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High Density Waterproof LED Flexible Strip - Blue (1mtr)

High Density Waterproof LED Flexible Strip - Blue (1mtr)

Turnigy High Density light strips come with 60 LED's per meter!!
LED's are arranged in sets of 3, you can cut the strip and make new strips or extend strips to make any combination of 3 lights!
Comes with adhesive tape for easy mounting
Flexible enough to be bent at any angle
WaterProof and Easy to use. Just peel and stick!
Large voltage input range up to 12V DC! (Great for 2-3S Lipoly)
Standard length: 1 meter
Strip width: 10mm
LED quantity per strip(1 mtr): 60 LEDs
Working voltage: DC12V
Working current(1mtr): 400mA
Wire length(1mtr): 10cm
Weight including wire(1mtr): 11g
Certification: CE & Rohs


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Total of 16 discussions.
Wojethebest  86 points - 5/21/2014
Would it be good to use this with 2 cell battery under or on top of wings (from 1 side to the other) it says its very bright in review so will it be fine with 2 cell(so it doesn't hurt your eyes)
Dino  25 points - 5/15/2014
I use 4s batteries. If i buy PRODUCT ID: 9107000266-0 and this leds. would that cause any problems?
 seawolf 120 points
Hi Dino, max allowed input voltage is 12V. If you use 4s batteries the voltage is to high. The leds will die soon.
 Dino 25 points
Ok, how can i fix this?
 seawolf 120 points
Maybe the simplest solution is to connect a serial resistor. In this case you get a voltage devider which lowers the voltage at the led strip.
Karina  111 points - 8/30/2013
Which LED strip (product ID) has 3 colors (green, blue and red) in the same strip as seen in a HK video? Thx
 Flyn Quad 1 points
I think this is what your looking for PRODUCT ID: 9171000061
Jim Cotter  9 points - 7/28/2013
these light are very bright, I use them on a bicycle frame for night riding and run them on a 3s lipo, they are so bright you can not stare at them for too long
Taylor  1 points - 10/20/2012
do you think these would b bright enough to put under a car and would the run ok off the battery, i was planning on running aprox 4 meters of them under my car
 Gerry01 4367 points
They'll run ok from your car battery.
 terrarianer 35 points
I think so!
 Gusgus 15 points
i had these on my hilux witch i had converted into a 1uz-fe V8 in it and it made it run like a piece of dog **** dont know why dont know how something to do with the computer since i had a relay hooked up to the ignition and ran the leds of the same relay as the computer but what ever it was when i took them of it solved all my problems might be sweet with a capacitor or even if u just put them in a completely different circuit to every thing else
 jackhama 16 points
They have just brought out the under lights for cars......
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Le top de l'clairage nuit! 2 soudures, un coup de ciseaux et en avant pour le vol dans le noir total. Quand on combine vert rouge blanc (attention aux blanches, trs eblouissantes -moi je les branche en 2 s seulement-) et bleu pour souligner certaines formes, c'est le dbarquement des gens qui croient avoir vu un ovni.

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parfait eclairage de nuit pour un vol nocturne avec son avion prefere :p a utiliser sur un rainbow A 388, que je vais glisser a l'interieur du fuselage

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great, bright light. quality at 5 plus plus plus. prekrastno runs from 3 cell li-po.

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super für den preis und sau hell

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Good lighting illumination , I will use this on my car as foot & side step illumination.

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