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HobbyKing Baja 260S 1/5th Scale 26cc Dune Buggy (AU Warehouse)

HobbyKing Baja 260S 1/5th Scale 26cc Dune Buggy (AU Warehouse)
HobbyKing Baja 260S 1/5th Scale 26cc Dune Buggy (AU Warehouse)

Tear up the sand dunes with this huge 1:5th scale 26cc Petrol dune buggy! Just install your own radio gear then fill up the fuel tank and you will be ready to whip up a dust storm! The 260s Includes aluminum upgrades and a tuned alloy pipe for the ultimate in RC bush bashing thrills!

Hobby King Baja 260s comes 95% pre-built including a sealed radio box with receiver battery featuring a quick charge jack (No need to remove the RX pack for charging). With large offroad tyres and big bore shocks this buggy is ready to tackle just about anything!
 817mm(L) x 480mm(W) x 255(H)
Weight: 18kg
Engine: 26cc Petrol (2 Stroke)
Servo Steering: 22kg ~ 33kg MG Servo (Required)
Servo Throttle: 12kg ~ 15kg MG Servo (Required)
Receiver battery and charger 
Tool Set 
Fuel Mixer bottle 
Air filter.
Your own TX/RX
Servo Steering: 22kg ~ 33kg MG Servo (Required)
Servo Throttle: 12kg ~ 15kg MG Servo (Required)

Full range of spare parts coming soon!


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  • Turnigy™ S8166M High Torque Servo 33kg / 0.21sec / 154g

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Andrea  19 points - 3/25/2016
europe wh!!
Andrea  19 points - 2/6/2016
europa warehouse please!!!
Bulletbait  1 points - 2/5/2016
Come on HK ship to new Zealand
zak  4 points - 1/21/2016
why cant I ship this to nz I woulds so spend more to get it
Dean  4 points - 12/12/2015
why cant i freight this to new zealand, says this item is only available to nz and aus customers so why cant i get it sent here???? super pissed right now hobbyking sort it out please
 joel 7 points
ive asked the same question, we would have 4 of them as myself and mates wanted them.
Customer Reviews
Overall Rating
TeamBallBanger Racing
3 thumbs up!
Well done Hobby King. A 5th scale off road buggy for a great price. I have just got one of these Baja buggy's. And being involved in racing and r/c car hobby for over 25 years this is the best of any car i have brought. That is a great car for a great price. All parts can be replaced with HPI or as i will do, start upgrading at a cheaper starting price. Buggy goes just as hard as the HPI SS. Which it is a copy of. If your looking to spend some of your hard earn cash on a 5th scale off roader, look no further.

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Overall Rating
2 thumbs up!
im from singapore i need to purchase these baja anybody can help me plss..

7 comments. Reply..

Overall Rating
2 thumbs up!
Ok, So this is a great bargain compared to the real HPI Baja 5b v2.0.
However be aware that there are a lot of issues and short cuts taken.
First my unit had a fault with the front shock end cap. It had a nick in it which meant it did not seal. The result was it leaked the shock oil all over the front end and the bag is full of shock oil.
Then I proceeded to strip it down as I highly suspected hobbyking would not use lock tight on any screws. I was right!!
I found that even as far down as the diff there was no lock tight used or used incorrectly. In fact lock tight was used on the gear spur not the screws as per the HPI baja manual.
The included manual is just about useless. Easy fix as you can get the real Baja manual from HPI. I advise you to get it and check everything.
I wanted to check if the diff was filled with silicon diff oil, but its glued together and appears not to use a gasket just gasket goo. It is sealed together well however. This will make servicing the diff just about impossible.
So after I heated the gear spur on the diff so I could remove it, I then put lock tight on the diff case to fix the bearings to the shafts. Then lock tight on the screws for the spur as pre HPI manual.
The other screws indicated in the HPI manual to require lock tight after inspection NONE of them have lock tight.
The other issues I found were the rear sway bar incorrectly

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Overall Rating
1 thumbs up!
You stock the Baja and the TX/RX but not the servos in Australia. That sucks.Get the servos and let us have a one stop shop.

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Overall Rating
1 thumbs up!
Great buggy, i have had for about a month now. engine runs really well. Ive had a few minor problems, screws comming loose, fixed with locktite. I have screw that secures the cluch bell shear but was easily replaced. I have found the steering servo seems to struggle so the turning circle suffers. overall is been a great buggy so far and has been great fun.

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