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HobbyKing Spitfire w/ Brushless motor & ESC Plug-n-Fly (AU Warehouse)

HobbyKing Spitfire w/ Brushless motor & ESC Plug-n-Fly  (AU Warehouse)
HobbyKing Spitfire w/ Brushless motor & ESC Plug-n-Fly  (AU Warehouse)

The HobbyKing Brushless Spitfire comes ready to fly. All you need to include is your own radio, receiver and battery. Everything else is included.
The Spitfire comes 97% pre-built and all you need to do is screw in main wing, tail assembly and plug in the landing gear.

Length: 820mm
WingSpan: 880mm
Prop: 1160x3
Weight: 680g
Motor: 4038-15 Brushless outrunner 700kv
ESC: 20A brushless
Battery: 11.1v 1300mAh 3S1P (Not included)
Servos: 9g x 4
Battery compartment size: 88x37x32mm


Your TX & RX
11.1V 3S 1300mah lipo battery


Weight: 2364g
Australia Warehouse
International Warehouse Out Of Stock
Price $86.61

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capitalhealth  5 points - 7/29/2014
Hello chaps my spitfire is barely flying running the correct battery 11.1volt 3S 2200mAh.. Plane is stalling removed the landing gear and flew it PERFECTLY with a 4S.. way improved performance does anyone know what the speed controller is or have any other suggestions?
 ken 72 points
I think you can burn esc or motor,using 4s,you have to look at other planes in regard of wieght of plane,4s is designed for an specific esc and motor,you may cause a fire,smell burning.change motor and esc.for 4s be safe.cheers.
dean  2 points - 3/3/2014
great plane but the speed controller was stuffed so I used a 40 amp from another model being a larger controller does this affect performance is it to much for the motor
 BillE 83 points
No there is no problem using a larger ESC, a smaller one could overload. I tend to go one size up for all of my planes for a bit of safety margin.
YELSGNIK  1 points - 2/17/2014
Hi guys had a downer the other day with this bird's servo failed no elevator! what is the HK replacement number or iD for a purchase please.
 midse 19 points
If you have a warranty claim then you need to contact the warranty via email. Their is also a claim tab in your online invoice. Otherwise try the servo section.
 BillE 83 points
Use the HXT 900's they are legendary, buy a few and replace all while you're on the job, it's a cheap upgrade.
Rob2160  110 points - 2/13/2014
Rob2160  110 points - 2/13/2014
This is a really great little aircraft. I have owned mine for almost 4 years and it has over 1000 flights and is still one of my favourite to fly. I put a 12 x 6 APC prop on mine and it performs much better than the stock propellor. Check the vid.
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1 thumbs up!
A great little aircraft.. the only thing I did was change the 3 bladed prop for a 12 x 6 and it flys perfectly (3 bladed prop worked fine but was a little noisy)

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Overall Rating
Yogi 073
Like it?
Great value, nice detail on plane. Excellent service.
No manual - need to know C of G. Very easy to finish - just glue in the elevators

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Overall Rating
Rob Knox
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My Spitty arrived today, Packing was very good, Model arrived free from damage. Like all good modellers, I went looking for the Instructions so I could give them a good read....NO INSTRUCTIONS.
Fitting of the Rx was pretty tight and had to move the ESC because the power lead did not reach the Battery container. This meant that I had to cut a recess into the wing so I could fit the wing to the fuselage.

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Rob Knox
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The rest of the assembly was pretty straight forward, just make sure that you have a GOOD look over the model to work out the best order in which to assemble it. I suggest RX, then move ESC and modify wing as required, then fit horizontal stabaliser (test fit first), then fit aileron leads, bind, make adjustments and finally fit wing Fit propeller, undercarriage, Battery and Fly. See next review for radio settings.

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Overall Rating
Rob Knox
Like it?
After seeing the amount of travel on the flight surfaces, I 'Dumbed them down a whole lot.
Ailerons- EXP plus30pcnt Dual rates - Low 35pcnt and High 100pcnt Elevator - EXP plus 26pcnt Dual Rates - Low 60pcnt and High 100pcnt Rudder - EXP plus 30 pcnt Dual Rates - Low 75pcnt and High 100pcnt.
Maidened today and flew well. Keep the speed up or she will dip a wing. Sadly, as I flew over an oats crop, the canopy separated, and is lost forever. Not Happy. So, only 3 mins flow.

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