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Zippy Flightmax 1100mAh 6.6v LiFePo4 2S1P Receiver Pack

Zippy Flightmax 1100mAh 6.6v LiFePo4 2S1P Receiver Pack

Zippy Flightmax LiFe batteries deliver full capacity & discharge as well as being the best value batteries in the hobby market today!

The Zippy Flightmax 1100mAh LiFe Receiver pack provides unequalled voltage stability and lighter weight than stock receiver batteries. Ideal for the latest high torque, high speed servos that require more current.

Capacity: 1100mAh
Voltage: 6.6v
Constant discharge: 10C
Burst discharge: N/A
Weight: 64.9g
Size: 72x35x14mm
Discharge plug: EH
Balance plug: JST-XH

 EH to JR Servo adapters are available for this battery, see the related items below.


Capacity(mAh) 1100
Config (s) 2
Discharge (c) 10
Weight (g) 65
Max Charge Rate (C) 1
Length-A(mm) 72
Height-B(mm) 35
Width-C(mm) 14
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Weight: 97g
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Price  $4.05

  • JR to EH Adapter wire (2pcs/bag)

    Combo Price: $0.48   IN STOCK

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Total of 84 discussions.
william  1 points - 11/8/2015
Don't buy the adapter thay are not the right ones
Bugsmasher  100 points - 9/11/2015
What is this EH plug? I ordered these before and they fit right into my receiver. Why did they change the plug so you need an adapter now?
 Ronald 3 points
Just received mine last week and it has 2 JR servo plugs and a balance plug. Don't know if the stock is mixed up or what but I was very happy.
michael  10 points - 7/23/2015
Hi this battery appears to be very good value but I am confused about the plug arrangement as I wish to use this with my rutaba and fr sky receivers , is one plug for connecting to the receiver and the other is for charging/balancing please advise Michael
 Coen 7 points
Hij Michael,

There are 3 plugs and 2 of them indeed to be used for connecting to the receiver and 1 (the white one) is used in combination if you balance charge them with for instance the IMAX B6 charger. I have several and indeed very good value.
 Coen 7 points
Oooh and like Riccardo also advised not charge when the battery is still connected to the receiver. Best way is to disconnect the battery altogether before charging !
Richard  10 points - 4/23/2015
Why the two power connectors? Are the two power connectors wired in parallel so that you could just plug one into your receiver and use all the mah? Can you fully charge it on one of the two?
 Marc 1 points
one is the discharge plug, one is the balance plug exposing the "middle" terminal (as this is 2S), allowing to balance change the pack
 Kitthegreat 109 points
2 power connectors for different TX model
you can still fully discharge/charge it on one only.
 Riccardo 60 points
Two plugs are for redundant systems. You can plug both to the receiver and have benefits sharing high charges on battery wires and receiver power tracks. Don't use one to charge it, when the other is connected to the receiver, or damage could occur to receiver and servos (nor the balancer plug). If battery is switched off through a switch that could be done, but dangerous in the case you switch it on when charging.
Daniel  1 points - 3/30/2015
DO you still need a ubec or just plug straight in to receoiver .
 Riccardo 60 points
I plug them directly, but be careful on servos and receiver specs. That's between 4 and 5 cells Ni** pack. Voltage is to low to be used with a Ubec, still it can be done, but Ubec alarms etc are matched to lipo.
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Overall Rating
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Comprei 3 unidades para testes, me parece ser uma boa bateria.

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i guess this pack will be perfect for Rx,
also if you get a couple of these and get them parallel connected u will get double the capacity

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Overall Rating
zoltan navratil
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it 'be nice if turnigy put plugs on it to fit a switch harnes, inted a JR transmiter plug.. it is usles as it iz.. get your act together .fire the idiot, who put the wrong plugs on.

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Overall Rating
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for this price and this battery !! incredible price. thanks HK.

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A baterria e muito boa estou usando ja faz um tempo, carrega muito rapido! e podemos colocar direto no receptor! Abracos

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