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Mini F-8 Crusader EDF Fighter Jet EPO (PNF)

Mini F-8 Crusader EDF Fighter Jet EPO (PNF)
Mini F-8 Crusader EDF Fighter Jet EPO (PNF)

The F-8 Crusader was the last US Navy fighter to use guns as it's primary weapon and featured a unique variable incidence wing, the aircraft was hugely successful as a daytime fighter & low level reconnaissance platform. This Mini F-8 is made from crash resiliant EPO foam it includeds  3 x 9g servos, 20A ESC and a mini yet mighty 50mm EDF fan unit and motor all pre-installed. All that is required to finish the model is your own transmitter/receiver (Tx/Rx), a 850mah 3s1p Lipo and around 45 minutes of build time.

Length: 676mm
Flying Weight: 370g
Motor: Powerful brushless Outrunner
ESC: 20A
Servo: 3 x 9g
EDF: 50mm
Battery: 850mah 3S 11.1V 20C (Not included)
Your own Tx & RX
Battery: 850mah 3S 11.1V 20C

* Intake is larger than scale for good flight performance.


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2 1:IC/2:Elec 3 Channel 550mm (21.65in) 676mm (26.61in) 370g (0.814lb)

Weight: 1498g
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Normand  2 points - 9/16/2014
Who can tell me what is the best CG for this jet?
 athos 96 points
Hello if your question and good point CG fake it hold the wing on the first two-thirds of ratings, put at 9am leaden or advance equipment your wing it true that the net drop to 7am and you will have no more problems. good flight Raymond
labree001  1 points - 6/11/2014
Well got this product with a broken airleon put this stupid thing together As per the manuel set the cg 84mm all it did wad go about 7 feet an lawn darted.. moved the cg back to bout 90mm felt good but won't fly.. Thanks to quality not assured half the elevator breaks off on second attempt not pretty very little damage as was still slow anyone actually fly this the t 45 flys ve
Rafael  1 points - 4/30/2014
Does anybody know if it's possible aplly these configuration for this model? #TURNIGY Plush 40amp Speed Controller
__2165__TURNIGY_Plush_40amp_Speed_Controller.html #
Mad Thrust 50mm 10 Blade Alloy EDF 4000kv
ml #Turnigy
nano-tech 1300mAh 3S 45~90C Lipo Pack
l I'm
not sure about the batterie discharge, if 25-50C is better than 45-90C. Thank you!
Markus  5 points - 3/6/2014
Are there better motor specs than 'Powerful brushless Outrunner' available?
coptor  40 points - 12/18/2013
The CG in the manual is wrong. This jet will be too nose heavy to take off at 0.6:1 thrust weight ratio with 850mah 25c 3s. If you even get it to fly, it's going to bank right and crash unless you throw really hard in to the wind. The 84mm cg is WRONG. IT is NOT spot on. Only amateurs will say it is, after they modified the power setup. CG should more to 100mm from leading edge of the wing. A glide test with this cg high up, the nose still slowly points downwards. Do NOT follow the CG recommendation. You will have hard time launching it. After I converted it to pusher prop 4.5x4 with 3000kv hxt blue wonder motor, I get 1:1 at half throttle and vertical power at full, for much less heat/wasted. Longer flight time too.
 Tobias 45 points
I've been thinking of converting to pusher. any chance you got some pictures you're willing to share? cheers
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Overall Rating
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Received mine the other day, very well packed, perfect condition, thanks HK. Looks very 'cute' out of the box, nice details. Will assemble this week and give new review........

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Assembly completed today....a few hick ups discovered while working. The 850mA batterie does not fit under the canopy, so had to carve out some foam from canopy and fuse, and fitted a Rhino 1050mA in. With that the CG is spot on. Rest of the assembly is a piece a cake....... very tight space to fit the receiver....... weight ready to fly comes in at 383g with 1050mA Battery......would still give it *****..... Maiden hopefully this weekend, weather permitting.....its raining cats and dogs every day here in T-Land......

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Overall Rating
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This is a fantastic model for the price!

Quality: 4.5/5. It is worth more than what I paid for it after shipping. Very well molded, glued parts are done well (some very minor miss-alignments), only disappointment was the EDF case was a bit egg shaped inside. Very tough plane. Battery compartment is very tight for 1000 mA 3 cell.

Visually: 4.5/5. Very well detailed. Even though it is not to scale, it does look nice held in the hand.

Weight: 5/5. Very light, COG is 84mm from LE along the fuselage edge. Perfectly balanced with 1000 ma.

Transportability: 5/5. It is tiny! You can even disassemble, but there is no need for it.

Repair ability: ? 5/5 ?. I haven't damaged mine yet. But everything looks very accessible. Even the EDF can be replaced if need be.

Instructions: 5/5. Almost any newbie will be able to assemble this kit. It is proof-read and it all makes sense! Lots of photos! (Black and white)

Sound: 4/5. Its an EDF. It does however REALLY scream! Very loud for its size.

Flyability: 4.5/5. It needs a very good hand launch! My friend did launch it for me the first 2 times. First time it wasn't successful so I asked him to throw hard and throw slightly up! :) It wants to roll really easy. Once I got it trimmed out, I was really really happy with how it flies! Well mannered if you have enough speed. It was variable 10 kt winds here and it did not matter mu

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Ok, I have flown this model some more... This time I was hand launching this model myself. THIS IS NOT EASY, IT NEEDS LOTS OF SPEED. The flight is very fast paced for a model this size... The aileron rate is quick, the size of the elevator is a bit of a 'problem'. You need to maximize the throw length on your elevator otherwise you will be making large bank turns with 50 elevator just to keep it level.

Use minimum 3rd hole on the elevator horn.

Another method you might want to try to elevate the problem (LOL sorry!) is to have the aileron mixing help the elevators. I tried this aswell and it works. Your ailerons want to copy your elevator movement. (~30 Up on ailerons = 100 up on elevator is a good starting point)

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Overall Rating
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Hi everybody, I love this plane, it's not a scale but i find it very good looking. Arrived at home well packed and mounting was so easy! I was very impatient to fly with a bunch of brand new nano-techs 850mAh. Launching is the key for this model. I was helped for this by a friend who has a large experience in handlaunching. First attempt was to optimistic : throttle at the middle, a gentle throw and a big mistake : i've tryed to make i climb to early. The result was a nice seven meters stall and a big bump on the nose. One of the good aspect of this was to test the durabily of the EPO. It's realy nice and strong. For the second attemp at put the throttle at the maximum and ask my friend to launch the plane more horizontaly...with strength. This was the one! Immediately i feel that the plane needs more power. i think it needs a 4s battery. But the problem is to put a 4s in a so tiny space. And i even don't know is the motor accept this voltage?! I also affraid of the missile aspect of this plane, a rocket tube with tiny wings to prevent it to turn but it flies great!!! very cool sensation, easy to keep in stress at all. In fact the most difficult part of the fly is the launching. Anyone knows if i can test it on 4s? Last but not least : fly time is about 2minutes with my 3s 850mAh. Quite short :( Conclusion : this plane is very nice and i love it.

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