx? The infor provided does not mention how to bind to xxxx transmitter.
 Mikey IL 29 points
just found my own answer. Look closely * HK GT-2 Rx & binding wires are looking straight up at you. Happy flying.
Skymax  117 points - 2/14/2013
Ive had Two F86 Skyangels sent to me with wonky tail alignment the last one was so bad I sent it back. Also be warned although they say it has molex connectors some arrive with standard JST's so too bad if you bought the molex RX. great fun when you fix all the bad assembly and wrong connectors.
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I Just received this plane yesterday. Took me about an hour to get it ready. Most work was soldering normal sized plugs onto the servos which you don't have to do with a super-micro receiver (HobbyKing: can't wait for the DSM2 Version RX!!). It got a bit crowded and i had to improvise a bit to get the RX and battery in (4ch DSM2 from HK). Not much more to do, the necessary steps are in the manual (which is for the Kit, so you can skip most steps) It's my first EDF plane and i needed 3 tries to get it into the air (yes its very robust) but then, when you get the hang of it, this plane really is much fun :-)) When you try it, get someone who throws it for you. Set the timer to 4 minutes, then you have enough time to land without stress. I really could kick myself for only getting one battery-pack.

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Completely satisfied with this one! NO issues whatsoever. Big forum on rcgroups going on. I did the following: -remove magnets of EDF hatch. Secure with double sided tape. Saves 2.5gr. -0.5mm pushrods instead of original steel ones (saves 0.8 on the tail!) -directly solder servos to my lightened AR6100 (1.3gr, no antenna, no connectors) -shrinks sleeve over aileron servo arm, then use needle to make a hole. Servo arm hole is 2x the control rod diameter! -removed "bump" under nose, not using drop tanks AWESOME JET! Will get another one if this one is "lived" too much

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La verdad que tenía mis dudas de que volase al ver lo pequeño que es!!! Pero voló incluso con viento y no lo hizo mal, incluso hize toneles, vamos una cucada para llevar en el maletero y para vacilar en el club! Lo que si se puede mejorar es la algura que hay en el varillaje que vá al servo de alerones. Saludos.

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This is a great little jet but you really have to keep it light. There is virtually no room for the Rx so I used a Spektrum AR6300 and tucked it under the horn on the elevator servo. You have to change the plugs to a micro JST type but this can be done by popping the connectors out of the plugs supplied and putting them into the new ones. I used a Flightpower 2s 300mah high discarge pack. This give exactly the right CoG although you do need to remove a little foam to fit it in. Flies great and will loop and roll from level flight. I left off the drop tanks.

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A surprising good plane: With a so small EDF it's plenty of power, can do all basic aerobatics (loops and rolls), it's easy to fly, fast and predictable. Just mind it's a FAST little plane, keep eyes on it all the time. Until now, ESC, engine, servos and EDF does really well the job: perfect handling, no power troubles, smooth operations. The sugested Zippy 2s fit perfectly the (little) space available. No problem for hand launch Some (really little) issues: 1.Micro jst: if you have not a micro jst rx, it's better look at ARF kit. I used my Assan receiver and I had to solder standard servo plugs. 2. I notice a big change in nose attitude with full power and no power for landing: be prepared to add elevator-up. I have not mounted the sub-wing tanks, maybe with tanks the beavior is different. 3. With wing tanks, the model will not Enter in its box, that is very nice for protect the model during handling, storing and carrying.

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