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Fox EPO Glider 2320mm (PNF)

Fox EPO Glider 2320mm (PNF)
Fox EPO Glider 2320mm (PNF)

The new Fox EPO is as big as it is beautiful!
You will instantly notice the large cabin size for a huge variety of batteries, radio gear and possibly FPV system. Made from EPO foam and including 2 Carbon Fiber rods (inserted at mould time) and an alloy joiner just on the main wing alone, this 2.32m wingspan model is rigid in flight and forgiving in crashes. Cleverly designed with simplicity in mind, the Fox Glider includes such features as a snap lock canopy, internal horn system providing zero drag and a neater appearance, plus a carefully designed foam manufacturing mould keeps the skin of the plane smooth and mostly free from ugly steam gun spots found on other models. Building the fox is a 15 minute process that requires only a phillips head screw driver. Simply screw in the tail piece, connect your Rx, plug in a battery and you are ready!

Wing Span: 2320mm
Length: 1290mm
Flying Weight : 1150g
Power system : 750kv Brushless motor
ESC: 30A (with brake)
Radio: 4 channel, 4 servos.
Fox Glider
All servos pre-installed
Motor pre-installed
ESC Pre-installed
No additional fabrication or building required.
Receiver/Transmitter 4Ch
2200mAh 3S Lipoly. (larger batteries will work, but may affect CG)


This is a large model and not the same as the ST Model version sold elswhere. This is much larger.
* V2 version features improved aileron servo locations.


Weight: 2902g Quantity: 
International Warehouse
Price $114.99

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 Customer rated
Total of 126 discussions.
DENNS  7 points - 7/30/2014
I wanted this Fox glider but shipping to the USA is "SingPost AirParcel 3kg / 7-21Days $51.81 " for a 115dollar airplane. Sorry HobbyKing, I can not do it.
Neeme  6 points - 7/17/2014
HK Fox Glider and Turnigy L3010C-1300KV with 12x6 prop
Roland  1 points - 7/1/2014
je recherche le spinner et l' helice repliable pour le fox de 2,32 m
Ricardo [PT]  220 points - 5/18/2014
can i use FPV on this model?
 PORTUGAL FLY 26 points
Boas Ricardo. Claro que podes... Eu tenho esse modelo e uso FPV. Aconselho. é* um grande planador.... :-P abraç*o
 Ricardo [PT] 220 points
da para batwria 4000mah 3s? cabe?
 PORTUGAL FLY 26 points
Caber, cabe, Apesar do encaixe ser feito a justa para a 2200mah s3. Mas se pesquisares no youtube tem gente a voar com esse glider com 4400mah. Abraco.
Neeme  6 points - 5/12/2014
Only weak motor, everything else is good.
 Neeme 6 points
onboard video
Customer Reviews
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Overall Rating
3 thumbs up!
It is beautiful glider!! The quality is very good, except the engine mount(nothing what you cannot fix with bigger screws).
I was afraid that the wings will be soft (you can bend them), but they are hard as a rock!! So you can easy fly 3D!
The set engine has enough power for "normal! flying , for real 3D you need stronger one. The price is unbeatable!!

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Overall Rating
3 thumbs up!
The glider is well made with a smooth finish to the surfaces. Looks good on the ground and in the air. No problems with the motor or motor mount and prop was balanced. Here are some negatives point to be aware of: 1. Mine came with the cockpit not glued on properly. It was about 5mm out of alignment but easily rectified by carefully separating the clear section and refitting. The person in the assembly line must have been asleep as the part fit perfectly. 2. Tip of tail fin bent but easily straightened though there is now a crease mark where it was bent. 3. Right wing had a slight warp up and left was warp down. 4. There is certainly not enough movement in the rudder and ailerons. The push rod for both ailerons is bent 45 degrees near the servo side giving a spring effect, drastically reducing movement to the ailerons when the servo arms push and pull . 5. Rudder Movement is very poor (most likely due to the long thin wire push rod flexing as it bends about 40 degrees at the bottom of the tail fin to reach the control arm of the hidden rudder mechanism. 6. As with a previous review, tail plane horn too long and channel too shallow. 7. Mine came with a pilot with demon eyes. I unhooked the aileron and rudder set ups and went with a conventional control horn configuration. This then gives you the desired amount of throws to enable aerobatic flight. Corrected the wing

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Overall Rating
3 thumbs up!
Contd.... Corrected the wing warp with a bit of pressure. Cut the pilot out from below and repainted his eyes and a pair of sunnies I made from left over packaging. The model flies very nicely and has a very good glide. The motor provides adequate thrust for a 30 degree climb. Stick in a different motor, ESC and up power to 4s for vertical climb. It will fly quite fast if you drop the nose a little to gain momentum for un-powered aerobatic maneuvers. It will looses air speed fairly quickly and on occasion will need motor assist to pull off rolls. Have flown it in about 15 knot winds and handled well. Landing is easy and doesn't really require negative flaps. Be aware that the cockpit gets extremely hot in the sun to such a degree that the EPO will start to bubble. Put some ventilation holes at the highest point of the cockpit. This is my new favourite plane. This plane a good value for the money but be prepared to make some modifications. If Hobbyking fixes the control surface issues they'll have a real hot product!!

7 comments. Reply..

Overall Rating
1 thumbs up!
HELP ME Choosing a spare motor....

I need your an advise in order to buy a new motor for this Glider.
I flew it yesterday for the first time and the motor over heated, burned and got loosed from the mount.

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Overall Rating
1 thumbs up!
This Fox need some mods .... Assembling steep for the plane and complet review (3S and 4S versions) and many videos on this link in your web browser, translation on the english flag)

No comments. Reply.. here to see all reviews
An exciting glider to fly now that the ailerons have been changed in version 2. Takes a big battery easily and is really stiff. Great fun and a quality model.
Aff. Link