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Hobby King 30A ESC 3A UBEC

Hobby King 30A ESC 3A UBEC

Constant Current: 30A
Burst Current: 40A
Battery: 2-4S Lipoly / 5-12s NiXX
BEC: 5v / 3A
Motor Type: Sensorless Brushless
Size: 54 x 26 11mm
Weight: 32g

Programming Functions:
Battery Type: Lipo /NiXX
Brake: On / Off
Voltage Protection: Low / Mid / High
Protection mode: Reduce power / Cut off power
Timing: Auto / High / Low
Startup: Fast / Normal / Soft
PWM Frequency: 8k / 16k
Helicopter mode: Off / 5sec / 15sec (Start up delay)

User manual can be downloaded from the files Tab.


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Price $9.99

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Marcus  1 points - 9/6/2014
I just received today and finished soldering plugs on it and installed, works perfect so far, programmed and calibrated perfectly. Will test fly later.
steve  7 points - 9/2/2014
cant get my motor to work servos work but not motor with the esc steve
 BuBu1 183 points
Do you hear beeps? If yes, maybe the user manual will inform on their meaning. Also ensure that the throttle is in the minimal position and not reversed. You should also do an ESC calibration to calibrate it to your stick throw.
 Rexy03 1512 points
have you programed / calibrated the esc
ray BR  34 points - 8/29/2014
segundo o pessoal do BRASIL esse ESC é* um bom produto, estou esperando o meu chegar pra ver pessoalmente. accordance with ESC staff BRAZIL this is a good product, I'm hoping to get to see my personally.
Daniel  28 points - 8/27/2014
Anyone know how to reflash the original firmware to these? I want to go back to fixed wings, since the SimonK is causing the DT700 to lose sync. If not, I'll try to reflash SimonK with the latest version.
Robert  4 points - 8/17/2014
Bought 4 of these for my first Quadcopter, went well at first, then started falling out of the sky the third time I had to rebuild. Thought it was brown out so fitted a stand allown ubec, all my flights were now only 3 feet high to prevent damage. Again it fell to the ground No 2 motor was just cutting out, suspect ESC had an old 30a ubec in a fixed wing model swapped them over, Qaud is now flying better & not cut out in several flights. So I have a faulty ESC to return it to Hobby King looks to much hassle, be where if you are buying 4 for a Quad check them out carefully, Quads come down like house bricks when power is lost even on one motor.
 DuncB 67 points
Hi Robert. I would be almost certain that you have a bad soldering joint. Check the soldering joints on the motor as a lot of them come already with badly soldered 3.5mm connectors. Next check the 3.5mm joints on the ESC. Don't return the ESC as this is unlikely to be the problem and you are very unlikely to get a refund. Please award me a point if my answer is correct
 Robert 4 points
Not happy with your reply.I spent a considerable amount of time rebuilding my Quad after it fell from about 12 feet, in the process I checked all connectors and replaced them at the time. I then put in a stand allown ubec to avoid brown out. The fault of cutting out persisted & thankfully got worse which pin pointed motor no2 at times this motor would not even restart after cutting out. So it was either the motor or the ESC after replacing the ESC with a known good one the fault just went away. I am now in the process of evaluation which involves 10 flights fault free before flying at my club site.
 Matthew 214 points
It could be bad windings in your motor. Either way these electronics are fragile, a fall from 12 feet could damage the ESC. Either way its 9 bucks, talk to HK customer service if you're really unhappy, they'll credit your account for a new one. Point is - stuff happens whether its our fault or HK's :)
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excellent cheap ESC, exactly as described, easy to program with TX and very good throttle response. I'm using it with a 4200kv outrunner and 3s lipo with 64mm EDF, great setup!. thanks HK

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Picked this up a week or so ago the unit came in perfect condition. programming was not required as it worked configured out of the bag. it would be beneficial to have a detailed spec sheet on beep config packaged w eack hk unit sold rather than hunting online or waiting for someone to post. would buy or reco again

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Overall Rating
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I have bought this and receivied few days ago. It was well packed. I had 1 flight with it, and it was good. No problems occured during the flight. After flight it was barely hot. I recommend this esc, because it's possible to program, and it has good price/quality ratio. :)

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Good quality and well built, pre progged from box with generic settings, but easily programmed from TX. Bang on the mark for a speed controller

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Overall Rating

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It is worth spending the extra dollar or so to have the 3.5 mm connectors already on these esc's. This was money well spent and can handle the rated 30 Amps.

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