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S2445-3890 Brushless Inrunner 3890kv (12T)

S2445-3890 Brushless Inrunner 3890kv (12T)

Motor Size: 2445
RPM/V: 3860kv (12T)
Max Load: 32A
Max volts: 11.1v 2s~3s
Max Watts: 350w
Resistance: 0.0245

Diameter: 24mm
Front Mounting Hole Distance: 16mm or 17mm
Front Mount Thread Size: 16mm M2.5 / 17mm M3.0
Shaft Diameter: 3mm
Shaft Length: 10mm
Can Size: 130
Plug type: 3mm Bullet-connector
Weight: 98g

PRODUCT ID: S2445-3890

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Kv (rpm/v) 3860
Weight (g) 98
Max Current (A) 32
Resistance (mh) 0
Max Voltage (V) 12
Power(W) 350
Shaft A (mm) -
Length B (mm) 45
Diameter C (mm) 24
Can Length D (mm) 45
Total Length E (mm) 55
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Matthew  4 points - 2/14/2014
does this fit and work with stock esc on rally extreme? Thnaks
 meeki 780 points
No, max current would be too high for stock ESC, it also has a 3mm shaft so a different pinion would be required.
mark  1 points - 12/25/2013
Do you make a water cooling jacket for this motor
 Theeyx 8 points
No its not getting hot at all when running in a normal size 1/16 car
theoB610  1 points - 11/14/2013
will this fit in the 1/10 Quanum Vandal 4WD Electric Racing Buggy (KIT)?
 meeki 780 points
No, you need a 3650 "540" size motor for that kit.
theoB610  1 points - 11/10/2013
I want to replace a current motor I have with one of these, how do I find a gear that fits my current gearbox? the gear on my current motor is 6mm diameter with 8 teeth.
duskracer  1 points - 9/13/2013
Does this motor suitable for this ID 9052000005 combo's regulator? I've burned my motor and want to replace it.
 Aprilia998 13 points
This motor is max 32A, the regulator in 9052000005 combo's is max 25A (burst), so you should buy also another ESC as well (or find another motor).
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Overall Rating
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Just received this motor. It's very well made. It's actually Suxfly motor but the pic above does not show that. The shaft is 3mm as stated. Length is 45.17mm and diameter is 24.05mm exactly.

Very pleased with purchase!

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Overall Rating
Marc S
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I`ve put this motor in a Holliday buggy white a 20t pinion and the 60amp esc toke some hobbying to fit it in this car because normally a 20t does not fit. I’ve put a peace of (children’s) straw on the shaft to get it to 3,17mm, that worked fine. Used the Turnegy 5.000 mah lipo. power, almost uncontrollable. The 350 watt of power makes the car wheelie when you go from half throttle to full power. Great great great for just a little money

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Overall Rating
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Engine excellent quality! They come in pretty boxes, perfectly packaged. I bought two of these engines as a test for the F-14 EDF. The parameters seem to be good. After testing I will describe the relationship.

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Overall Rating

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This engine is 1 / 10 models are not appropriate. Engine has great power.

Thanks ..

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Overall Rating
flavio brasil
Like it?
Este produto e muito bom, eu comprei varias unidades, e nao me arrependo nada, vale a pena , coloquem aqui, um positivo para este comentario,

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