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CR23S Contra Rotating BL System 1700kv

CR23S Contra Rotating BL System 1700kv

CR23S Contra Rotating BL System1700kv

Dimension: 23mm x 49mm (23mm x 84mm with props fitted)
Weight: 64g (Complete with props)
Diameter of shaft: 3.0mm
Length of front shaft: 7mm
Max Amps: 22A
Test data;
Prop: 8x4 As fitted
@ 10V
Amps: 17.4
RPM: 9300
Thrust: 580g

@ 11.1v
Amps: 19
RPM: 9600
Thrust: 672g

@ 12.6v
Amps: 21
RPM: 10500
Thrust: 744g

*Includes props, as shown in the image, requires 2 x 25A Brushless ESC for operation (Not Included)


Kv(rpm/v) 1700
Weight (g) 64
Max Current(A) 21
Resistance(mh) 0
Max Voltage(V) 13
Power(W) 264
Shaft A (mm) -
Length B (mm) 49
Diameter C (mm) 23
Can Length (mm) 8
Total Length E (mm) 84
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RonRC  4450 points - 2/11/2016
I had the 1100kv version of this motor (no longer in stock) and made a single copter (2m 2s) with it.
David  5 points - 3/25/2015
What is the diameter of the hole in the front motor's shaft? Can the two motors be separated? I want to be able to use the front motor alone.
Frantisek  11 points - 6/27/2014 according to my experience with CR23L, those contra rotating twin motors are too heavy for their respective thrust
scarborofun  117 points - 8/27/2013
I don't know how HK can run this system with 8x4 props on 3s, as they will cook the motors. 1700KV out runner and 8x4 prop on 12V won't work. I need to run them on 3s, so the props are useless for me. I didn't have any revers props except 3 bladed 7x3.5. They keep the motors at about 60 deg C with 180W power consumption on 3 s. Couldn't measure the thrust so far. Also, the outer prop struggles with vibrations at even the slightest imbalance. The sound is captivating due to the different revs, quite like a twin engine. 2 x 12 A ESCs should suffice. What are your observations? Your comments invited.
whipper Snapper  226 points - 2/22/2013
Hello Iam planning a pushing delta wing plane and wondering what methods anyone has on mounting this on planes? any ideas on how to mount on plane? any tips or suggestions on an engine mount would be great appreciated thanks
 simplyG 531 points
Hi, wS. It ultimately depends on your choice of plane. I believe the Teksumo or something similar will be a good starting point. The easiest way is to get a 2.5mm aluminum plate from your local DIY store, cut it to size, make an 'L' shape of it, dril as needed and you have a very sturdy mount. I do not believe ply or wood would do the trick here. Great idea, pls keep us posted. Happy flying.
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whipper Snapper
Like it?
It was a bit of a gamble with this purchase as I had no idea how to mount this Motor due to its long length and mounting holes in-between the two motors...but I decided give it a try to have something different from jets, twins, flying boats etc. In end I installed it on my DZ500 using few 5mm spacers and long screws, it just installed in a flash actually and the power is immense I was glad I gave it a shot despite the low score reviews on the similar larger and smaller BL systems here but this was just right size for the DZ500 with 2 25amp esc, changed the props to 7*5 3 blades the escs hold up nicely and power is smooth

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