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Binary 900 V2.0 DLG Glider Kit (900mm)

Binary 900 V2.0 DLG Glider Kit (900mm)
Binary 900 V2.0 DLG Glider Kit (900mm)

The Binary-900 V2.0 is a Mosquito class micro Discus Launch Glider with a wingspan of 900mm (35.4 inches). This glider sports Elevator/Aileron control surfaces, or Flaperon with a computer radio, for extreme maneuverability and a broad flight envelope.  

The skinned and carbon fibre renforced wing uses Molded Inner Core (MIC) construction for an extremely light yet rigid design. The fiber glass reinforced pod, carbon fiber boom, and expertly covered contest grade balsa tail group all contribute toward a light wing loading and stellar performance similar to an F3K glider yet in a compact package.

You will require three 4~5g servos and your own transmitter and reciever (Tx/Rx) to complete this model.

Wingspan: 900mm
Wing area:
Length 800mm
Weight: 100g
Servos: 3 x 4~5g (Required)

Servos: 3 x 4~5g
Your own Tx/Rx
Rx Battery

PRODUCT ID: FG-Binary900

3 Channel 900mm (35.43in) 800mm (31.50in) 100g (0.22lb)

Weight: 1422g
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Price  $157.30

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 Customer rated
Total of 29 discussions.
Schletzer  52 points - 10/7/2015
Hello Is this one only for right-hander or also for left-hander? Regards
Jonathan D  231 points - 5/2/2015
$111.52 ... just bought 2!
Lo  1 points - 5/3/2014
what money $157 for binary 900v2
Joshua  1 points - 4/12/2014
Anyone know where I could get a replacement boom? Even if its not specifically for the Binary. If its not specifically for the Binary, could someone post the length in mm of the boom that came with the kit? I didn't think about measuring it after mine broke. Thanks!
 solmer 7 points
Hi, try to get a fishing rod form Deathlon, one of the rod' parts could fit your plane, just cut it to the desire lenght. I sude them to build my own glider... Good luck !
ZigZagfx  219 points - 7/25/2013
Are there any comparisons of this DLG comparing to the other DLG and HLG on the Hobby King site is there someone that can shed some light on a nice 4 or 5 channel{Flaps} glider i was looking at the Apollo 1550 but after some bad reviews im unsure of the best bird please help me float
Customer Reviews
Overall Rating
3 thumbs up!
Very good small DLG glider.
mine is 150gr with 220mah2S lipo, but you can easily reach 140gr.
you can throw at 45meters without

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Overall Rating
2 thumbs up!
Great DLG for the parks, building will be a mission but I guarantee that this one is rewarding. Kit quality is spot on, the only thing I don't like is the contest balsa tailfeathers but thats okay, they're strong nevertheless. Using BMS BMS-306BB on the wings, they are approximately 1.2 mm too thick for the wing and GWS Pico servo (GWSPIC-STD-J) for elevator, you almost don't miss the rudder with a 200mah LiFe pack and AUW of 154g. Flight characteristics; docile (get your expo dialed), floaty but will still pick up speed with the nose slightly down and VERY easy to get good launch heights even with a side arm launch. Also very forgiving if pranged, it does not break into a million shards, this is a strong little soaring machine.

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Overall Rating
1 thumbs up!
Review from unboxing only: Firstly, this plane is tiny!!! I didn't appreciate how small the 900mm wingspan was. The discus lanch carbon rod pictured on the left tip is not fitted. The wing "saddles" and carbon firewall are also not fitted. Finish is pure quality, super light. The fibreglass pod is surprisingly sturdy and you can bearly flex the boom. You need to cut the full length ailerons youself, and there is no hole/cutout for the aileron servos what so ever. I planned to use HXT500 servo's and a flightmax 180 mah battery but I may have to find something smaller! Overall simply amazing quality but you don't really get much plane for your $160. Can't wait to fly it.

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Overall Rating
1 thumbs up!
Nice DLG for someone how wants to start. I would recommend to fly this one before you go buy an expensive one. Pros: - Very strong, precise and looking good. - You can do a 1 minute flight early morning (with no Thermals) Cons: - The manual have a lot of week points. for example it will tell you to cut the wings ailerons at the top, where you should really cut them from the bottom, and lots of other stuff like that... - Don't expect an amazing building quality. I found some problems with the ready made parts... you'll need to some adjustment to finalize the kit. DO NOT USE the HXT500 combo servos. They tend to shake and vibrate rapidly. Overall, wonderful model. Thanks HobbyKing!

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Overall Rating
1 thumbs up!
Just received my Binary 900 V2 and I am very impressed with the quality!!! Be warned dont order the Turnigy nano tech 370 mah lipo thats shown in the combo. It is way to big and doesnt fit.

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