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RCGF 20cc Gas engine w/ CD-Ignition 2.2HP/1.64kw

RCGF 20cc Gas engine w/ CD-Ignition 2.2HP/1.64kw
RCGF 20cc Gas engine w/ CD-Ignition 2.2HP/1.64kw

With its easy starting characteristics and reliable low-maintenance running the RCGF 20cc is an excellent engine. RCG engines have proven themselves the world over for quality and reliability.

• Easy starting
• Low maintenance
• High quality and reliability
• DA style ported head
• Walbro type diaphragm carburetor with butterfly valve
• CDI Computer controlled auto advance ignition system

Displacement: 20cc
Max Power: 2.2HP @ 9,800RPM
Bore/Stroke: 32x25mm
Compression ratio: 7.5:1
Weight: 920g with ignition and muffler
RPM: 1,500~9,800RPM
Ignition: DC-CDI computer controlled auto advance system
Spark Plug: CM6
Carburetor: Walbro type with manual choke
Suggested Prop: 16x6~16x8~17x7 2 blade
Fuel: Oil/gas mix (25:1 for break-in 40:1 for general use)

Test results;
16x6 JXF wood propeller 9900rpm
16x8 JXF wood propeller 8600rpm
17x7 JXF wood propeller 8200rpm

Please note: HobbyKing has a very good relationship with RCG, ensuring all our engines are top quality and well machined. Warranty repairs and returns are also resolved swiftly.




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 Customer rated
Total of 136 discussions.
Juan Carlos  7 points - 8/6/2016
Excelente motor el mio tiene ya 7 litros y jamas he tenido una falla. Lo recomiendo 100% muy fiable en baja no se para a 1800 rpm con una turnigy 18x8 en un edge 540 seagull 68" muy buen motor.
Henry  1 points - 7/28/2016
Compre uno de estos motores y son muy potentes y fiables! reemplaze un 120 cuatro tiempos OS por este motor en SUKHOI 26M de byron que pesa 5kg y una helice 16-8 y el cambio fue fenomenal! . Lo recomiendo a los amigos del hobbie!
DECIO SILVEIRA  13 points - 7/12/2016
Kiwifyer - good news man, but on site bissonmufflers have all silencers and NO just the rcg 20cc! I bought the 26 cc silencer, it's the same offset thar rcg 20cc. Thanks!
 Kiwifyer 45 points
Well done, I get most of my mufflers from this site and they are really well made.
 Kiwifyer 45 points
It is a pity that HK do not give more detail about their own mufflers. Its like looking for a needle in a Haystack.
Kiwifyer  45 points - 7/11/2016
Where is the Rear Exhaust version of this motor please? Ideal for narrow warbird cowls.
William  1 points - 4/13/2016
The "F" is not for a radial mount and "B" for beam mount. "SBM" is used for beam mount. RCGF is the brand name. I don't know why HK uses RCG unless it isn't really a RCGF. Check the RCGF site for the info. https://****rcgfusa****/ or ***********rcgfservice****/
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I have received this engine. While I give only 4 stars (for the reason that yet I do not know as it will work on my model) The motor is not copy DLE-20 though who that thinks that they are very similar. On height the motor above on 8??. The motor weighs 765 gramme Weight with the muffler and ignition - 955 gramme Weight with the muffler, ignition and Screws/Bolts/Nuts/Engine Mounts which go in the complete set-1040 gramme. I am glad to this motor, it has a good compression at once. The piston has two rings. Though outwardly the motor looks rough (not accurate), but it is well entered in a cowl of my model - Phoenix Models Extra 330S Sport/Aerobatic ARF .61-.91 . But the unique moment - me does not suit the muffler and I could not find to it replacement yet. I hope that HK can provide support to this engine with spare parts. The engine is very good alternative GLOW Engine 90 and its popularity depends on relation HK to that that they sell. While all looks mediocre as have given the description with the big discrepancies which frighten buyers of the not of a correctness.

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john murphy
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Used this motor today 2-4-2011 in a boomerang 60 only used 30 of its power , starting was easy turned choke on 3 turns of prop returned choke to off position turned ignition on one flick of prop motor ran like a dream use 15-6 prop and 32:1 fuel

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Overall Rating
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HK 20cc daul ring gas motor, is a nice clean rear carb motor. With 9,800 RPM and 2.2 hp and ~2 lb. or 1 Kg in the plane, it is a powerhouse. The only thing I did not like is the lack of info and dimentions for the engine. I hope I have solved this problem, by putting detail pictures in the FILES area of this item on this page. I would like to see a side mount 15cc like this 20cc with a 90* exaust for rear, in cowl, muffler mount. A 90* exaust for this engine would be nice too. This one is going into a Top-Flite 1/8 scale P-47 Thunderbolt, with a 64" ws, 1.6m, 12 lb ~ 5Kg.

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Got one of these engines and am so far very pleased with it.

There is alot of confusion about the power output of this little engine as many compare it to the radial mount rcg 20, the beam mount is a completly different engine and produces more power than the hobbyking website shows as stated before by someone else. This is a dle 20 copy and produces similar power and weighs about the same.

Mine is hauling a seagull yak 54 at 10lb dry straight up with a 17 8 jen prop at 8300 rpm. This engine produces 14 lb thrust.

So far I have had no problems with this engine but have gave it 4 out of 5 for quality as this engine does not have a walbro carb and I simply have not had it long enough to comment on reliability.

Im that pleased with it I have ordered another.

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Overall Rating
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Engine a little weak on mounting didnt expect a glow engine mount ,so i had to modify muffler to get it to fit inverted .After all the motor runs out great I m running a 16x8 prop and still cant seem to slow it down ,i put it on a 90-120 size yak and it feels like it ripping the wings off . But anyway great product and price for those of us that cant spend big money airplane parts ,it is just a hobby right ? May you all havea blessed day .

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