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Hobby King Baja 260S 1/5th Scale 26cc Dune Buggy (USA Warehouse)

Hobby King Baja 260S 1/5th Scale 26cc Dune Buggy (USA Warehouse)
Hobby King Baja 260S 1/5th Scale 26cc Dune Buggy (USA Warehouse)

Tear up the sand dunes with this huge 1:5th scale 26cc Petrol dune buggy! Just install your own radio gear then fill up the fuel tank and you will be ready to whip up a dust storm! The 260s Includes aluminum upgrades and a tuned alloy pipe for the ultimate in RC bush bashing thrills!

Hobby King Baja 260s comes 95% pre-built including a sealed radio box with receiver battery featuring a quick charge jack (No need to remove the RX pack for charging). With large offroad tyres and big bore shocks this buggy is ready to tackle just about anything!
817mm(L) x 480mm(W) x 255(H)
Weight: 18kg
Engine: 26cc Petrol (2 Stroke)
Servo Steering: 22kg ~ 33kg MG Servo (Required)
Servo Throttle: 12kg ~ 15kg MG Servo (Required)
Receiver battery and charger
Tool Set
Fuel Mixer bottle
Air filter.
Your own TX/RX
Servo Steering: 22kg ~ 33kg MG Servo (Required)
Servo Throttle: 12kg ~ 15kg MG Servo (Required)

Full range of spare parts coming soon!


Weight: 21000g Quantity: 

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Total of 86 discussions.
Ludovico  1 points - 2/22/2014
Because the eu version isn't aviable...
Ludovico  1 points - 2/21/2014
Sorry, can this veicle will be send to Italy?
Roberto  1 points - 1/30/2014
what servo can i use on this?? is a 1/10 scale servo or bigger? thanks
 MrBrick789 29 points
You definitely need a bigger servo than 1/10 Servo Steering: 22kg ~ 33kg Servo Throttle: 12kg ~ 15kg It also needs to be a Xlarge servo
james  6 points - 1/22/2014
great frank... i plan on it too lol.
frank  16 points - 1/21/2014
james that's exactly what I did, im almost don't with all the upgrades. alumiium everything.
Customer Reviews
Overall Rating
3 thumbs up!
How do you hook up the steering.Nothing in the book that you get,not even a picture showing how to connect the steering servo to the steering.I got a bag of parts with some pins and other items,grub screws and i guess a extra servo saver,any help would be appreciated.

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Overall Rating
1 thumbs up!
Anyone on the verge of getting one of these I want to let you know that this guy is a tremendous deal. Not only is the price remarkable, if purchasing in the States on the West Coast shipping is relatively fast. This guy is pretty durable out the box and comes ready to run minus your electronics. Drop in a Steering Servo, throttle servo, and your receiver of choice and rock on. I recomend 93 octane and 25 to 1 ratio with a synthetic 2-stroke oil for the first few tanks. Than you can start mixing for performance. Currantly I run 93 with 35 to 1 and I get great results. Check over the screws and bolts. I missed a few that needed some thread lock and it cost me. The plastic clutch brace was the first big break on my end and cause a ripple affect through the rest of that side of the car. Spur, brakes, etc went out with it. Aluminum would be a great investment. Overall one very well priced 1/5th scale RC car. Super fun and boy does it sound awesome with the tuned Pipe!!!

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Overall Rating
1 thumbs up!
Another update on the buggy and a few more notes.....I've run almost a gallon of fuel through this thing now and the clutch is done, thought it should go longer than 1 gal. Need to reiterate the "checking of screws", lost a grub on the end of a dog bone, luckily the boot kept the pin contained. I've been through the gearbox and everything seems to match up with the 5b manual with one exception so far. The counter shaft running from the spur to the gearbox only has 2 bearing supports, the 5b has three (there appears to be a perfect place for the bearing, but there is only a seal). The drive train is all metal, sans the spur. I couldn't get into the diff as mine appears to be sealed with epoxy, so I just filled it with 3000 wt fluid and hoped for the best.

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Overall Rating
1 thumbs up!
Bought this for X-mas. Almost identical to the HPI 5B Baja. I have only found a few slight and irrelivant differences. The plastic is no different than the HPI, its the same stuff, I have compared it to my HPI 5B. The 260S comes with a general info manual on how to get it started and running. The steering servo mounting procedure is up to the buyer to figure out. I suggest downloading the manual for the HPI 5B from their web. You must supply your own hardware for this. If you cannot figure out something as simple as this then you have no business buying it. Radio and servo installation is a basic modelers skill. If your an R-T-R modeler go buy a Traxxas. The quality of this model is good but the quality spent during assembly is hit and miss. Check all screws and use thread lock, the factory did not. I found a random cap screw bouncing around inside my tranny that does not even belong and it destroyed my gears one the first run. Got it fixed now and it runs great. No real complaints other than the cornball mistake and carelessness of the random scrwew in the tranny. Overall, excellent value.

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Overall Rating
1 thumbs up!
After I received the buggy I installed the servos and hooked up the steering. Got it started and it ran good for a little while then started stalling out. Worked on the carb and got it running but it surged then. Face of intake on block had not been machined flat and had a hump on one side. Filed it flat and still had same problems. Found out bulb in gas cap had no hole for vent. I drilled it out and the engine started and ran just fine. Took it out and after a few minor adjustments to the carb it ran very good. Its a great buggy for the money but the quality of doing the little things is lacking. Small things like no vent in the gas cap can be very frustrating to track down and I don't see how not machining the intake on the block could be missed. After I got it running right though I was happy with the way it ran.

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