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Micro Power system w/ Gearbox GPS-8 (1s)

Micro Power system w/ Gearbox GPS-8 (1s)

Micro brushed power system for indoor flyers.
Type: Brushed
Dimension: 46 x 20mm
Shaft Length: 15mm
Shaft Diameter: 3mm
Weight: 7g
Max current: 1.9A
RPM: 4V/40,000rpm at no load
Suggested prop: 6x3


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  • HobbyKing 3A Single Cell ESC - Brushed Micro Motors

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Total of 10 discussions.
jeep1990xj  1 points - 7/14/2016
What holds the prop on. I see the recommendation for a 6x3 prop, but don't see a nut or retainer, I see the 3mm plastic extension on the front, but it doesn't look threaded in the picture, don't wanna pay to ship it just to find out I need additional parts and pay shipping again for those too. Like to order everything at once.
hiflyerk  8 points - 11/3/2015
will this power a 60g model
Claude  1 points - 4/30/2015
I bought two of these and they both seized up, the first taking out the drive transistor on the micro receiver. I narrowed it down to the shaft seizing on the small brass bushing at the front in both cases. I tried a bit of fine oil on the second motor shaft, but disappointingly had the same problem. The shaft bends easily as well. I see at least one other commenter has had the same problem. Are there other brushed motors with this power rating available as a replacement?
mauemmel  30 points - 12/11/2014
i'm designig a micro indoor plane and intend to use a v911 helicopter mainboard, will this motor work in that mainboard? what kind of prop is good for this (gws, sf, etc...)?
 André 48 points
It will work, you just need to solder the correct connector first. I use it with gws 6030 prop. It produces about 60g thrust with it.
Jurgen  5 points - 5/8/2014
"shaft diameter 3 mm", is that the iron part of the shaft, or the plastic part? I want to use this with a folding prop which is suited for a 2 mm shaft. If only the plastic part of the shaft is 3 mm, then I can take it off and fix the prop. Or do you have other advices ?
 KokomoCurt 37 points
3mm diameter for the plastic adapter. The metal shaft is 1.5mm OD.
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Of three units I have, one has a rough spot or two as the a gearbox turns (just the moulding of the gear). The other two gearboxes are loose and smooth with a slight rattle from the retaining ring and/or bearings. I’m guessing the stiff gearbox will loosen up with a bit of running. Weighed in at 6.9g. The gear ratio is 17:3 (5.6:1). The motor measures in at 8.54mm x 20mm, so a slightly larger diameter to the solopro motor (8.44mm). It is a very (very) tight fit in the gearbox – don’t expect to remove it without pliers. As best as could be measured, the motor shaft is 0.95mm diameter. The plastic prop shaft is 3mm as stated in the description (at the reduced section) and is thus loose fit on a GWS 5x3 or similar prop (unlike the 7mm gearbox), though the GWS propos could be drilled out to fit the 5mm diameter at teh rear of the prop shaft. The metal shaft beneath it all is 1.45mm which allows a tight push fit on the parkzone props. There are two mounting holes for a 2.9mm diameter rod/tube (north and south of the prop shaft) and four small screw mounting holes (east and west), so plenty of options for attaching to your airframe. Some crude test data (I dont have a set up for measuring thrust) compares this motor favourably to others on the market. Motor gets warm after a 30 second run at 3.6v, but not hot. Using a parkzone champ 130x70 prop and a constant vo

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Got two of these. Both works fine. The weak point is wires - very thin and pretty fragile if you didn't fix motor a the place. A wire of one of my motors was broken right at the base (of motor). This fact gave me some unpleasant soldering experience. So i change wires with a half of Mini Plug Extention for Micro Battery 10cm on both motors and secure connections with some glue. Also lubricate the bushings with moly grease. Seems works fine. Here's some inaccurate and probably incorrect thrust data: Voltage 4.0-4.2 GWS 40x25 — 23-26 grams GWS 50x30 — 40-45 grams GWS 60x30 — 45-50 grams GWS 2*50x30 — 45-50 grams 2*50x30 is two coaxial 50x30. I have plans to make one four-blade prop of two of those. It seems pretty easy just needs some hub filing and gluing together on a straight axis, but the data is just for two props one by one on a motor.

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Used this drive to build a micro IFO (approx. 300mm span) with a DSM2 micro board (spare part of a parkzone Vapor) on 1 single 110mAh Lipo. Drive works fine, and is far less noisy than a Minium Cessna , although not quite reaching the qualities of the original Vapor gear set

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When testing this drive shaft welded itself on brass bushings. I then cleaned and regreased it and it runs perfect now. 1s 160mah with 5x3 prop gives very little thrust. I tried putting two props and was better, but too heavy. I then trimmed heli prop so it fits. Hard to say which prop is good for this setup, but 5x3 definately isnt`t good enugh.

I am using this motor on a hk-190 5in1 board and the board is reseting a lot of times when applying throttle. Probably ohm rating on this motor isn`t the same. I also get a lot of servo jitter because of electric "noise". It works, but is a little annoying.

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I had this motor for a whole season now and I am finally ready to write my review. this gearbox is almost the perfect replacement for those Parkzone UMX planes. the only difference is the gear is larger but you get more power. With a 5x3 prop, I was able to get over 50g of thrust. These work perfectly with any DSM2 brick. Only 2 downsides, one of the c ring on the back of the shaft came loose (and i lost it).
I replaced the shaft with the same shaft from the UMX gearbox (almost a perfect fit). the other was one of the gears was slightly mishapen from the moulding process, easly fix with a few carving strokes with my hobby knife. I love these!

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