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AVRO CF105 Arrow, Fiberglass 70mm EDF (ARF)

AVRO CF105 Arrow, Fiberglass 70mm EDF (ARF)
AVRO CF105 Arrow, Fiberglass 70mm EDF (ARF)

The AVRO CF105 Arrow had all the right ingredients to become one of the most outstanding all weather interceptors of the Cold War. The Arrow was designed by AVRO Canada, to counter the threat of fast Soviet Nuclear bombers attacking the West via Canadian Airspace, however, based on an over-confidence at the time in surface-to-air missiles, this amazing aircraft was cancelled and despite impressive test results, never saw active service.

This quality and quite amazing looking 70mm ARF scale jet has a pre-painted fuselage and pre-covered foam core-balsa sheeted wing. The CF105 has a generous size delta wing combined with an ultra sleek profile, giving both speed and excellent slow fly ability. A 70mm fan unit is included, as is all hardware, including fixed under-carriage, or if you wish, the model is retract ready to accept a set of electric retract units (not included).

Material: Fiberglass, balsa/ply
Wingspan: 724mm
Length: 1073mm
Flying Weight: 1500g~1850g
Motor: 28mm, 3.17mm shaft, 600w + (Not Included)
70mm 3 Blade EDF Fan Unit 

4 Channel RX/TX with Elevon Mixing
2200mAh~2650mAh 4s Lipoly Battery
60A~80A ESC
3 x High Torque, Metal Gear Mini Servo's
28mm Inrunner or Outrunner (3.17mm shaft) Brushless EDF Motor


Some say it can't be flown, some say this model is an urban legend and doesn't really exist, and some say it comes to life at night and bullies the other planes in your hanger!

In a first for HobbyKing we are throwing down the gauntlet with this model. 
The first person to purchase this model from HobbyKing and record a successful flight video including a take off, 3 minute flight and a landing then post the video in the discussion area below this product listing will receive a store credit for the value of this model, so let the building begin!

*********** UPDATE **********
Congratulations to the winner of the Avro Arrow challenge! Check out the video in the video section below!


2 1:IC/2:Elec 4 Channel 724mm (28.50in) 1073mm (42.24in) 1500g (3.3lb)

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Total of 69 discussions.
Peter  1 points - 6/23/2014
Hello, can I get some assistance to fit the EDF unit to the intake / exhaust fibreglass? The EDF is 71 mm diam. both sides, the glass is 70 mm. I envisaged using silicone tubing * 70 mm, but that turned out to be 68 mm inside diam. The next size up is 75 ID. To get the required smooth transition seems to be quite a task. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.
Joel  18 points - 5/10/2014
What servos sizes will I need
Dean Blair  120 points - 4/4/2014
is this retract ready?
Frank  20 points - 3/28/2014
Having trouble fitting retracts to this bird. I bought the recommended retracts in the ACC section and they're way too large. I even got the smaller "Turnigy 90 degree All Metal Tricycle Retract System w/Sprung Leg's/Wheels (Models 2kg AUW Max)" and they don't even fit. Has anyone made a set of retracts work for these? The build is stalled until I figure this out.
peter  2 points - 3/15/2014
I have this kit finnished and cant seem to get engine to start...Dr.Mad 1300kw 29mm with a Hobbyking orange 40A SBEC with 2650MAh 14.8V 4S1P battery......I am new at this so do not understand chimes ....this thing chimes 4 times but will not turn...Turnagy 9X V2 transmitter...everything works fine from transmitter
 peter 2 points
Found the problem was the Hobbyking 40A SBEC....put in 80A hobbywing and unit fired rite up......this is not a Dr Mad it is a S2858-2630 KVh from Hobbyking.....this engine screams preaty good but does not seem like enough thrust to do the job
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Nice detail in the model, intake ducts need to inspected to make sure everything lines up properly, I'm changing the duct fan to the alloy edf 72mm duct fan, for more power.

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This plane is amazing. All parts are well painted including all decals. All mayor parts to mount an 70mm EDF are pre installed. The finish of the surface is very good. This is the best value for your money. But I belive if you want real fun with this EDF jet you need 6s power because of 1,9 kg flying weight. ;-)

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The manual says that the c.g location is 9 inches from the wing l/e or the centre of the fan hatch .This appears to be too far aft as most deltas have the c.g at 1/3 of the chord . Not having flown it yet i would appreciate any experience from readers .

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I just got my Arrow kit and it is beautiful, however there seem to be no instructions at all on how to assemble. Am I missing something or am I left to figure it all out for myself. IE: are the wings attached permanently or are they meant to be removable, Can anyone help me with this?

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It is a lead sled! It is to small to be made out of fiberglass... make it out of foam and it will fly well or make a bigger version....

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