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Turnigy CA120-70 Brushless Outrunner (100cc eq)

Turnigy CA120-70 Brushless Outrunner (100cc eq)
Turnigy CA120-70 Brushless Outrunner (100cc eq)

Designed as a 100cc gas engine replacement, this motor is a great alternative for 3D and sport planes up to 35lbs!

The motor is very well built with strong mounts, end bell and a concentric double bearings at the rear to support large propellers and rotating can, especially during hard 3D flight.

This motor is very well engineered and of the highest quality.
The factory can produce only a limited number of these motors per month due to the increased time in balancing and machining such a large object.

Model: 120-70-15
Resistance: 0.004ohm
ESC Required: 250A
Input Voltage : 30~70V
Kv : 150 rpm/V
Weight: 2730g
Shaft: 10mm
20v Non Load Current: 13A @ 20v
Dimensions: 150x120x118mm (Including Mount)
Equivalent: 110cc Twin Gas Engine (20hp+)

PRODUCT ID: 12070-15-150

Kv (rpm/v) 150
Weight (g) 2730
Max Current (A) 0
Resistance (mh) 5
Max Voltage (V) 70
Power(W) 0
Shaft A (mm) 10
Length B (mm) 120
Diameter C (mm) 118
Can Length D (mm) 58
Total Length E (mm) 150
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Weight: 3752g Quantity: 

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Total of 93 discussions.
Rustler8  22 points - 3/26/2014
I really want to build a giant multirotor with some of these, but as with all my bright ideas, I don't have enough money. oh well, guess I'll have to wait to win the lotto :)
Nadine  1 points - 3/4/2014
Hi all, what ESC-settings are optimal for this Motor, especially Timing? Best Regards Steve
srgpgda  9 points - 10/15/2013
what is the thrust capacity of this motor? as a general...
 Zahid 49 points
You may check the testing video in the VIDEOS tab above, the maximum thrust is 31KG using 32x12 prop. This is a really huge motor with much power.
Brussless  25 points - 9/27/2013
Hi my name is Dan and i am from Denmark..I am looking for multiply persons that loves RC..that wants to open a factory in china...Making good cheap RC supply and with a real service ...i am planning to go to guandong in feb/mar next will need a little money ...not alot...
Johan  1 points - 9/21/2013
Where would one start in finding a propeller for this motor? Something that would give maximum static thrust I would guess. Its for s hang gliding project and we don't travel very fast - around 40kph :)
 Srihan 6 points
It depends on whether or not you are going to do direct drive or belt reduction.I used this motor with a 28x10 and 30x12 CF props which I picked up from HK. I went with direct drive and it worked pretty well with my WillsWing Sport 2, however due a winding issue I fried it. HK customer service was excellent. They refunded my money and I am currently waiting on my replacement. This time I went with the Rotomax 150cc which seems to be better built/wound. It was also recommended by a friend who has done many flights with this motor. He uses a 24x15 wooden prop which I also purchase and awaiting delivery. BTW, are you originally from SL?
 kevin 2 points
Hi srihan, im looking into buying this motor, by SL do you mean SriLanka? if so i wouldnt mind getting in touch with ya as im still fairly new to electric flight
 Franca 5 points
Srihan ,which of the two motors has the most thrust and highest rpm , I am trying to decide between the rotomax 150cc and ca120-70 for a project , as the ca120-70 has higher voltage capability for rpm and supposed 20hp , but the rotomax 150cc has 9800watts of power at only a max of 51volts . It would be good if the rotomax could handle higher voltages like the ca120-70 . its difficult to find good statistics for actual highest power factor .once you get your props it would be great to see how you go with testing it's capabilities for you .do you think you will be able to get the same if not more than 31 kg thrust at 240 amp with 32x12 prop that the ca120-70 has been shown to produce out of the rotomax 150cc ? I'm sure we will all be anticipating your findings , please do post some results for us all ......good ones ! :-)
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Overall Rating
6 thumbs up!
Best quality in build and look I've seen at hobbyking so far.
Mine has a no load current of 10A at 13.8V and 22A at 44V. Almost 1kW losses without doing any work. I'll try to use a 36V 400A controller which needs hall sensors.

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Overall Rating
4 thumbs up!
I am planning to buy, but 1-2 months later. First, I should see the results of the tests, and I must look for ESC and bat. for this motor.

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Overall Rating
3 thumbs up!
1st run on this motor logfile in discussion posted
27x10 hawk prop
7200rpm 169A
Castle Creation HV160 ESC

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Overall Rating
Jesus Holland
2 thumbs up!
Too strong for my 10s liposet, 18-09-2010

No comments. Reply..

Overall Rating
1 thumbs up!
bought four of these for my quadrocopter but it killed the battery and the roof of my shed on first run. luckily noone was injured.

39 comments. Reply.. here to see all reviews
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