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HobbyKing™ Bixler™ v1.1 EPO 1400mm - (ARF)

HobbyKing™ Bixler™  v1.1 EPO 1400mm - (ARF)
HobbyKing™ Bixler™  v1.1 EPO 1400mm - (ARF)

Looking for the perfect trainer? or an in-expensive FPV platform? Maybe you are a club pilot looking for something you can just pull out of the car and fly on one of those lazy Sunday afternoons? The HobbyKing® ™ Bixler® ™ ticks all of these boxes and more! A proven platform for beginners through to intermediate pilots!

The Bixler® ™ has all the right ingredients, made from super tough EPO foam, some servos are pre-installed, supplied motor requires installation, fuselage halves need joining so minimal assembly time is required, in fact, an evenings work and it should be ready to fly!

Stop Press!!

Allow us to introduce the Bixler® ™ V1.1 with a myriad of improvements over the original Bixler® ™.
Our v1.1 features relocated elevator and rudder servos, now closer to the tail and accessible via a magnetic hatch on the underside of the fuselage. Why? you may ask - This allows much more usable space inside the front section of the fuselage, something that FPV'ers are going to thank us for! We have also updated the included hardware to include better quality components, such as the new 4 bolt control horns on all surfaces. We also include 2 different propellers, one for high speed and the other for carrying heavier payloads.
You - our customers spoke, we listened! The end result is the Bixler® ™ V1.1!

Whatever you are looking for, the Bixler® ™ has it covered, also included is a color instruction booklet.

Material: EPO Foam
Wingspan: 1400mm
Length: 925mm
Wing Area: 26dm2
Wing Loading: 25g/dm2
Flying Weight: 650g
Motor: 2620-1900kv Brushless Outrunner (Included)
ESC: 20A w/BEC (Required)
Servo: 4 x 9g (Included)

4 Channel Radio (Tx/Rx)
1300mAh~2200mah 3s Lipoly Battery


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2 1:IC/2:Elec 4 Channel 1400mm (55.12in) 925mm (36.42in) 650g (1.43lb)

Weight: 1935g
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Price  $56.70

  • H-KING 20A Fixed Wing Brushless Speed Controller

    Combo Price: $8.86   IN STOCK

  • Hobby King 20A ESC 3A UBEC

    Combo Price: $7.41   IN STOCK

  • ZIPPY Flightmax 1300mAh 3S1P 20C

    Combo Price: $6.66   IN STOCK

  • ZIPPY Flightmax 2200mAh 3S1P 25C (X-Thin)

    Combo Price: $11.90   BACKORDER

  • Turnigy nano-tech 1300mah 3S 25~50C Lipo Pack

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  • Turnigy 1300mAh 3S 25C Lipo Pack

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  • Turnigy™ TG9d Digital Micro Servo 1.8kg / 0.09sec / 9g

    Combo Price: $3.52   IN STOCK

  • HobbyKing HK6S 2.4Ghz FHSS 6Ch Tx & Rx (Mode 2)

    Combo Price: $30.25   IN STOCK

  • DIY Bixler FPV Camera Mount

    Combo Price: $3.95   IN STOCK

  • HobbyKing HK6S 2.4Ghz FHSS 6Ch Tx & Rx (Mode 1)

    Combo Price: $30.25   IN STOCK

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Total of 717 discussions.
Bill  5 points - 8/24/2015
They include a Y-Splitter but you need a Reversing-Y for the ailerons. These aren't cheap - any suggestions? I'll probably remove the servos and just fly with elevator and rudder - like the old "Easy Star" we all loved except for it's wimpy brushed motor. Speaking of the Easy Star - I wish these wings were easily removable like the ES - sure was easy to throw in your car!. My elevator servo was bad too and it was already glued in place. I dug it out and replaced with a servo I had. Bill
 HobbyShun 193 points
You don't need reversing-y cable. Servos face opposite directions so when one goes up another goes down. Don't remove servos. This is a great plane. Happy flying.
Sebastian  1 points - 8/23/2015
Quickly assembled model, BUT: According to the manual, the fuselage ist done. It is not, as you have to connect you own ESC, so you need to assemble the fusealage, too. Still, all servos are alredy glued in and the two in the fuselage are also connected to the push-rods. All parts fit perfectly in their places! Its a pure pleasure. After having done all this, I connected the reciever & battery and....elevator servo has a broken gear. Its not working everytime (though sometimes an more often in one direction than in the other and every movement sounds very very bad. So rip it out through the very small hatch below. The Servo-response-check was marked on the quality-check card. It responds, OK, but it is broken. Thank you. Luckily I had a emergency-servo of the same size spare. SO CHECK ALL SERVOS B E F O R E START TO BUILD! Unfortunately, I bought it before Vilmos wrote his comment and ran into the same trouble. So this seems to be a common problem!
mohamad  1 points - 8/22/2015
What is the diffrence btw radio mod 1 and mod2
 Ral fRotten 2279 points
The layout of the controls on the transmitter, the throttle on the left stick is mode 2 and the throttle on the right stick is mode1, most older people and club taught normally fly mode1 they're "OLD SCHOOL" mode2 is like where the controls are in a real light or aerobatic plane. most of the world and half of Australia fly mode2. it's whatever your comfortable with.
mohamad  1 points - 8/22/2015
How much distance can it fly in standar condiction
 Ral fRotten 2279 points
Depends on the transmitter you buy a standard frmodule and Rx are supposed to be good for around 2klm, a normal flysky module and Rx is supposed to be good for around 1.2klm, both modules fit in a 9xr Tx or 9x TX they are called full range Tx's, full range in Australia means Over 800meters.
Vilmos  2 points - 8/10/2015
I got this plane with broken rudder servo. If you buy ARF you get the body in two half. Evereybody test the servos before glue this two half to one body!!!!! I didn't so I had to carve out. I tried to chat with the seller but no answer. I'm very very very DISAPPOINTED!!!
 Ral fRotten 2279 points
Your the one who glued in a crook servo, they will not compensate you for your error, if you told them B4 you glued the servo in they would (after a stuff around) replace the faulty servo, but you glued it in! it's not HK's fault it's yours.
Customer Reviews
Review Blogs for this item
The HK Bxler
Overall Rating
Cesium Candy
8 thumbs up!
This is a really good product, but like most ARFs requires a couple mods to make it great. First modification is replace or strengthen the wing spar. Second modification is go over all stickers using low temp covering iron - this will help them adhere. Third mod is remove the ballast in the nose of he plane (usually washers) and use larger battery - such as 2200mah. RCgroups has a thread with extensive information about mods that are recommended or possible. I used the middle setting on mine. The servos are adequate, motor is more than adequate. It doesn't dissipate ESC heat well, so if you run hot use a BEC separate from ESC. This is a very very fun airplane it's extreamily versatile - from trainer, to FPV platform, and it even soars fairly well.

30 comments. Reply..

Overall Rating
Scooby Doo
5 thumbs up!
I have not previously been a fan of foamies but after watching the Joshes I decided that the Bixler was worth a try. I am an intermediate pilot and want it for FPV and mainly flying in places where conventional landings are not possible. It works a treat. Hand launch and plop it in to some long grass. As for flight characteristics it is fairly docile on takeoff unless you have full throttle.

Pros Very forgiving, with splendid glide. Inexpensive, easy to complete with all parts fitting nicely

Cons take care loosening control surfaces as they can snap off. (Easy to reattach with glue in hinges.

Conclusion If you want a versitile foamie buy it, you wont be disappointed.

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Overall Rating
5 thumbs up!
This glider is ideal for beginners, to turn a 6X4 propeller has very good performance with strong wind, which makes it very interesting and fun for advanced riders. It is an excellent platform for FPV, as it has very good space to install the camera and other equipment for FPV. I remove the washers that brings a counterweight, and installed a battery of 2250 mAh. with ESC 30 A. I reinforced the fuselage with a solid carbon rod of 1.8 mm. The second model I installed the lighting system (2-port Lumifly hexTronik Glow-Driver) with neon blue, what makes it fun to fly at sunset. It is very versatile, allowing various configurations, Planing slow flight against a strong wind, flying at sunset, FPV, and so on. Excuse my English because it is very poor. regards Leo

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Overall Rating
5 thumbs up!
Best plane i have bought! flys and glides very well and I am now using it for fpv! With a Rhino 2350 it gives 25 to 30 of flying time on half throttle :) Fully loaded for fpv i am carrying an extra 380grams!! Only problem has been one servo locking up (lucky i was close to the ground) so i recommend replacing these with the great 9gram HXT900 at $2.69. Other improvements include removing the washers in the nose - best way is boiling water (not too long) to soften the hot glue, changing the control horns to ones with screws and a backing plate, moving all the flaps to loosen them and then adding tape for strength, running a 6x4 APC prop for more punch and a stronger wing spar. Just bought another one for my brother LOVE THIS PLANE!

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Overall Rating
papa 777
4 thumbs up!
Super Einsteiger Segler

Der Zusammenbau geht einfach . Man sollte nur die Gewichte aus der Nase entfernen dann kann man auch mit 3s 2200 fliegen.
Die Flugzeit beträgt dann 30 - 40 Minuten.
Der Motor ist mehr als ausreichent für den Bixler.

Sehr zu empfehlen für einen Anfänger

Super beginner sailors

Assembly is simple. You should only remove the weights from the nose, then you can also fly with 3s 2200th
The flight time is then 30 - 40 minutes.
The engine is more than fit for Bixler.

Highly recommended for a beginner

6 comments. Reply.. here to see all reviews
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