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Wilga-2000 Trainer EPO 1160mm (PNF) (AUS Warehouse)

Wilga-2000 Trainer EPO 1160mm (PNF) (AUS Warehouse)
Wilga-2000 Trainer EPO 1160mm (PNF) (AUS Warehouse)

Wilga-2000 is made from crash resilient EPO foam, A perfect R/C model for beginners and as well as pro-flyers!

The kit includes a power brushless outrunner, ESC and servos all pre-installed. It also includes floats for fun water takoffs plus standard landing gear. All you need is your own Rx and battery to be ready to fly. (Plug-n-Fly)

Its small size means its easy to carry just about anywhere or fit into the boot of your car and its easy flying characteristics plus flexible and forgiving EPO construction make it a stress free trainer for almost anyone.

Curved wing tips and forgiving airfoil make this an easy and stable plane to fly at slow speed. A great trainer or lazy Sunday flyer!
Length: 888mm
WingSpan: 1160mm 
Propeller: 3 blades 8x6
Wing load: 16.82g
Flying Weight: 550g / 600g (with floats)
Motor: Brushless outrunner
ESC: 18A w/BEC
Servos: 3 x 8g 
Battery compartment: 72x39x34mm

4 Channel Transmitter and Receiver
2S 7.4V 1300mAH LiPoly Battery


Weight: 2341g
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Price  $79.17

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Total of 36 discussions.
Matthew  7 points - 6/2/2015
Anyone tried this with 3s battery? I want to use mainly from water so wondered if the extra power would come in handy...
 Matthew 7 points
Ha, answered my own question now l own one. Doesn't need 3s at all with wheels as its such a nice plane to cruise around. 3s is real useful on water if a bit ***py to get up as quick as possible. Stopping floats splaying with extra cross wires is a must though. Love this plane...
McGraffa  26 points - 10/20/2013
is this a good first plane
 Bakes75 11 points
Not the best for first timer flies good but has a lot of stuff to fix to get it in the air. Best of with plane with a rubber band set up on wing so if you crash you won't bust wing & can keep fling. Wing dragon good to start tuff as nails & easy to fly with trainer wing on. Comes with sports wing too so can step up to 4ch later on after mastering trainer. One tip but buy some carbon flat spar mixed pack to put some in nose for strength to help with crashes keeps this plane flying for ever. Hope this can help
Success8  32 points - 9/18/2013
Ps: some of the CofG issue could be the covering i have used on the wing and tail feathers... it is level at the mo with below adjustments Battery movement / Lead weights etc, using 1/3 rule c of g on wing measurement of 150mm c of g * 50mm...i guess as long as its level on my stand, its a good start right??? Thanks all... look forward to any feed back. thanks
 lobbers66 6 points
Mine balances at 50-55mm. I made a few changes before I flew though. 1. Wrapped cowling in some tape to protect it. I used Bear tape from Bunnings. 2. Did not like the single servo for ailerons, changed that to have 1 servo in each of the wings. 3. Permanently joined wing together and put 3x1mm carbon flat across joined wing for strength. 4. Strengthened landing gear by adding wire between legs. Stops legs splaying too much. It flys fantastic now. Nice model
 Success8 32 points
Cheers & thanks... yep my cof g is at 50 flat and perfect..battery mounted sideways behind firewall, (Lucky i have small hands) 90grms of lead...guess it will penetrate the air a little better.. have done the wing thing although still have a single aileron servo. took off the wheels and added larger diameter light weight wheels. Engine mount plastic was cracked so i epoxied some alloy flashing (from bunnings) perfect and tough now... will see how it flies...all on int warehouse write up talk about 3s and new motor...may be the next upgrade after i'm use to it and bored... cheers
 lobbers66 6 points
Tried small 3s battery today with original motor, changed ESC to Turnigy 30A, climbed from takeoff a lot better and flew faster. Some mates are flying this with the floats, looks good on the water.
 Success8 32 points big was the 3s 800mah?
 lobbers66 6 points
1000mah yesterday, but tried 1300 today as well, no difference I could see.
 Success8 32 points
cheers mate and thanks... have a full range of 3s so i will up the esc and give it a go... dare say flight times would be increased as well?
 Matthew 7 points
Hi, maybe thick question but do I need to add a bigger esc to run 3s batteries or will the stock one do? Cheers
Success8  32 points - 9/18/2013
Hi all. Im a newb just about to maiden my wilga on stock set up. Yep i have fixed tail / engine mount & wing issues. Although quite tail heavy when balanced.ANYONE KNOW THE CofG recommendations for this stock? please... To get it level on my stand, i have had to add almost 90 grams of lead stiick on wheel weights and move the battery out of the belly compartment to the front inside... can this be right? All responses welcome, thanks all, happy flights!
Ben  46 points - 8/28/2013
For those contemplating getting a wilga, I would suggest the Orange one. Straight out of the Box it doesnt seem to have half the issues, as this one has....I'll be running it 3s (2 x 850 mah nano) with a 30 amp esc with about a 1650 kv outrunner spinning a 7x4 prop. Seems like a good start point for this rig
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Very impressed. Only took 3 days from the NSW warehouse and arrived well packed with no damaged. Assembly was very easy. I did have one issue, the engine mount was not stuck on perfectly straight requiring it to be removed an restuck. Other than that it was all systems go for it's first flight. I am new to RC planes and I had no issues keeping it in the air and landing was very easy. C of G was to far back for me so at the moment the battery is mounted in the nose behind the motor which gives a C of G of 38mm from leading edge. Great Plane.

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Shipped to Bendigo in Three Days. All intact, easy to assemble fun to set up and good short take offs :-)

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Fantastic model for beginners. Docile and predictable. HOWEVER.... there is a serious design weakness with the wing spar. It was highlighted by numerous posters before - inadequate wing spar! Upon receiving this plane I did re-glue everything. But on only second flight the wing folded like a butterfly. 2S battery, no aerobatics, only about 50pcnt power. It was only my second flight so I was taking it easy. I turned into a light wind and the wing went. HK, great plane but, PLEASE, reinforce the wing!

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Nice little plane with a few notable issues. The wing spar is very weak, strongly recommend re-glueing / reinforcing. The motor siezed about 10 seconds into my first light, killed the ESC in the process and the hole thing came tumbling out of the sky and finished its first flight as a pile of rubble. Fitted a new moter and ESC and it flies great abeit with a coke bottle nose as the original was smashed on the first flight.

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My one came with two right wing halves looks a bit lopsided. How do I get a left wing half. Model came from Australian warehouse with no contact number or email address to ask about this problem. Not very happy!!!!!

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