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Hobby King YAK 54 (US Warehouse)

Hobby King YAK 54  (US Warehouse)

Fully 3D capable right out of the box. This Plug-n-Fly YAK54 comes with all servos, brushless esc and gearboxed motor pre-installed!
Large control surfaces and light weight make this an excellent 3D foamie!

Wing Span: 36.6in
Length: 35in
Weight: 570g
Motor: B2025 Inrunner brushless motor 3600kv
Prop: 11x4.7
ESC: 20A brushless
Battery: 11.1v 1300mAh 3S1P (Not included)
Servos: 9g x 3

Your TX & RX
11.1V 3S 1300mah lipo battery


Weight: 3289g Quantity: 

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 Customer rated
Total of 13 discussions.
Marty  1 points - 4/10/2014
What is the best CG for this : AT-YAK54 i got it and it fly like a poop can some help me out
Karen  4 points - 1/7/2014
Being named PETER now that's lol
Karen  4 points - 12/17/2013
Your mother obviously didn't teach you how to read. I said I was being polite very polite. I don't like not getting what I paid for. maybe you don't mind but I do.
 Peter 149 points
saying that you're being polite does not mean you can say whatever you want, and it is still polite lol Trollllolololbozodrugie trollolol
Karen  4 points - 9/17/2013
Don't waste your time with these bozos you should see all the E-mails about my boat speed controller missing.I think.they are all are on DRUGS. I'm just being polite and not saying what I really want to say. I ordered a controller from anther company**you should do the same.
 Peter 149 points
your mother obviously didnt teach you how to be polite.
andrew  1 points - 8/12/2013
this is my first plane about six weeks ago i bought a sku j3-ye-pnp. i put it togheter bought a symulater and joined a club . on 08/11/13 i went to the club were the members set upmy plane and the moter would not work.they cheked everything out and found the electronic speed control was bad. i beleave it is a 45 amp. could you please send me a new one.i am in a hurry to learn to fly. thank you , andy
 Peter 149 points
you need to contact customer service. this is not the place to ask about that. You'll end up whining like ^^Karen^^ if you try to resolve your problem from this product page.
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I ordered this plane but they sent a smaller version. Several emails later, I'm still waiting for a reply and the correct plane!

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Overall Rating
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Its a great little plane. It doesn't hold hover that well, so maybe not the best 3d plane but its fun thats for sure!
I would recommend.
And you can get props and shafts in your local hobby shop. thats if you crash:)

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Overall Rating
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I ordered this plane and got the smaller one, but I worked with customer service and worked it out, I think I got a good deal. You have to keep in mind that they are trying to do what is best for you and Hobby King.

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Very nice flying plane, and build was easy and quick (took longer to set up the radio)... I went with the recommended Turnigy 1300mah 3S 30C and after 5 mins the ESC and motor came down barely warm. Very little trimming required, just a couple right-aileron clicks...I was also pleasantly surprised that there was no left torque roll on take-off, it seems that I had seen that in other reviews.
The decals were horribly wrinkled and took away a bit from the overall looks, but didn't seem to affect performance. Even though they were big enough to use as strakes, the wrinkles were mostly parallel to the fuse.
Great plane, looks and flies very very nice, foam seems really strong...would buy again.

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This is the art-tech yak-54 just with a different paint job, it came shipped with no damage in a nice foam box with a cardboard shell. The battery compartment can only fit a 1300 with good cg and the aileron operates on a single 9g which I swapped out for a stronger Hs-55. The stock geared motor is a little underpowered but you can still hold hover at full stick. I swapped the motor out for a himax 2812 1050 brushless outrunner and a 25 amp esc. The surfaces are the perfect size for 3d and it's a nice scale yak-54 that flies great in a small local field. Great job hobbyking!

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