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Hobbyking SS Series 190-200A ESC

Hobbyking SS Series 190-200A ESC

The Hobbyking SS series comes with a limited range of programming functions and are designed to be plug-n-play.
A perfect ESC for those looking for something simple to use and economic.

Weight: 85g
Size: 70x50x13mm
Cells: 2-7S Li Po
Max Current: 190A
Burst : 200A
Timing: 1/7/15/30 programmable
PWM: 8/16K
Constant current 190A Max 200A <10S
Li-Poly 2-7 cells
Dynamic Braking
BEC: opto
Auto shut down when lose signal
Slow down at 3.0V per cell Lipo, Cut-off at 2.9V per cell Lipo 0.8V NiMh
User Programming options.
Battery setting
Throttle Range
Brake setting 4 options: Direction and Cutoff Type
Timing Mode Setting: 1 / 7 / 15 / 30
PWM setting: 8K/16K

This ESC is OPTO, with no BEC supplying power to your receiver. You will need an extra power source for your receiver. (such as UBEC or Rx battery pack)
If you hear the music tone repeat for more than 3 times, you may need to check your power source to the receiver.


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Weight: 145g
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Price $29.99

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 Customer rated
Total of 103 discussions.
uzig718  4 points - 10/10/2014
I bought this ESC a while ago, don't know why I can't write a review, but this ESC is AWESOME!!! you can search on Youtube my name is "JOSERCFLYER" there are tons of videos of my Funjet flying with this ESC and the yep 150a, it pushes it up to 355km/h!!! This ESC holds up amazingly well, doesn't heat up until I put a 7x9 prop, i usually run 7x7... but it can hold! I bought quite a few of these ESC's...
herolsen  9 points - 7/2/2014
Mine just arrived. 107,5 grams! (no battery or motor connectors)
Dailafing  6 points - 6/20/2014
Can someone please tell us what programming card to use on this esc please???
 Gerben 550 points
These controllers are programmed via the throlle on your transmitter. There's no programming card available. Programming is best done on a 2-3S lipo, as they can get quite hot on more 'S'.
 Dailafing 6 points
Yeah I had been doing it that way. However, despite trying many permutations of the available settings, I do find that the esc is cutting out on me? I'm pretty limited in my knowledge for how these work. Additionally, I find that the Moto reaches its maximum speed just after 1/2 to 3/4 stick position. Yes I've performed a throttle range check, however this did not change the problem. Most importantly the motor keeps cutting out on me, and the only way to rectify that is to drop the stick for 5 to 10 seconds and sometimes it'll put power back into the motor. But this problem has already caused me to crash several times. I'm using it with an NTM Prop Drive 1100kv 35-48
 Gerben 550 points
Sounds like you may be having an issue with low-voltage-cut-off. Did you try setting the cell nr lower, to see if that cures the problem? Fairly normal to have full throttle ar 3/4 stick position, to fix this reduce the throw on your throttle channel to about 80%.
Greenfuelboy  171 points - 5/23/2014
I am looking for the program card for this ESC. Does if you have used the correct card for the Hobbyking SS Series 190-200A ESC let me know which one to buy.
 Gerben 550 points
These controllers are programmed via the throtlle on your transmitter. There's no programming card available. Programming is best done on a 2-3S lipo, as they can get quite hot on more 'S'.
Flash29  5 points - 4/28/2014
Hi can some tell me if this will run 2 70mm dr mad thrust 6s edf's and with what setting's
 drdiscus 154 points
will run 1 brushless motor.
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Erasmo Carlos
1 thumbs up!
Received the 2 that I ordered and have had time to progam ony one as of this writing. I was able to get ahold of the programing info for it from a guy on one of the FE forums. It is a Suppo 200A ESC. It took me a bit to program it, ran into theat up problems when programming it, BUT not that it is programmed, it is nice and cool. I do recommend the ESC for any one wanting a semi high amp unit. Just remember to NEVER operate an ESC at its max S cell ratings. I am going to try and attach the programming file to the files tab. not sure if I can do it. If it does not work you could always e-mail me and I can forward the instructions to you. Carl include ESC programming in the subject.

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Overall Rating
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I tried using my HK-200A ESC today. Seems to be DOA. All it will do is cause the motor to stutter. I tried every programming setting it has and tried it on two different but proven motors. No luck. Also, the programming beeps are almost inaudible. It's too bad. It looked great in the packaging. Very beefy. I know I could return it under warranty, but the shipping is killer so I will just have to eat this one.

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Overall Rating
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This esc is great! I use it with the 200kv motor from HK for an e-scooter. After about ten runs it still runs great and doesnt get hot at all. The scooter runs 30 kmh and the acceleration is crazy. Today I tested how well the esc works when I ride at slow speed for a longer time. This was NO problem at all! Thank you, HK!

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Overall Rating
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I put 8s through this thing ON PURPOSE because I know it could handle it even though it just treated my 8s pack just like it was a really good 7s pack. 3000 watts and didn't hardly heat up at all, with 7s 180 amps this thing is good for around 5000 watts. Don't know where you can get some packs or motors that will constantly let you pull 180 amps without smoking but for 30skins USD it's really a good ESC.

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Overall Rating
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Good esc guys. I tried 7s on 193 Amps. Yep it gets hot and you better have the fan blowing on that thing but it made it. 5200W.

3 comments. Reply.. here to see all reviews
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