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S3650-3980 Brushless Inrunner 3980kv (11T)

S3650-3980 Brushless Inrunner 3980kv (11T)

Motor Size: 3650
RPM/V: 3980kv (11T)
Max Load: 72A
Max volts: 11.1v 2~3s
Max Watts: 750w
Resistance: 0.0086

Diameter: 36mm
Front Mounting Hole Distance: 25mm
Front Mount Thread Size: M3.0
Shaft Diameter: 5mm
Shaft Length: 16mm
Can Size: 540
Plug type: 4mm Bullet-connector
Weight: 222g

PRODUCT ID: S3650-3980

Kv(rpm/v) 3980
Weight (g) 222
Max Current(A) 72
Resistance(mh) 0
Max Voltage(V) 12
Power(W) 750
Shaft A (mm) 5
Length B (mm) 50
Diameter C (mm) 36
Can Length (mm) 50
Total Length E (mm) 66
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Weight: 290g
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Price  $28.45

  • Alloy Motor Heatsink w/Fan Mount for 36 Size Motor

    Combo Price: $3.99   IN STOCK

  • Alloy Motor Heastsink for 36 Size Motor

    Combo Price: $2.69   IN STOCK

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Eva  1 points - 11/17/2014
Would this work on a 85 esc and wit a liposuction battery that is 4000mah I would like to know please thank you.
 Daniel 3 points
serve perfeitamente com o esc de 85 esse motor vai anda livre mais a bateria e vai andar bem boa compra.
Todd  12 points - 7/1/2014
You need a high output battery for this motor. It will force your system into low voltage.
 Reece 18 points
that's not entirely true unless the battery was giving off heat as a sign of over use. look first at the settings in ESC, check battery type & cut off value & check current draw/load. if the battery has had a hard life & not maintained test it as it could be done.
 Todd 12 points
let me rephrase my comment...This motor likes atleast 40c battery. It is a highly underrated motor. I bought this motor just to fill the weight in the box. It is so funny to watch it run against velineons.
 eddy218 3 points
Would this motor be able to run at 4s for short periods of time?
 Bro Mini 63 points
Todd that is not entirely true it depends on th battery if it was a 2200mah 40c battery then yes but what really matters is this, the total output amps of a battery is the discharge rate (40c) multiplied by the milliamperes (2200mah) and then divided by 1000 so for example 40 X 2200 divided by 1000 = 88a you can use this on any battery to find the total output amps of your battery
Nicolas  1 points - 5/16/2014
I starter using my Turnigy SCT 2WD 1/10 Brushless and after 10 min, the motor was like coughing and then nothing. What can I do? Thanks for your answer.
 Reece 18 points
what was the ESC being used & what battery
 Bro Mini 63 points
might have been cogging for a while then stopped? if so it might be your motor wires might need to re solder some of the motor plugs
benn  126 points - 4/20/2014
Having lots of problems with this motor, it keeps tripping the ESC's low voltage cutoff (even if its disabled:P its a 80amp Trackstar ESC). Using Turnigy 2S 35C lipos, they work fine with all my other brushless motors. The motor will work great for 3-4 minutes then it will trip, turning it on and off resets it but 2-3 minutes later, same problem. Batteries are good and charged properly. Any help?
 Reece 18 points
so what did you find the actual fault to be - esc fault or a dead battery. my experience with trackstar ESC leaves a very low opinion of their rating & quality, but their motors seem great.
DANIEL  1 points - 4/13/2014
Hallo HK,I would like to know how many poles is this motor and which ESC can be better for its. Thanks... Daniel.
 Bro Mini 63 points
this is a customer discussion page if you want to talk to hk use the live chat
Customer Reviews
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Great motor for the price. I am using it in a 1:10 road car, 100a aeolian esc, 30t pinion gear and 64t spur. The car goes insanley fast on 3s.motor only gets slightly warm. Pleased me once again HK!!

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Overall Rating

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motore molto potente ad un buon prezzo 5plusplusplusplusplusplusplusplusplus

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Overall Rating
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5 stars motor.
run it on 2s on my stampede 4x4 and barely got warm.
excelent motor at a very low price.

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Overall Rating
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Installed it on a Baja champ tl01b chassy with a 4200mah 2s lipo and thing flies, have a 23 tooth pinion and all the rest is stock gearing. Runs like mad.

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5 stars motor. The "Black Power" Run it on 2s on my 1:10 Himoto Monster 4x4 With HK 60A ESC, 17t pinion and motor smootly warm, ESC cool... Excelent, Powerfull motor at a very low price! 1:10 Himoto monsterbe tettem, egy HK 60A-es szabival, 17t pinionnal. Nagyon kellemes meglepetés volt, mert nagyon jó és eros a motor, de még a szabályzó is kellemes meglepatés volt! A motor éppen csak melegszik, a szabi szinte semmit! Szerintem ezért az árért nagyon nagyon megéri! A tengely 5mm-es!

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