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TURNIGY 1:4 Scale Brushless GoKart ARR. (AU Warehouse)

TURNIGY 1:4 Scale Brushless GoKart ARR.  (AU Warehouse)
TURNIGY 1:4 Scale Brushless GoKart ARR.  (AU Warehouse)

The TURNIGY 1:4 scale gokart is a real blast to drive, with it's low center of gravity and ultra sticky TruRubber* tyres which keep the kart turning sharply. A powerful full size servo is included with kart to keep the steering precise and quick, while the non differential rear tyres lay rubber on each corner!
The entire floor pan is made of 4mm Carbon fiber sheet with very little suspension travel at the rear giving the gokart very realistic handling.
You will need a 35A ESC to power the high speed geared-down 3930Kv inrunner motor, a receiver and 2S LiPo battery.
Stickers are included, but the driver is unpainted so you can create your own race livery on the driver.

Length: 450mm
Width: (F)262mm / (R)305mm
Height: 201mm
Ground Clearance: 5~12mm
Top Speed: 45~60km/h
Tyres: 56×30mm / 58×45mm
Pinion: 13T
Gear Ratio: 13:2.37
Drive/Main Ratio: 13:47
T-Tube/Main Ratio: 20:30
Driving Weight: 2,100g (approx.)

35A Car ESC (TR35A-V2, 60A-SL or HK-45A)
Receiver/Transmitter (HK-GT2 or other 2~3 channel Tx)
LiPo: 2S 4000~5200mAh Hardcase Lipo (140x48x50mm max size) 

TruRubber: TURNIGY's very own super-soft rubber compound that sticks to road surfaces better than standard street tyres.


Weight: 2215g
Australia Warehouse
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Price  $79.99

  • Turnigy Brushless ESC 35A CAR ESC

    Combo Price: $26.95   IN STOCK

  • Turnigy 4000mAh 2S 30C Hardcase Pack (ROAR APPROVED) (AU Warehouse)

    Combo Price: $20.56   IN STOCK

  • HobbyKing® ™ GT-2 2.4Ghz 2Ch Tx & Rx (AU Warehouse)

    Combo Price: $19.59   BACKORDER

  • Turnigy Accucel-6 50W 6A Balancer/Charger w/ Accessories (AU Warehouse)

    Combo Price: $27.41   BACKORDER

  • HXT 4mm Gold Connector w/ Protector (10pcs/set)

    Combo Price: $4.08   IN STOCK

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Total of 6 discussions.
Jason  2 points - 3/9/2014
I bought the kit ages ago and it didn't come with a motor - now I am ready to get it going, but I cannot see exactly which motor in the AUS warehouse is needed for! Thanks
whipper Snapper  188 points - 5/23/2013
Looks like this cart will be discontinued if any one has noticed alot of the spares for this are in the liquidation section now also beforehand the drive belt and back baffle are no long listed in the spare parts list here....its a great cart i brought some extra wheels already lucky i brought a spare belt ages ago...but if you are thinking of buying this cart I'd recommend not to due its being discontinued primary parts include the back wheels and drive belt...i still using my 1st belt but its a shame they liquidating the parts now:(
aussie tom  71 points - 7/19/2012
could someone tell me if the motor can handle 3s battery?
 whipper Snapper 188 points
Yes it can! but its overkill...doesnt get ESC hot or anything but way too much wheel spin from the locked live diff to heaps already with a 2C pack...U can try getting a car gyro from ebay but its apparently too much wheel spin even for the gyro from videos and other reviews I've read.
Lead Wings  369 points - 4/1/2011
Is that the Stig I see at the wheel?
 Darren 3 points
Ya it looks like him. Ive just bought one myself cant wait 2 it gets here How does your go.(dizza)
startazz  1212 points - 3/9/2011
We need more good planes and more products to choose from in the German warehouse PLEASE,then i can start buying from them instead of from the Hong Kong store *-)
 mickturner 51 points
This in aus and it goes really well very happy
 startazz 1212 points
Yeah i know but i was just saying i wish they stocked more planes and things like this in the German warehouse so i could get most of my things from there instead of Hong Kong *-)
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Overall Rating
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Item arrived was pretty awesome straight out of the box. Especially all the carbon and alloy parts. Driving was very stable at low speed, but squeeze a little more and becomes a drifter (very cool). But order some spare tires as you will need them.

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Overall Rating
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have 2 of these the first has a 35 amp speedy with reverse. i am useing a 2sell 5000mha battery it has so much speen i highly recomend this product if you like speed with no roll overs
the 2nd one is useing a 60 amp speedy same batt hard to tell diffa.
a must is to get some spares as you might need them
a highly recomented
happy speeding

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just dont look at it, cough up the little money and buy it i was looking at it for months then i just bought it ,it is insane make sure you buy a few spares steering knuckles and baffle pods as they break coz it goes realy fast wish hk would get some foam wheels in to fit it as it needs them as the rubber has not much grip i am going to turn my kart nto a pan car i dont go much in the gokart look my mates do i wish my mates would buy them so i cam race them steering saver needs some work as it is sloppy other than that if screams running a 45 amp hk fan esc so far so good one thing need more grip as it just wants to spin out and chuck donuts on tar,, on a basket ball court concrete it grips better ,it isthe most fun that yo can have with your pants on,, get in and buy one unreal banana peel go on get it

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Overall Rating
whipper Snapper
Like it?
Its a neat kit. People have said a gyro will be better...I brought a gyro on Ebay whilst awaiting for cart to arrive. Since I got it couple days ago I've tried driving it stock.....its great so far I not install gyro in it, havent needed too...smooth throttle its just fine acceleration. at high speeds it handles nice once tyers have warmed up at bit...I might try gyro, you'll get faster acceleration with gyro to keep it straight. otherwise on a 6000mh 2S 35C battery getting minuteness of run time. I using a 35amp esc about 75kms in straight. I get 80kms using my Nano tech 6000 overall awesome fun, even with the live axle its scale :)

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